"Kara…What are you doing?" Asked my mom who was listening to me from behind my door to my room.

"UHH!…." I hurried and put the brush I was using as a pretend micro phone under my desk," NOTHING! Mom! How many times have I told you! Knock!" I sighed angrily.

"Ok…" She said laughing," It's sounding really good though…" She said as she closed my door again.

I looked in the mirror, and pulled out the brush again. I don't know what had gotten in to me the past few days. I was really in to singing right now…and I felt I sang well…for once.

"HURRY UP OR YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" Yelled my dad from down stairs.

"Ya Ya." I sighed coming down. First day of school…not fun. I was just starting 9th grade and I didn't feel very good about going to the high school. The dances would be fun, but not all the new classes, and…the homework…

"You look nice!" Dad smiled. I knew he hadn't taken one look at my out fit. I was wearing an old torn up t-shirt and tight jeans…but I knew he had good intentions.

"Thanks," I said hugging him and heading out the door. I always skipped breakfast.

Like a drill I pulled out my Ipod and put the earphones on.

The bus was already waiting for me and the bus driver yelled at me because I was slow. I ignored him, pretending I couldn't hear him. I sat down in the first seat I could find that was empty and sat by myself there. I leaned my head against the cold window, and closed my eyes. For September it seemed like it was November. Before I knew it I was singing to the music on my Ipod.

Soft at first, but then louder, as if I couldn't hear myself. I sat up and started to bob my head to the song, and still sing. I opened my eyes. All of the students (15 but it felt like 100) were staring at me…They all had this weird gazed over their faces, like they were hypnotized.

"Umm…Sorry." I said embarrassed. I slunk back in my seat as far as I could. The rest of the way to school the bus was dead quiet, and I was the first one off.

"What a way to start the new school year…" I breathed angry at myself.