I found a piano
Standing in the garden
It spoke and said:

"Pardon me my dear
I fear you're standing in the sun
And have won and wound me
White and black keys
Through your heart and around your knees
So please do not depart me"

I stroked his skin
All wooden and soft
Floating and bloated between the trees
Nearly confused
At the wordy speech he'd given me

My hair
Tangled and rotten
Fell across that lonely body
Causing every cord to sound
In a shaky shiver that curled around
Surrounding me in swollen sound
Whole and untainted
So faint it fell upon my tongue
And dissolved into my blood

How I longed
Lunged for that sound I wanted
This noise which haunted everything
Created blasting lights within me
How I wished to dance and sing
And pound all my joy upon his keys
And I started soft but couldn't stop
My hands from slipping between the lines
Finding their places
Defacing his faces
Lacing all the spines of sound into the air
Until I no longer cared

His mouth split
Licking up the seams of my bones
Reverberating away from all the loneliness
That had seeped from inside onto the garden floor
And tiny specks of blue were born
Until a sea surrounded us and broke down the walls
And all the music began to fall
Into one endless wave across my dress
And I confess I didn't drown right away
And I'll admit that I'm still swaying in that crowd

But I know that everyday our song is twice as loud
Swimming through a this flood of fragrant fleshy clouds
Into infinite silence

And back again