The Poet's Dreambook

Spinning, laughing, dancing

She revolves round the wood

Dizzy, happy, crazy

Her figure collapses on the ground

Forgotten, lonely, desirable

Her voice fills the silent air;

Whispers on the stoic wind

Bounce across the stair

The Dreamer, the Poet, the girl

The one who knows no boundaries

Expression is the mission to burning her memories

A Fire-maker, a Phoenix, an ancient Celtic princess

She spins her memories into dreams and weaves them into fables

Spirit of the Broken-Hearted

An Impressionist idyllic fantasy

She walks amongst the burning flames

Amidst a shower of blue

For the Phoenix rises again

Though the ashes are not forgotten

So the Dreaming Poet drifts off into a whirl of gaiety

In a creation of her own demise