Come and seek me where I'm found

And I have long since gone off, ridden

Gone away to meet another

Always on some secret mission

I've not the time nor way to pay

For what you have to say today

But if you come all open, willing

I'll meet you in a wind blown chilling

Sands of time, they melt away

Awakening of doors

Some will splinter, some will cinder

Some will last you all through winter

Take my word, your best bet's flailing-

At turn of handle, fly off, sailing

Some delight in words half-written

Some will cry as others' smittened

Not enough will find example

From leading course, a cause that's ample

Nectar sweet of my own flesh

Turn your clothes to iron mesh

Wings burst out, break apart

The latches, seams, placed on this heart

And then you leave, and I'm left knowing,

In blast of wind from your stalled showing

Why to cross a silver sunset

Why to ride away today?

Who to speak 'mongst speaking spokers

What is left that none could say?

Wish for love and win a winter

Look for love and lose a leg

Now I've only this before me

Naught to choose, if I'm to stay

Will we run, yes, run away

Could we choose to simply play?

But I'm out spoken, sitting, choking

Immersed in views from where we lay