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You Love Them, I Hate Them

The Beckon Brothers. All the chatters and the whispers were about those idiotic Beckon Brothers. Nick, Seth, Tyler, and Tony. All the girls shrieked in excitement as they heard they were going to stay at the hotel we lived in while they were on tour on the east coast. Did I scream? Yes. I screamed in rage.

"How can those fools just barge in like that at a hotel?! This place is going to go crazy with them around! Plus, they think they're so great, but they're not!"

My mom sneered at the sight of me, my hair in a ridiculous mess and a white tank top accompanied by soft, teal shorts. She adored those Beckon Brothers.

"Come on, sweetie, they're not that bad. They have decent music, and besides, all of them are pretty cute. Especially Nick."

I exhaled in frustration as I paced the living area. Pretty soon, I grew tired, and I stomped off to my room in a huff. My voice meant very little compared to all those seventeen-year-old girls like me that were obssessed with them. I was obssessed with them. Obssessed to make them feel sorry that they ever decided to have stepped into that hotel.

I reached towards my dearest notebook, plotting stunts I could do to make them check out without getting caught. I did not have very decent ones, thus slamming the notebook into the ball. Regret yanked at my chest, and I quickly grasped it once more, holding it close. My secrets, my plans, my poems, my drawings, my EVERYTHING was in that notebook. As if clutching it for dear life, I sped downstairs. They were supposed to have arrived in five minutes. I doubted I would have gotten a good look, but it was worth trying to see if the 'rumors' were true.

The elevator slid down slowly, and the bronze doors opened to reveal screaming.

Truth be told, they were already there. I gasped in horror as I watched Tyler sign the documents at the front desk. Seth was pretending to be playing a guitar towards the giddy girls, and Tony was singing. Nick, the leader, was smiling of what appeared to be utter fakeness as he skimmed towards the girls. He quickly shot a glance at me, but I sent him a deathening glare. He smiled more genuinely towards me, and I grunted, shaking my head for him to see. The elevator doors closed slowly, and I watched his eyes twinkle with something foreign as he calmly watched me disappear.

I pounded my floor's button just then, and as the elevator rose to my destination, I marched like a soldier back to my room. Just call me Sarah, and I have an obssession with the Beckon Brothers. You love them, I hate them.

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