Come with me, to a place

Not so far away.

I'll take your pain and destroy it

It shall never see the light of day.

Put your palm in mine, trust in me

I'll lead you to the promise land.

We'll get there soon enough.

I'll go with you, hand in hand.

Where are we going, you ask?

To only the best of places.

Why is the best, you ask?

It has the kindest of graces.

The earth flows of milk and honey,

The sea and sky are pure beauty, below and above.

Your adored ones are waiting for you,

Simply to wish you their love.

Yes, it is a wonderous place, I say.

What's that you ask?

Can I come with you?

No, this is my burden, this is my task.

I am the leader of the wanderers,

Those who need a place to stay.

Although not all who wander are lost,

All must be driven away.

I am the guide of those who have passed,

Who are waiting to enter bliss.

I shall take them to the edge of happiness,

But the peace I will always miss.

The look on your face says 'I'm sorry'.

It is indeed the cruelest fate,

Never knowing Heaven or love.

But do not worry, my time is just late.

One day, when there are no more souls,

And everyone else is at peace,

Then my time will come,

This job will cease.

So do not fret,

My broken heart will mend.

It will all be worth it

From beginning to end.

Here we are, I say.

You look up with surprise.

You stare in the shadow of my hood

Where there are tired eyes.

I smile, though you do not see,

And push you ahead.

This is as far as I go, I say,

I cannot follow the dead.

I watch you go into the light,

And tears come as your family greets you.

You all soon dissapear,

And I'm left pondering what God always knew.

'The greatest of these is love', I quote

And I let out a sad but steady breath.

I am not one to be feared.

It has never been simple being Death.

I look back to where you stood,

When the light englufed you.

It may take longer,

But I'll be up there one day, too.

Another soul calls,

And I turn to go.

I force a smile. Maybe this is the last soul.

You never know.