a friend of mine once said
the only nice things he ever had
as a kid
were his books;
and so he had grown up
treating them as
the personal treasures
that they were.
I, myself, however
write in mine, underline,
highlight and dog-ear,
and otherwise state
"I was certainly here."
I like to remember
what it was that made a book
memorable for me.
because what is the point
of having hundreds of pristine
books lined up upon the shelf,
looking as if they'd never seen
the light of day or felt
the touch of man?
years from now, if they're found
in such immaculate condition,
people will think
that those who owned them
didn't understand
the grand purpose that they serve.
so I will go on writing,
leaving ink stains in the margins,
just to show that I,
for one, do know
the pleasure and the promise
in the mastery of words.

TMK 29dec2008