The sun has begun to set

But, it started to set years before

Very steadily, it's been getting darker

Blazing brightly

Before burning out completely

The worst part is

I'm out in the open

Entirely vulnerable

No one is here

To get me to safety

The demons are coming out

They're planning their attack

They're waiting for the sun

To disappear completely

They're setting in

Closing in around me

I need to escape them

I need to get away

But the sun is down now

There's no going away

There is no turning back

There is no safety

The demons have arrived

They have the power

They have the strength

To overcome me

Pushing me down

Forcing me to crumple

Now I'm afraid

My power is gone

Gone with the setting sun

As I cower on the ground

They leer over me

Smiling grimly

Enjoying my fear

And then

Their hands grab me

And everything disappears