Calm Before the Storm..

Walking wounded, strides striking the sidewalk;

A determined face and hard eyes complete the costume.

Blast the music in defiance of the world -

Yet only defying myself in this charade.

Feeling this pent-up energy again,

Shrugging it off as I continue on my way,

Oblivious to everything outside my own world...

So outworldly-calm, yet raging inside.

Raging at what?

Guess I'm still trying to figure that one out,

Like a little child, I'm kicking against stone...

Not realizing the wall I'm kicking against

Is myself.


Dead On Arrival

Hope this is the last time,
'Cause I still don't know what to say...
Typing prose and spilling heartbreak
And I'm left clueless.

I'd never say no to you...
A rivarly cuts so deep -
Can't wait to flip this down
And carry the verse

I know it's not my favourite memory..
But it's the one replaying in my head-
Rendering all my enterances

Dead On Arrival