I'm beginning to realize
I've been wasting my time
A clinging self centered girl
Now replaces your personality's shine

Everybody knows
It's not long before I leave
I say I love you too
Cause I'm to afraid of making you not believe

Love? Girl please,
This is high school. You're going to fast
It's freaking me out
There's no way I can last.

But I can't seem to do it
I'm a afraid of how you'll react
You'll whine about how I said 'I love you'
And how I'm breaking our pact

To be honest I don't really care
You're already last month's girl
I need to find a new one
You're no longer my world

Lack of motivation
God, I'm such a procrastinator
I cant stand to talk to you
'gtg cya later'

I'll keep sitting on this couch
Doing the usual: avoiding your call
I'm not sure how to break up with you
So I'll just sit here and stall