I rant about some insignificant, imagined wrong

and you just smile, laugh and

stare at me like I'm the only one in the room

with those beautiful eyes…

(I always WAS a sucker for blue)

and deep inside, I'm beginning to understand

that there is no way in hell I could let you go.

once again, my rationality gives way to the way you make me swoon

and I can feel myself falling fast.


that's all I can think.

somehow this socially awkward nerd has swooped into my life,

rescued me from a boy that was all wrong for me,

and made me think of no one but him.

you seem to know just what to say,

and what to just let go.

I wish this all made more sense,

because my logical mind is going on the fritz

and my heart is going into overdrive.

every time you look at me with that expression,

the one that communicates a deep desire to simply hold me forever,

my stomach is overrun by hyperactive butterflies.

this hasn't happened in years, trust me.

I guess what they say is true—

the quiet ones are the most dangerous.