Author's Note: This is the first (and only) thing I had published in the literary magazine I edit at school. This idea just kinda hit me, and then it continued punching me until I got it down.

"I long to be a bird." she sighed, as they watched sparrows dart above their heads.

He turned to her and asked, "What is it that you are envious of?

"Perhaps it is their weightlessness; the fact that gravity cannot hold them down as they twist and flip and dance in the sky. Do you wish to fly?

"Is it their lives that you envy? So short in comparison to ours; therefore every second is a precious moment. Do you want to live life so vividly?

"Is it their songs that you covet? The melodies that are unique to each breed; the tunes that can connect you to your family even when you cannot see them. Do you long for their music?

"Is it their families? Birds of a feather fly together, and it must be incredible to know that one belongs to such a strong group. Do you yearn for a flock?

"Is it their colors? Look at the sparrows; each one has its own blend of shades. No two are alike, and each is beautiful. Do you desire their colors?"

She smiled at him and shook her head. "All you have said is wonderful and fine, but how could you know? What I envy is that ability to stand on the least stable wires as bolts of electricity run through and yet avoid the pain. That is why I long to be a bird."