My chin was resting on my hand as I leant on the desk in front of me. My eyes were beginning to burn due to the fact that I was so tired, but I didn't dare close my eyes; I knew I wouldn't open them again for the rest of the day if I allowed myself to rest them. Plus, my teacher would actually kick my ass if I fell asleep in her lesson.

Just as we were being told how to use chromatic passing notes in our composition of an eight-bar bass line, there was a knock on the classroom door. Mrs. Hargrave's face fell and arranged itself into a scowl; she hated her lessons being interrupted. She rolled her eyes, sighed in an annoyed way, and called, "Come in!"

The door inched its way open and a small, timid looking girl poked her head into the room. When she saw that Hargrave wasn't hissing or breathing fire, she chose to scurry into the room. She handed a note to Hargrave and backed away from her slightly, never taking her eyes off of the floor.

Hargrave quickly read the note, her eyes flying from one side of the paper to the other. Her already ridiculously high eyebrows managed to rise a little higher, and they were suddenly hidden by her fringe.

"This can't be serious, surely?" she questioned, turning her glare on the girl who looked like she wanted nothing more then to be swallowed whole by the floor.

"It is, Miss. Ms. Astling told us to take the note to every class in the school," the girl muttered.

"Is there a reason?" Hargrave asked, confusion mixing in with her annoyance.

The girl shrugged. "Don't know, Miss. I was just told to take the note round the school."

Hargrave sighed again and shook her head. "Fine. Alright, you lot," she said, turning her attention to our small class of seven. "I've been told to tell you all to go home. You should travel in groups, apparently. I suppose we'll have to pick this up again next week," she grumbled, referring to our bass line work.

"We're being sent home?" Alex asked, sounding as though she couldn't believe her ears. She tucked a piece of her long, dark hair behind her ear and looked expectantly at Hargrave.

Even though she looked as though letting us go an hour and a half early was going to kill her, Hargrave nodded and moved towards her desk. The entire class, myself included, whooped. We all scrambled to gather our books and folders before we bounded out of the classroom.

Seeing as we'd been told to travel in groups, I decided to go to the sixth form common room to meet my friends. I just had to hope they'd chosen to go to the common room, too…

I made my way down a corridor, through the canteen and through the door on the opposite wall. The common room wasn't huge, but it did its job. The walls were a pale blue and the chairs were aqua, maroon or black and red. The colour scheme was, to say the least, awful, but no one was particularly bothered by it.

Turning right as I came though the door, I came to the small area my friends and I inhabited in the corner of the common room. As I'd been hoping, my friends had been gathered there, apparently waiting for me.

"God, about time," Josh grumbled as he saw me. He stood up, swung his bag over his shoulder and swept his ginger hair from his eyes.

"Well, sorry, but Hargrave nearly had a fit when she realised she had to let us go," I said, crossing my arms as I waited for them to all stand and sort themselves out.

"Have you got any idea why we're being sent home?" Jess asked me, moving over to stand by me. She swept her blonde hair from the neck of the hoodie she'd put on a moment before.

"Me? I ain't got a clue. Ask Christine; her Mom and Dad work here, they'll know," I said, grinning at Christine.

She scowled at me, her dark brown hair framing her face. "You know what they're like. They'd only tell me to bugger off if I asked them anything."

"Are we all going the same way?" Tony asked, tugging his customary over-sized beanie hat onto his head.

Everyone nodded and murmured their assent.

"Correction: is everyone going to Josh's house?" Josh corrected, putting both of his hands out in a sort of 'Stop' signal.

We all laughed and said yes. This was, to be honest, a more accurate question.

Once we'd all got our coats and bags on, we made our way to the back exit of the sixth form centre and began our possible final journey home.