Finally Free

High above the atmosphere
No thoughts of anything up here
My mind is clear, I don't need to think
Stars are passing before I can blink

I'm free from my troubles, free from the guilt
Free from the world and the walls I've built
Up here in the sky, I close my eyes
I spread my wings, spread them wide and glide

Ever downward, falling fast
Seeing eagles as I pass
The earth is coming, but I don't crash
I soar through the clouds, down like a flash

Above buildings I fly, high in the sky
Over parks and lakes and fields way up high
I love it up here but I know I must land
I'm carrying a message tight in my hand

As I come to a stop, my resting place
I look up at the sky, out into space
I prefer the freedom the skies give me
But I know the earth's where I need to be

With a sigh I turn back to my task
Slipping on my fake happy mask
I hand over the message that I hold
And am surprised indeed to be told

I am free, free, free at last
Free from everything in my past
I leap up from the ground, into the air
Ready to get away from this despair

My mask falls off, I'm normal now
Time to go back to my place in the clouds
I know the sky's where I need to be
That's it, I'm here, finally free