Do you know how it feels?

Can you explain it?

The loss of one you love

Not death…

But to see them walk away

To know that they might not return

That they might get hurt

That they might die

It hurts

Physically burns

It felt as if my heart was burning

Beating so fast I thought it would burst

My breathe was short

I couldn't breathe

My stomach felt as if someone had slipped a knife between my ribs

And another one in my back

I thought I would die

But no tears fell down my face

I could feel my eyes swimming

But it was too much pain

To much for tears to express

How can you do that to me?

You had to go, yes

But you left me alone

Did it hurt you as much?

Oh darling I miss you!

My stomach clenches and my head aches

But that doesn't matter

You're gone


And to think

I didn't know I really loved you 'til you said you were leaving

Then I saw the truth

You had my heart

And it would go with you when you left

So here I am


With no heart left

Please come back to me

Please come back

Don't stay away forever

I love you!

I love you!

How can love be so painful?

Now I understand

What all those poets and authors before me

They spoke of how love hurt

How it burned

How they felt as if they had been shot




And now I know

Now I feel what they felt

I'm like the girl in those old love stories

All those loves stories

But will he come back?

Will he return to me?

Does he love me?

Or will my story be a tragedy

I burn

I bleed

This pain is mine

My reminder of you

I love you

Do you know how that feels?

Do you understand?

All those old love stories….