"Oh what a to do!"

Said one pea to another,

As they lay safe and sound in their pod.

"Next door has been taken!

"My sister, my brother!

"All my family was plucked up by God!"


"Shall we be frightened?

"Shall we be scared?"

Said the other to the pea who had spoken.

"We are all doomed!"

Cried the rest in despair,

For by now their will was quite broken.


So the peas shook with worry,

As they waited to die,

And the hand of God to wrench them asunder.

Oh, it did happen

And the peas they did cry,

The roots pulled from earth came like thunder.


They were torn from their home,

They were torn from their lives,

And iced darkness descended upon them.

And the now frozen shells;

In death they found strife,

To be bagged and most cruelly taken.


They ask of themselves,

While their souls wait in ice,

"Who forced this harsh fate upon us?"

"We were nothing but veg.,

"Could that not have sufficed?"

And so to their green coffin they adjust.


But the bag was ripped open!

Light streamed like a lover!

And to the pan they did horribly transfer...

"Oh what a to do!"

Cried one pea to the other,

As they burned in the boiling water.

Inspired partly by Carus's WCC poem about Carrots (it's hilarious) and partly by being asked to put the frozen peas onto the boil for my dad today.. and I watched the frozen, lifeless shells just tumbling helplessly into the pan. Ey Voila! The Veggie Drama was born xD