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Since all the girls were excited about the upcoming party at Dylan's, we all set out first thing in the morning to look for dresses. Maddie immediately grabbed my arm once we entered into the mall and pulled me into the first store we came upon.

"What about this?" she asked, holding up a very short black dress.

"You want me to try on THAT? Are you crazy? There's barely any material! Wait a minute! Is that even material?" I babbled.

"Will you stop please?" sighed Maddie. "What's the big deal? It's just a dress."

"That is not just a dress," I said. "It's made entirely of lace and reminds me of that sexy maid costume Amelie wore for Halloween! Seriously, what kind of person are you trying to turn me into here? I might as well go nude if I'm going to wear something that revealing. And you know there's no way in hell I'm going out with that in public! Not even if you paid me a million dollars!"

"Soph, would you stop overreacting and calm down? You're acting like a prude."

"Am not!"

"Oh yes, you are. I'm only asking for you to try this on once. If you don't like it we can go in another direction."

Before I could protest any further, Maddie handed me the black-laced dress and pushed me into the changing room.

"Now, I'm not letting you leave until you try it on."

"I am going to get you for this, James, I swear," I said.

"I think you'll actually thank me later once Dylan sees you in this," giggled Maddie. "Now hurry it up."

I could hear Maddie snickering by the door as I hesitantly took the dress and slipped it on.

"Okay you idiot," I scowled. "You can come in and take a look."

Maddie ripped the curtain aside. "It looks good on you," she grinned. "But I guess you're right about the coverage. That lacy part on top doesn't quite cover enough. Dylan might die of a heart attack if he sees you in this. We better try something a little less...revealing."

"Please," I begged after her as she left the room.

Maddie walked back towards another rack and picked out a red dress. I thought maybe this one had some potential until I put it on.

"This one isn't working," I said, opening the curtains to let Maddie see.

"What don't you like about this one?" she said.

"I'll admit it's very stylish, but I think it's a bit too tight and too long," I said. "Right now I'm having trouble breathing, and knowing me, I'll probably trip over the long train."

"How about trying on this one?" asked Haley, appearing with another dress.

Taking the ruffled, lilac dress from her hand, I headed back into the dressing room and slipped it on.

"Um, I hate to disappoint you, but I don't think this one's going to work either," I said.

"And why not?" asked Haley.

I pulled open the curtains and lifted my arms.

"Oops," snorted Haley.

"Oops is right," I said.

As I yanked the top part back up and pulled the bottom back down, Maddie snapped her fingers and left the room. A moment later, she came back with another dress. Without a word, she thrust it at me then left again in search for one for herself.

The dress Maddie had passed me was a halter dress. The top was made of silk taffeta in royal blue with a matching tulle skirt that ended an inch above my knees. A rhinestone belt was wrapped around the waist.

"Wow, Maddie," I said. "This one's perfect. Come take a look."

"Oh my, you look amazing in this one," she grinned, moving the curtains aside. "I've always thought it looks really sexy on the right figure. It's not too revealing, not too tight, and just girly enough. And I have to say this one's accentuating your curves perfectly."

"You really think I have a good figure?"

"Positive. I've been telling you for years you're way better off than I am."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's just say when the two of us stand together you're the one the guys notice first."

"That's not true, Mad. You have a great figure too and that's why guys trip over themselves just to get to you."

"But unlike me you have everything developed in all the right places." She pointed to her chest. "If I keep getting any bigger, I might fall over one day from the weight of my boobs. Soph, you gotta stop denying you have the better overall figure. You can eat anything you want and not gain an ounce."

"I agree with that," said Beverly, as she passed by.

"I'm telling you, Dylan is definitely going to love you in this," Maddie continued. "And once he does, he'll probably end up going completely speechless since there won't be enough blood left in his brain to think."

"I can't believe you just said that," I said. "What has Nate done to you?"

"Are you sure I'm not the one who corrupted Nate?" she grinned. "Now that we found one you like, it's my turn."

"Are you actually going to try on that?" I asked, staring at the fitted black dress with a V-neckline and slit going up the side.

"I want to make sure I get one that will knock Nate's socks off."

"Is that all you're planning to do?" I teased.

"You'll never know, now will you?" she winked. "And since we're almost done here, I also think we should look for some better underwear for you that don't resemble granny panties."

"My underwear does not look like granny panties," I huffed.

"It does when the top of the underwear goes past your waist," she said. "I still don't know why you refuse to buy V-strings."

"I find them uncomfortable. I don't want to keep tugging at my bum in case it rides up too far and give myself a wedgie."

"Then how about boy shorts? You find those comfortable don't you?"

"I do, but what's this incessant need for me to get new underwear?"

"It's in case after a hot make-out session with Dylan, you decide to rip off his shirt and jump him," she said. "Now let me change."

Grumbling at Maddie's accusing innuendo, I went to return the other dresses back to their racks when she called me back in.

"Wow Ames! This one's perfect for you."

"I know," she said. "Nate's definitely going to love this."

"If I know him, he's gonna want to take you right then and there," I laughed. She pushed me out the door

Maddie was really determined to find me new underwear. Once the rest had found their dresses, Maddie grabbed onto my arm and kept pulling me from store to store. The girls even helped her out with choosing the styles. When she was finally satisfied with what I bought, all of us then let out a breath of relief and decided to go for a treat.

"Can we get eight ice cream bars please?" asked Haley.

"Now that's odd," said Beverly. "I just got a text from Dylan."

"Hey, so did I," said Elise.

"Same here," said Courtney.

"Did anyone else get a text from Dylan?" asked Joanne.

"Soph, I'm sure you must've got one," said Sarah, as Maddie and Haley held up their arms.

"Actually I didn't," I said. "Why? What's it say?"

"He's wondering where we are," answered Beverly.

"And it's a good thing we found you girls."

We all turned and found Dylan, Brayden, Josh, and Nate standing behind us.

"What are you guys doing here?" asked Haley.

"We know it's supposed to be no guys allowed, but lover boy couldn't wait to see his girl again," sighed Brayden, as Dylan immediately approached me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"It's good we found you girls," added Nate. "Dylan was planning on forcing us to help him go around each mall to look for you."

"So that's why all of us except for Sophie got this text from Dylan," said Maddie.

"And now that we have, do you girls want to join us in watching a movie at my house once you're done?" asked Dylan. "I'm even inviting some of my single friends whom you girls might like."

"Is one of them your friend, Wesley?" asked Beverley.

"Who's Wesley?" asked Courtney.

"Dylan's amazing, sexy college friend," said Beverly. "Hey, why is he invited anyway?"

"He specifically asked if you were coming," said Dylan.

"And how come you're finally letting me get to know him?" asked Beverly. "Wait. Let me guess. It's because of Sophie, isn't it? You're so deeply in love with her that you now feel like playing cupid to the rest of us single girls, right?"

"So how about it?" smirked Dylan.

"Who exactly are the rest of these guys?" asked Elise.

"Do we even know any of them?" asked Sarah. "Are they cute?"

"If these are the same guys that Dylan could be talking about, then yeah, they are," said Beverley.

"Count us in," chorused Sarah, Elise and Courtney.

By the time we arrived at Dylan's, everyone one of us was laden with all sorts of different bags from Maddie's impromptu shopping expedition. What amazed us the most was Maddie being able to get it all done in only an hour.

As soon as we entered into the house and unloaded our arms, I had a sudden urge to pee. So instead of embarrassing myself by urinating in my jeans, I ran down the hall and didn't even bother locking the door. I still got embarrassed anyway. The door burst opened right as I was pulling up my jeans.

"I-I'm so sorry," Dylan muttered.

Once he slammed it shut, I closed my eyes and wished I could rewind the entire situation back a few more seconds. Since it wasn't remotely possible, I tried to put the incident behind me and washed my hands. When I peered out, Dylan cleared his throat and was leaning against the wall.

"I-I guess I sh-should've knock huh?" he croaked.

"I-I guess, but it's partly my blame too," I said. "I should've locked the door."

"So, I guess it's safe for me then?" he asked.

"Most likely," I murmured.

I turned to head back when he caught my wrist.

"By the way. You looked mighty hot in that cute underwear of yours."

Before I could open my mouth to respond, Dylan quickly locked the door. I could hear his chuckles coming from the washroom, but chose to ignore it and headed towards his living room.

"What happened?" asked Maddie.

"Dylan walked in on me," I said.

"Really?" she asked half-amused. "Did he get a good peek at your um...privates?"


"He walked in on you, didn't he?"

"He did, but he didn't see me like that."

"Then what did he see?"

"Me in my damn blasted granny panties."

A huge shriek came out of her mouth. No coherent words would form as tears continued streaming down her face. When she did manage to compose herself, Dylan came strolling in and it caused her to burst out laughing again.

"What did I miss?" asked Nate, appearing in the room to find his girlfriend crawling on all fours.

"Nothing!" I said.

"So where are the rest of these hot guys we're supposed to meet?" asked Elise.

"They should be here soon," said Dylan. As though his words were a cue, there was a knocking on the door. "Hey, Soph. Feel like coming with me to see who it is?"

Maddie, who finally stopped squirming, said, "I thought you two already saw enough?"

"Shut it you," I scowled, as Dylan pulled me down the hall.

"I'm really sorry I walked in on you," he whispered.

"Don't worry about it," I whispered back. "Hey, how about I go and start the popcorn instead?"

While Dylan went to see who it was, I headed into the kitchen and began looking in the pantry for the popcorn. When I lifted my head up after I found the box, I found myself face to face with a guy I've never seen.

"And who are you?" he grinned.

Before I could answer, Dylan appeared.

He turned to the guy slowly, noticed the look of intense interest in his eyes, and with a hard stare he said in a low voice, "Michael, you may be one of my rugby chums, but I swear, if you make a move on MY girl, I'll have to hurt you."

With laughter brightening his hazel eyes, Michael punched Dylan lightly in the arm. "You always were a lucky bastard!"

"You don't know the half of it!" Dylan responded good-naturedly. Once his friend left us alone, Dylan pushed me against the wall.

"Aren't you a little possessive?" I said.

"I have to protect my property somehow," he said. "And since I doubt I'm going to get the chance to do this with everyone around, I might as well do it now."

And without another word, he captured my mouth with his.