As things around me

Slide into place

I wonder

Where will I arrive when I've

Gone under?

If I die

Should it be sad or glad?

Will I rush

To the raging light?

Will I collapse

And let death pierce me tonight?

Will I be remembered

Will all the people I love suffer?

Will we leave the past behind

Can I achieve platitude, peace of mind?

I'll lie here on the rug and wait

As the dogs bark, I sit, sternly wait

So much want

So much need

So much wishing

Souls to feed

So much more

So much given

So much answered

Miles driven

Still so far

Still so much

Still I try

For first-time touch

When will I start

When will it rise

When will I have a chance

To look deep into your eyes?

The crab

Culling claws, crawling

On silent beach

Anxiety gnawing

Sees a world from on the sand

Looks up into encroaching land

Swooshing forth, on eve of battle

As foam erupts, the seashells rattle

Washing back, the grip is looming

Intends to ravage, scatters, blooming

A pincered claw breaks from the surface

Seeks not to taunt, seeks just its purpose

The seaweed strangles, devoid of reason

Corrects the shell of saltless treason

A low wind passes, hides the voice

As claw stops clicking, gulls rejoice

Pine trees waiting

For the winter

Horde the sunlight

In bark-hard splinters

They are together, just above

In forest, resting, obeying sun

They used to speak but now, outspoken

By false demands, with treelimbs broken

Dream of a time when they were sought

By those who spoke with open thought

A look, a glance, a sudden shiver

Were words enough to be delivered

Forgotten memory, was traded for

Two bucks a pack at corner store

My echo heart beats for duration

To seem in sought reverberation

Made a list, and checked it, twice

No need to ask- does this sound nice?

A breakthrough comes but once a while

As often as unsheltered smile

This place, not nice, or hardly fair

Directs the patience of my stare

Inspects my wonder, for a moment

Matches strengths with their opponents

It seems so hard to just erupt

From ways we wander, but we must

Or else by repeat of enchanted

What seems for reason will be for granted

A lure draws us, keeps in place

What hopes we have in endless race

Must break this moment, must seek disruption-

To find true freedom, pursue corruption