Chapter One- HUNTED

"I'm sorry," the man before me said. "Do forgive my friend. She's slightly over-excited."

"I'm not over-excited, moron! I just wanna kill that freak of nature!" The woman beside him shreiked in anger, tossing honey-blonde hair over one shoulder.

"F-freak of nature? Me?" I stuttered, feeling slightly sick. Panic started setting in.

"Yeah, you. What else d'ya think a blood-sucking vampire is?!" the woman spat.

"Now, now, Eve. Don't be so violent."

"Uh... I'm sorry, but you've got the wrong person. I'm in a really weird situation, so--"

"I'm afraid you appear to be the one who is wrong." The polite tone of voice the young man used only served to make me even more nervous. A small, triamphant smile lit his face, making me feel worse. I stumbled blindly backwards and fell over.

"That's exactly what I--"

"Shush." The young man held up a finger. I obeyed, too scared to do much else. He leant over me, his voice suddenly quiet and sharp.

"You're so cruel, Nathan." Eve said, smirking. Nathan ignored her, fixing cold blue eyes on me.

"Now then," he hissed. "I suspect you won't know the answer to this."

I ssighed with relief. They finally understood!

"You killed a person who was extremely precious to me some time ago."

Oh, crap. Maybe not.

"Yes?" he asked, indicating that was the right answer.

I froze.

"Her name was Ruth. The twin sister of the beautiful lady behind me." He gestured to the blonde.

"W-what...? I d-don't..."

Nathan's face darkened. He stepped back from my prone form on the floor, against the wall of this dim, disgusting alley. He took a small, silver handgun from the inside pocket of his smart jacket. He was silent for a few minutes, examining it critically. I watched, in horror, wondering what he would do next. After quite some time, or so it seemed, he stared at me with a glare that could have melted titanium.

The amount of venom put inot the next words were enough to chill my blood.

"Just what one would expect from a monster like you."

He flicked the safety catch.

I'm going to die.

I shut my eyes, desperately.

A single gunshot blasted through the silence of the night.

I blinked. I was still alive. Why?

There was someone standing in front of me, shielding me from the killer before me. I caught a glimpse of glossy brown hair. My breath caught in my throat.


Nicholas turned his head towards me, smirking.

"I see you still can't walk down a street without being cornered by psychos or the like. Am I right, Anna?"

He threw his head back and laughed.

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