Jeffrey Cronin was a rebellious high school student in Kalamazoo, Michigan, often get suspended countless times and refuses to do his homework, when he did it's rant about the government and how they should be done away with. Even back home his parents grew weary of his rebellious nature and have wonder where they gone wrong for their son to turn out this way, unbeknownst to them it's due to overexposure to media as Jeffrey have seen terrible things inflicted upon people all over the world, the last straw is when his favorite baseball player was made into a scapegoat of the 2003 World Series. As long he can remember there were two sports figures he have always idolized, Jeff Weaver and Jerome Bettis as they're the reason why he have some interest in sports. Few years earlier his parents have taken him to his first baseball game in which Weaver pitched a gem and won the game, since then he have kept track of his career. His idolization of Bettis was due to the fact that the star runningback signed his autograph when no one else would.

But since what happened at 2003, his enthusiam in sports have dwindled and have paid more attention the problems of the world through several news media. At one point he would even try to attend an upcoming rally ironically organized by influentual anarchists, but his parents refuses to let him do so.

Upset Jeff then asked his parents,"Why can't you let me do what I want?"

His mother said "It's because were worried about you, if you go up to the rally you can get hurt"

"Also the last thing we need is having you to get into trouble," his dad added

"I'm fucking 17 years old! I should be the one to make decisions, not you!" Jeff screams as he runs up to his room and slams the door shut

Seeing this, Jeff's mother cries and said "Where have we gone wrong?"

"Now, now, Jeff's going through a phase, he'll grow out of it one day," said Jeff's dad as he comforts her

"At least he's not on drugs...or at least I hope not" he continues

Next morning Mr. Cronin went to Jeff's room and said "Hey son, sorry about last night but I have tickets to the Pistons game, do you want to come?"

Hearing no response, he opens the door to find his son missing with window opened

"Why didn't I see this one coming?"

Meanwhile at the bus station, Jeff notice a fountain just outside of the building, deciding to give it a shot he flips a quarter into the fountain and mutters "I wish there will be no government".

After making his wish, Jeff then turns around and saw his parents looking for him, knowing there's no time to lose, he got on the bus and paid the fares.

"Now it's time to relax and enjoy the ride" he thought before falling asleep

"last stop!" yell the bus driver

Waking up, Jeff realized that he have overslept and as he got out of the bus he notice he's at the end of the bus line in which the entire community's riddled with violence, he's in Detroit. Instead of being overcome with fear, he became overjoyed as he have been there once before and screams, "Today is the first day of the rest of my li..." before being struck by a stray bullet and was paralyzed instantly. Unable to move he tried to beg people to help him to no avail until a huge figure came by, looking up Jeff realized it's his hero, Jerome Bettis.

"Kid, are you alright?" The Bus asked

"No, I can't move and need to go to the hospital, can you help me?" said Jeff

Moments later the oversized runningback takes out a meat cleaver and said "Man, I'm starving."

Jeff's scream was heard miles away and that's the last time he was ever heard from.

The End