Chapter 20:

"WHAT?!?" I hollered, looking at Harvey in shock. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?!"

"Uhh…" Harvey began, obviously taken aback from my shouting. I did not let him finish.

"What do you mean you're gay?!? ARE YOU REALLY GAY? SERIOUSLY? ALL THIS TIME?!"

By now, everyone down the hallway was staring at us in shock.

"Seriously, Harvey?" A random guy from our English class asked him as he passed by with his friend.

"I knew something was different about him…" His friend said to him. "His hair is way too nice."

"HEY!" Harvey glared at them, causing both boys to run down the hallway away from us. I still stood in front of Harvey, mouth agape.

My mind was swirling full of thoughts. How could Harvey be gay?! This changed everything! I couldn't like a gay guy! That's just…wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! This wasn't supposed to happen! Am I living in one of those unbelievable romance stories people always post on Fictionpress?

That was possible. It would certainly explain some things…

"Alicia!" Harvey was shaking me. "Are you okay?"



"Alicia, I-"

"Why didn't you tell be before?! What have you been drawing all this time, anyways?! Yaoi?!"


"This is so unbelievable!"

"Alicia, listen for a sec-"

"How could this happen?! Let me see your drawings!"




…What?! He didn't…

I took a deep breath. "…You…were…joking…?"

He shoved his hands into his pockets and suppressed a laugh. "Yeah…"


"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR, YOU ASSHOLE!" I shoved him. "You jerk! I thought you were serious!"

"It's not my fault!" He exclaimed. "You made me do it!"

"How the hell could I have made you do it?!?"


"You're horrible!" I interrupted him.

"Poor thing…" I heard a girl whisper a few feet away from us to her friend. "He must've dumped her."

What the…

"Hey! We're not even going out!" I shouted to them, causing Harvey to stare at me confusedly.

"What?" I asked. "They thought you just dumped me!"


"So you really aren't gay?"


"Then why'd you do it?"

He sighed in impatience. "You were so spaced out. It was the only way I could get your attention."

"Well you didn't have to be so cruel!" I retorted as I crossed my arms in dismay. "You could've done something else!"

"Sorry." Harvey shifted uncomfortably. He seemed a bit jumpy. "I just wanted to tell you something, and I wanted to make sure you were fully paying attention."

"Spit it out, you little fudge bar!"

"…Fudge bar…?"

I waved a hand in dismissal. "Don't change the subject! What is it?!"

"Well…" Harvey's eyes lit up. He was obviously excited. "You know how Mark was in a coma all this time?"


"You're not going to believe this," He smiled widely. "But he woke up."

Harvey had dragged me all the way to the hospital in his excitement to see his brother. He had told me that he wanted to see Mark earlier, but he had had the English exam to write.

I followed him, no questions asked. Honestly, I was curious too. This was the white ninja we were talking about! The guy who pestered me endlessly. I wonder how he would act.

We finally arrived at the hospital, out of breath. After talking to the receptionist, we made our way to Mark's room.

As we entered, I suddenly felt nervous. I mean, this was the guy I had put into a coma.

Wow… that sounded weird. Not many people can say they put a guy into a coma.

The entire thing seemed like a scene out of a movie. Mark was sitting upright on his hospital bed, staring out the window. He was still pale, from the last time I saw him, but he seemed to be a bit more animated.

Mark turned his head to the sound of our footsteps. He quietly scrutinized Harvey and me, a confused expression on his face.

"Hey…Mark…" Harvey whispered. I could feel his hand tighten around mine anxiously.

Wait…what? Oh my god! We were still holding hands. I started blushing immensely. This was weird. I couldn't just pull away. That would be rude! I mean, did I even want to pull away?

Oh god…I'm such a pervert! I began turning redder by the second, Mark raising an eyebrow. He then turned his attention back to Harvey.

"H..Hey…" His voice was barely audible. Mark gave a small smile.

Harvey beamed at his older brother. "You're…okay…"

Mark nodded slowly, still a bit confused from the entire thing.

Suddenly, a nurse entered the room.

"You kids should go." She told us. "He still needs some time to rest."

"But…" Harvey sighed, obviously still wanting some time with his brother.

"He just woke up," The nurse tried persuading him. "The doctors will want to look at him."

"O..Okay…" Harvey said a bit reluctantly. He then looked at Mark. "I'll be back. Don't worry."

Mark smiled once again and we both waved goodbye.

Just as we were about to leave the room, I heard a voice behind me whisper.


I whipped my head around to see Mark give a quick smirk and turn his head back towards the window.

"Is something wrong?" Harvey turned to me.

"Huh?" I looked at him. "It's nothing." I smiled to myself while he stared at my quizzically. Still, he shrugged it off and we left the room.

Harvey and I had walked out of the hospital, now taking our time while getting home.

"I'm glad he's okay." I said, smiling at him.

"Yeah." He agreed. "It's a big relief. I mean, I was worried he'd never wake up."

"Well, he did!" I exclaimed happily.

We were now passing the local playground, when Harvey suddenly stopped. I turned around.

"Something wrong?" I asked him.

Harvey looked towards the park, then at me. "I don't want to go home just yet." He finally said. "You want to hang out for a while here?"

Like I would pass that up.


We made our way towards the playground. I quickly ran towards the swing set and sat down.

"Harvey! Push me!" I said happily. Harvey smiled and got behind me. As I had asked, he began pushing me.

"Higher, loser!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

"What are you? Nine?" He asked, still smiling.


There were a few more moments of silence as Harvey continued pushing me. I decided to break the silence.

"Hey, Harvey?"


"Remember the time we got detention?"

"Oh god." Harvey laughed. "How could I forget? You and your duck."

"You were such a jerk! You made it so bad on purpose!"

"Oh please, how would you know that?"

"Because it ended looking up like a hybrid of a duck and dog," I stated matter-of-factly.

I could hear Harvey chuckling quietly. "It's not my fault you kept throwing those papers at me! Then we had to stay back and clean up the mess you made." He finally said.

"Oh please," I dismissed him. "I've done worse."

"Yeah, like that time you walked into the boy's bathroom!"

"Oh yeah!" I giggled. "I remember that. When your shoe got stuck in the toilet?"

"Don't remind me! I even had to end up borrowing your shoes."

"You have to admit that was pretty hilarious."

"Hey, what about the time we went crazy at the ski resort?" Harvey reminded me. "I swear it was like we were on shrooms or something."

"That was freaky!" I agreed. "And Steve and Janice had to end up looking for us."

"Oh yeah. The purple giraffe!" He burst out laughing.

"Oh my god!" I chuckled. "What about the time I was walking home from Janice's party and almost got mugged?"

"That was so damn random, it's not even funny."

"Those guys were so creepy! I was lucky you came along."

"Yeah…you owe me for that!"

"Pshhh, you wish." I smiled.

"Hey, remember when there was that swearing fest in Peterson's class?" Harvey suddenly said.

"Yup." I nodded. "You totally started that!"

"No I didn't!" He immediately denied. "You provoked me."

"Uh huh." I rolled my eyes. "You can't blame me. You were sending me never-ending glares. You were so scary!"

"I'm not scary."

"Yes you are! Lots of people think you're a bully!" I retorted. "But no worries. I know you're not…most of the time."

"Right. I feel so special."

"I swear you said that during the bus ride to the ski trip!"

"Oh yeah. When Steve threw that dead wasp at you, right?"

"Haha. Yeah. And I ended up sitting on your lap."

"God, that was so awkward."

I took a quick glance behind me to see Harvey blushing a bit. A-ha! So he does get embarrassed! I decided to give the poor guy a break and not push him any farther.

"Hey, what about that time when you found that picture of me in the snow?"

"Oh god." He laughed loudly. "You have to admit that picture was funny. You looked like a constipated chipmunk."

"Shut up!" I snapped, still laughing along with him. "You have no clue how evil Andrea was to steal that from me. I had to fully tackle her in the snow!"

"Hey! That reminds me of when you tackled me in the snow and started asking me if I wore contacts."

"Sorry!" I said. "It's your own damn fault for having such weird eyes."

"Hey!" He pushed me even harder, which startled me.

"Whoa! Watch it!" I widened my eyes. "I wasn't holding on. What if I fell?"

"Good!" He retorted, grinning.

"Jerk!" I giggled. Suddenly, something struck me. "Wow."

"What?" Harvey questioned.

"Nothing." I shrugged. "I just noticed that we've been through so much together."

"Aww, how sweet!" Harvey imitated a girl's squeal.

"Shut up!" I bit my lip to prevent myself from cracking up in laughter. "I mean, a few months ago, we would've never been here at the park sharing all these memories."

"Well…" Harvey's voice seemed distant. "Actually, I was actually thinking about that before."

"Seriously?" I was a bit surprised. Harvey was thinking that too?

"Yeah." He confessed. "Though I don't usually speak my mind like this, I'm actually glad I got to know you."

"Really?" I felt a pang of happiness. "Me too!"

"I'm glad." Harvey continued. "The thing is, I imagined you to be the type of person I hated the most. Careless, stupid, bratty…"

"How nice." I said sarcastically.

"But, I was wrong." He admitted. "You were so different…"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you were funny…honest…caring…" Harvey cleared his throat. "And…sort of cute…"

I turned scarlet.

What did he just say?! Cute? CUTE?!?

I didn't dare breathe. Was I dreaming? Was this another coma? I decided to continue to listen to him.

"The truth is, Alicia…" He sighed. "I never hated you."


There was a sudden silence behind me. Unconsciously, I had stopped swinging, fingers tightening on the chains.

"Harvey…" I finally whispered, turning my head. "I…" I suddenly was cut off by Harvey's lips crashing down on mine. My heart raced as his hands clasped over mine on the chains.

This was a dream…

My body felt like it was being shocked with thousands of bolts of electricity. This was nothing like what I had felt before.

Harvey pulled away and stared straight into my eyes. I noticed his eyes were sparkling in a way they had never had before.

…He had never looked at me that way before…

Before I could say another word, Harvey began speaking.

"Alicia…" He said with a low voice, sending shivers down my spine.

"Y-yes…?" I felt butterflies in my stomach as I noticed his close proximity.

"You…suck at kissing."


I felt him let go of the chains as I jumped off the swing. I whipped around to stare at a smirking Harvey.

That little…

"You jerk!" I stared at him menacingly. "You suck! You can't kiss either! You're homo! In fact, you're totally pedo! And I only kissed you back because I kind of sort of like you, but that's beside the point. So I'm not going to kiss you again because you're a pedo, like pedo bear and you hide behind trees to stalk people and then you probably go eat them. That's cannibalism! And I think it's illegal and you suck too!"

I took a deep breath and looked at Harvey, a blank look on his face.


"Chyeah! That's right!" I continued my rant. "You pedo panda, you! I should send you to see Chris Hansen! From Dateline NBC! You should be ashamed of yourself! Now I have to go home and use mouthwash, even if it's bad for my gums and my teeth will probably fall out after. Why?! Because my mouth has been tainted by the lips of a pedo! And life sucks because I really like you! ACCEPT MY LURVE DAMNIT!"

I panted, still glaring at Harvey. His expression had not changed.

"…Lurve…?" His mouth curved into another smirk. "What's that? A type of vegetable?"


"Are they beans? I really don't like beans, they make me dizzy. So yeah…sorry. I don't want your beans."

I could not believe this…

My jaw flexed. Alright Alicia. Keep calm. Keep calm…


Harvey's smirk dropped and he looked at me with a deep look in his eyes.

"You…love me?"

By now I had cooled down a bit and noticed the extent of what I had said. I shifted awkwardly. "Yeah…I guess so…"

"Uh…" Harvey began. "Isn't the guy usually supposed to say it first?"

My jaw dropped. "Oh shit! You're right!" I cried. "I totally ruined everything! Can we do that again?!"

"Well, I dunno." He scratched his head. "You kind of killed the moment…"

Aw man…

"Nooo!" I whined. "No, no, no! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!"

Harvey's lips twitched, trying to keep a straight face.

What the hell was his problem?!

Without warning, he burst out laughing.


This only caused Harvey to laugh even harder. I swear I could feel steam coming out of my ears right now…

"Shut up!" I shot him a glare, and then suddenly frowned. "Wait…shit…you're not really gay, are you?"

The jerk suddenly stopped laughing. "What?!"

"Well, that would explain why you keep laughing."

"What the…that has nothing to do with it!"

"Uh huh…" I looked at him skeptically.


"Prove it!" I crossed my arms.

"Fine!" He said hotly. "I'll do it again!"


"Do what again?" I raised an eyebrow.

Harvey grabbed my shoulders and pressed his lips against mine. I froze as he pulled away and stood there, smirking once again. "Is that proof enough for you?"

I stood there, mouth agape, probably resembling some sort of animal. What was I supposed to say to that?! I mean, sure he was acting like an ass, but I didn't want to be a hypocrite and complain when I actually liked it.

Stupid Alicia…

Harvey stared at me, awaiting my reaction.

Come on brain. Think. Think!! Hurry! Before he thinks you're a total nut job…

"Well…? Harvey prompted. "You're not just going to stand there, looking constipated all day long, are you?"


"YOU LITTLE-" I bit down on my tongue, holding back the insult I was about to lash out.

Harvey started laughing again.

I grimaced. "Ha ha, how funny. You are so hilarious, you should be a comedian." I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

Harvey managed to stifle his laughter, and I turned away, sighing, and sat back down on the swing.

This was so stupid. Who has love confessions like that anyways? All he does is keep laughing.

He probably doesn't even like me…

I unconsciously began drawing circles in the dirt with the toe of my shoe. Harvey sat down on the swing beside me. I could feel his stare, but continued to look down at my drawings.

Whoa…those circles look so demented. I suck…

"Alicia?" Harvey asked me softly. I decided to ignore him, continuing to etch in more demented circles into the ground.

He was such a jerk.

"Aliciaaaaaa." Harvey drawled.

No! I was not going to give in!

"Alicia!" Harvey began poking me.


Harvey poked my cheek hard, causing me to wince from the pain.

"Ow! That hurt!" I pouted. "You jerk!"

Harvey smiled. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing…" I mumbled.

"Obviously, it's not nothing." Harvey grasped my chin and pulled my face up to meet his eyes. I blushed and tried to avert his eyes, but he held my gaze.

"Tell me what's wrong."

"Well…" He let go off my chin and I glanced down at my shoes. "It's just that, this is all so screwed up."

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, Harvey. This has been the most screwed up conversation ever. I tried to make it serious, but everything always gets ruined." I sighed. "I mean, whenever I try to make the conversation serious, you start laughing." I looked straight at him. "Is this all a joke to you?"

Harvey seemed a bit hurt by that. "Alicia…I wasn't joking about anything I did…"

"Then why do you keep laughing?"

"I…" He exhaled loudly. "You know I'm not good with stuff like this…" He looked over at me and smiled. "I'm sorry if I made you feel weird."

"It's okay..." I smiled back. "But it's still screwed up, with all those random arguments and crap. Like, who has love confessions like that anyways?"

Harvey grinned.

"We do."

"Huh?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Alicia…" He began awkwardly. "I…I'm not good with these things…"

I didn't say anything.

"The truth is, even though I haven't really said it…" He turned to look at me. "I really like you a lot, Alicia." He began blushing.

I couldn't help my lips from forming into a huge smile. "…Really?"

"Well…yeah…" He said as he rose from his swing. "Even though I didn't show it, I was really happy when you said that you…loved me. I…kinda…"

I couldn't control myself. I launched myself at him, seeing him widen his eyes in surprise. I hugged him tightly. I heard Harvey give a small chuckle as he wrapped his arms around me.

We finally pulled away from each other and Harvey and I exchanged grins.

"Well," Harvey said. "Now that that's all taken care of…" He held out his hand. "I'll walk you home?"

I smiled even wider as I slipped my hand into his, grasping it tightly.

"Yeah." I nodded. "I'd like that."

"You guys are late!" Janice tapped her foot impatiently as Harvey and I finally arrived at the front of the amusement park.

"Sorry!" Harvey apologized. "It's not my fault Alicia takes so long to find a pair of socks."

"Hey!" I glared at him. "We would've been on time if you hadn't stopped on the way here to buy a cookie."

"I was hungry!" Harvey argued back. "I never had any breakfast!"

"Neither did I!"

"Lies! You had two pancakes and a muffin!"

"That's not a lot!"

"Yes it is!"

"GUYS!" Steve finally broke in. "We're going to be even later now. I bet the lines are like full of five thousand people."

"Then let's go!" I smiled happily.

"Yeahhh!" Janice linked her arm through mine. "ONWARD!!"

We began moving towards the ticket booth. As we paid for the tickets, Janice happy humming suddenly stopped.

"Hey!" She suddenly exclaimed. "This is the first double date we're going on!"

I abruptly stopped walking. "What?!" I opened my mouth in shock. "YOU GUYS ARE DATING?!" I looked between Janice in Steve who were now holding hands.

"Uh…yeah…" Steve raised an eyebrow. "We told you guys a long time ago."

"Yeah, like in May." Janice added.

"THAT WAS TWO MONTHS AGO!" I shouted in disbelief.

"Alicia…you didn't know?" Steve quirked a brow.


"Wow…" Harvey tried to stifle a laugh. "How could someone be so du-" I glared at him. "Du……………happy." He finished.

"Chyeah, that's right." I smirked, remembering the same thing happening during exams.

I fondly remembered our school year. I had totally aced the exams and finished grade 11 with flying colours. Even after the coma, things seemed to turn out alright. Well, better than alright. Amazing!

"Let's goooo!" Janice bounced at my side.

"Yeah!" We skipped towards the entrance of the amusement park.

I guess reality didn't suck so much after all…



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