Hi kids-

As some of you may or may not have noticed, Regan, White, and the Seven Deadly Sins has been taken down from FictionPress—I've found several instances of plagiarism online and, sorry, I don't like having my stuff stolen (I kind of feel like the Duke from Moulin Rouge- "I just don't like other people touching my things!"). This seems to be happening a lot with stories around FP, which isn't at all fair to y'all. You should be allowed to read the stories you've followed (in the case of Of Money and Mouths, you might have been following it for upwards of two years, since I'm such a slowpoke).

However, I have every intention of being published one day, and I canNOT risk having my characters, plotlines, dialogue, etc. taken by others who want to use them as their own. Cheesy as it sounds, I love Regan and Grant and Cal and Beau and Marley and the Ripkowskis a lot, and I'm just enough of a selfish person to want to keep them to myself. So…I'm removing my stories from FP.

DON'T PANIC. I'm going to put them on my (largely unused as of late) LiveJournal account, which is locked to everyone but those on my friends' list. If you've been a faithful reader (and I have a freakishly sharp memory, so I recognize reviewer pennames) and want to keep reading/reread RWSDS, they'll be posted. You just have to have my approval. I'll leave this message and the stories up for a week, and then transfer everything to my LJ account. I'll also leave my FP profile in tact so y'all can message me, see my e-mail and website, and whatever else it is people do with FP profiles.

I realize this is an inconvenience but I have to protect my writing…hopefully everyone will understand that.

Oh. My LJ username is mrdryrdrlngs as well. I'll try and finagle the format, but for now you'll know you're in the right place if you see a big Rolling Stone header. Yes, I am that arrogant. (:

Y'all's patience, cooperation, and support are HUGELY appreciated, as always.