I was following your shadows, such pretty shadows they were. The fragments of darkness you cast off your body are nothing short of miraculous. And the way that ever burning sun shone upon your skin was nothing short of beautiful.

Don't ask. Everything is just fine. I don't miss you. I could run forever from you and your sickening self. No, you say you didn't love but it was close enough. And don't you dare forget it.

I really don't miss you but I'd like to hear your voice again. With nothing more than a word, I could kill us both, just by falling for you. I pray you won't worry though, I'll never rip your throat out, it could leave such a nasty scar. You keep me alive. And although, you take the color from my eyes, I can still see you. Yet must I see everything you are; every sin, every lie, every fault?

Too bad. 'Cause now it seems we're not meant to be together. I will never let you be my discretion and nor I yours. And although, goodbye was so long ago, I still call just to hear your voice, your uneven breathing when I do not answer, your heightened sense of things. It is quite endearing when you threaten me with your vicious, and might I add, almost convincing, lies.

Why can I not have you? Why must I always lose? Although, this pain is nothing compared to you; for when you walk into the very room, I shudder. You are my disease, my plague. You're an epidemic of all that is beautiful. You're almost too beautiful. Such beauty could cause a man to drive himself insane. What hypocrisy.

I want to watch your wasteful sky rain mascara black. I want to hear your cries from the longest hallway, from the farthest corner of the Earth. I want you to suffer, to hurt, to die just as I had when you left me to rot. Such a cold and forlorn jail cell it was. I had made so many sacrifices for us. I find it hard to believe that you don't feel the same. Perhaps you just don't know how to name your feelings for me? It is obvious they are there otherwise you kitchen window wouldn't have been so easy to climb through just hours before.

Is it that mad of me to say that I want to watch your world rain mascara black? I don't think so. After all the pain you have caused me, I think it's a fair trade. So don't be too mad at me. I did say such beauty could cause a man to drive himself insane. Remember?

I'm ready to make my sacrifice now. These bars could never keep me from you, never.