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Chapter Ten

A Somewhat Quiet Escape

Teiphys' voice was soothing, Karin decided. Even though the only things he could do were make up bargains and offend people, he still had a nice voice. It wasn't vapid, but comforting. That was the last thing she thought about before she dozed off by the window.

The next thing she knew, when she woke up, it was nightfall. Teiphys nudged her with the tip of his foot, "Wake up. We have to go."

Hermes licked her ear; that got her up. But she was so tired as she kept waking up every other hour. Teiphys had taken up the whole bed and so she couldn't even take the edge of the mattress. She sat and watched as Teiphys bandaged his right hand with a thick white cloth,

"Why are you doing that?"

"Because I cut myself," He winced slightly as he tied it with his hands and teeth, "Come on, princess. Get a move on or else. Get my bags and your bags."

As if she needed reminding that she was his slave. She scowled and dragged their belongings behind her. As usual, the streets at night were deserted except for just a few people, maybe two, running errands. It definitely wasn't safe after sundown.

Teiphys grabbed Erek's horse and hauled the bags that Karin was carrying onto the back. He didn't even bother helping her onto hers; the weight of the bags was dragging her back down. A few seconds later, she got on and sent Teiphys a dirty look. "So how exactly are we going to rescue Erek from jail?"

Teiphys shrugged his broad shoulders, "Can't you use your magic to get him out?"

Karin gaped at him, appalled, "I thought you had a plan! I'm not using my magic; I promised him I wouldn't."

Teiphys waved it away carelessly, "It wouldn't matter if you promised him or not if he's dead," He side-glanced at her hastily, "Yeah, I know. I got a plan," Karin narrowed her eyes,

"I don't need your power to know that you're lying."

"I'll make up a plan on the way," Teiphys snapped, "Now, hush. I need to think."

They rode around the alleys in the town, avoiding the jail. Karin impatiently tapped her foot by the side of her horse, biting on her tongue to keep quiet. Teiphys was humming; it didn't even look like he was thinking about it at all.

Every second is being wasted all because he couldn't think of a stupid plan. Why didn't he think of one while he was hogging the bed, that no good son of a… Karin swore inwardly. Teiphys finally straightened up and snapped his fingers,

"Okay, I got it," He clicked his tongue, calling for Hermes. The weasel popped up from his hood, just he like he would for Karin. Teiphys stole a glimpse over at the princess, "You wait here for us. If anything goes wrong, I'll whistle or something and you can come in and rescue me," He grinned, "Now, I'll go and get your beloved Erek."

And with that, he leapt off his horse and darted into the darkness. Karin pulled a face; she absolutely hated being in the background doing nothing, helpless. "I should be the one helping Erek," She grumbled, "Oh, what have I gotten myself into?"

* * *

Teiphys tightened the bandage around his right hand, grimacing. It was so much work, without magic. He should've just made her use the magic, since she had promised to work for him now. He pushed up on his feet as he jumped over the concrete wall. Hermes darted between his legs and he was careful not to step on his tail.

He did have a plan, but he wasn't quite sure if it would work. If it didn't, he could always abort it. Like he always did.

The jail was hushed as if a plague had gone by it and killed everyone inside of it. Teiphys darted behind the building as the guard inside finished his shift. He was being replaced by an even bigger guard, if that was even possible. Teiphys held his breath, pushing his black hair out of his eyes, "This is going to be even harder than I thought," He whispered to Hermes. He nodded and the weasel darted inside.

He had counted how long it usually took a guard to fall asleep when he was still inside the jail. Usually, it would be around two minutes and the longest it has taken was five minutes. Sure enough, the guard was snoring in no less than three minutes. He clicked his tongue, signaling to Hermes. He waited a while, and there was a slight jingle of keys. Moments later, the weasel returned to him with the ring of keys to all the cells in the jail. There must've been hundreds of them and Teiphys' eyes widened in disbelief, "Well, this makes things a little complicated."

He plucked the keys from Hermes' jaw and side-stepped into the jail. It smelt like rotting flesh and he wrinkled his nose. He'd only been away for a couple of hours and already, someone was lying dead on the ground of the cell next to him. Holding his nose in disgust, he walked as silently as he could towards Erek's cell. The boy was curled up in a fetal position, sleeping. Or trying to sleep. The moonlight shone directly into his cell and there was no dark corner that he could find to sleep in.

Teiphys jangled the keys lightly, "Erek…"

The boy didn't budge and Teiphys sighed. "Erek," Still, the boy didn't answer. Teiphys toed a rock with his foot and picked it up. Hurling it at Erek with all his might, the rock smashed into Erek's stomach. The boy's eyes instantly snapped open and he wheezed, losing his breath. Teiphys smiled, "Rise and shine, Erek. Your jail time's up."

"What…the…hell…was that for?" Erek gasped out, clutching his stomach with his chained hand. "Where's Aaron?"

"Quit the act," Teiphys shoved a key into the lock, but to no avail. He tried the next one and failed again, "I already know all about Karina Deveaux. She's told me everything."

"What?" Erek glared at him in incredulity, "Everything?"

"Yes, everything," The next key wouldn't fit in the lock either. He growled in frustration, "Where is the damn key?"

"Why did she tell you everything?" Erek demanded, voice rising furiously. Teiphys raised his finger to his lips, motioning for Erek to silence himself or he was going to get them both caught.

"I've struck up a bargain with her," Teiphys winked, trying the next key. And the next. And the next. Erek's heart sank as the guard shifted around in his chair. Teiphys glanced back worriedly and Erek hissed,

"You're getting me out of here even if the guard does wake up, you hear me?"

"That's what I told Karin," Teiphys muttered, shoving a big gold key into the lock. He was certain that it had clicked, but it wouldn't turn. His fingers felt numb against the cold and he dropped the ring of keys. He swore, "The bargain was to get you out of here and in return, I'll be allowed to follow you wherever you're going."

"That's it?" Erek asked.

Teiphys thought it over; Erek would figure it out later. He would probably leap at him as soon as he unlocked the door once he found out that Karin had become his servant, "Yeah, that's about it."

"She told you where we were going too?"

"To find some enchantress, that's what I heard," He picked up the keys from the ground and tried to find where he had left off. The guard mumbled in his sleep and Teiphys froze, having second thoughts. Erek grabbed onto his shirt before he could run away. Teiphys tried to jerk away but Erek's grip was too strong; he growled,

"Find the key. Now."

Teiphys glared at him, flipping through the keys frantically. The guard shifted over to his other side, snoring even louder. "I can't," Teiphys whispered, "Find the key," He tried once more to wrench away from Erek's grasp but the boy just pulled him closer and Teiphys' forehead crashed against the bars. Erek would have laughed out loud, but the guard could wake any second and this man had the keys to his escape.

Teiphys pulled a gray key from the ring and slipped it into the lock. It clicked and the two men glanced at each other. He turned it and the lock sprung open. He brightened, "Oh, look, I got it—"

Erek thrust his fist out and connected it with Teiphys' jaw. The man tumbled backwards, and Erek threw him into the cell with all his might. He slammed the cell door at his face, "No way are you coming along with us."

"Hey! What is going on in there?!"

Erek's maroon eyes snapped up to see the guard heading their way. He was hidden in the shadows, but he knew that the guard could see Teiphys. The man stammered out inaudible words but the guard snarled, "Where's the boy that was there before? And why in the hells are you in his place, you mongrel?"

Teiphys watched as the boy gave him one last backwards glance before leaping out the open window. Teiphys stared past the guard, into his hand. There was a club the size of a large boulder almost. Teiphys gaped at it.


* * *

Karin waited; she didn't have to wait too long. Erek came running towards her at full speed and she stared at him. Before she could get anything out of her mouth, he pulled her into a tight hug. "Erek! Did Teiphys get you out?"

Erek didn't answer, but instead embraced her even tighter. She choked out, "Erek, you're strangling me," He let go, dropping his gaze to the floor meekly. She continued to speak, "Did Teiphys get you out? Where is he?"

He ignored her, "Karin, did you really tell him all about us?"

Karin avoided his eyes, but he shook her roughly, bringing her gaze back to him, "Well, did you? I told you not to, Karin!" He raised his voice a little as she nodded her head slowly, "I told you not to tell anyone anything. Least of all him. How can you trust a guy like him?"

"We need him, Erek," She yelled, pushing him away, "We need him to protect us until we get to Ellinia. Where is he anyway? He's supposed to come out with you!"

"I left him there," Erek responded dully.

Karin stared at him, "What?! What did you do that for? I'm technically bound to him, Erek; you can't leave him in there!" Without another explanation, she darted past his strong arms and ran towards the vague direction of the jailhouse. She skidded to a halt inside of it; there were men shouting out but she saw the indistinguishable shadow of Teiphys and a bigger person. The guard, most probably, was beating Teiphys with a hammer-like club. Teiphys groaned with every hit he took, and every time he tried to dash towards the door, the guard just pulled him back by his shirt and brought him back to the ground. Karin winced as the guard brought the weapon down on Teiphys' chest. He wheezed, trying to catch his breath.

Whispering a silent apology to Erek, she drew up her powers and watched as the purple matrix of swirls whirled around the weapon. It jerked it out of the guard's hands and whipped it around. She heard a nasty crunch as it shattered into the man's head. She grimaced and Teiphys looked up at her through one black eye, "I knew you'd come back for me, princess," He fell down to his side, moaning, "I can't get up. Help me," He ordered, and she obeyed. What else could she do? She rushed to his side and placed his arm around her shoulders. He pushed all his weight onto her and she nearly stumbled; he was heavy.

Suddenly, it became a lot lighter. She peeked around Teiphys and saw Erek supporting the man's other side. He was grumbling, "We could do well just to leave him behind like that."

The other prisoners were all awake now, bellowing and roaring for Karin to free them as well.



Their shouts became louder and Karin gingerly opened the door to the jail, pushing Teiphys out. Their screams were going to bring the other guards running in and then they'll all be caught and locked away. Teiphys slammed the door to the jail shut, muffling the other shouts. He limped towards the horses, "Get on."

Erek pulled on Karin's arm just as she was about to leap onto her own, "Why do we have to bring him along?" He whispered coarsely. Teiphys stared at them strangely, but he couldn't hear what they were talking about, "Why can't we just leave him behind? I'll knock him out if you want me to."

Karin pulled an exasperated face, the amethyst sparks in her hand disappearing as she sighed, "He didn't tell you?"

"He told me that you…struck up a bargain with him…"

Karin nodded, encouraging him to go on. But Erek didn't continue; Karin sighed again, unsure of how to break this to him, "You see, I had to get you out of the jail and so…I sort of promised him that he could tag along with us."

"Okay? So break the promise."

"I can't," Karin wrung her hands in the air, exchanging glances with Teiphys. The man just sat upon his horse, glancing down at her, amused. He didn't even bother to help explain the situation to Erek. "I – er, well, okay. Don't get mad at me…"

"Spit it out, Karin."


Teiphys finally kicked Erek on the back, shoving him forward, "She swore that she'd be my servant now," Erek glared at him, regaining his balance by holding onto Karin. It took a while before the words got registered into his head.


Karin dropped her gaze to the floor meekly, "I'm sorry," She said in a tiny voice. But Erek wasn't looking at her; he pulled Teiphys off of his horse and shook him roughly,

"Do you know what you've done? Does she even know what's she's done?"

"Ow, that hurts," Teiphys stared at him coldly, his hands pressed against his bruised ribs. Ignoring Erek, he glanced down and muttered to Karin, "I might need you to heal this for me later."

Erek shook him again, "Are you listening to me?"

"No, she doesn't know."

Karin exchanged glances with the both of them, unable to figure out what they were talking about. Erek sent her withering glare and dropped Teiphys to the ground. The man grunted and tried to shift onto his feet. He sat down, giving up. "Karin, come help me."

"Don't help him up," Erek muttered, holding her back just as she started for him. Karin looked up at him and Teiphys let out a sharp bark of laughter,

"You know what happens when she doesn't listen to her master. She swore it, remember?"

Erek's jaw twitched. All of a sudden, Karin's eyes became blinded and she couldn't see anything. Her head felt like it was going to split as excruciating pain erupted through her skull. She could distinctly hear Erek calling her name in fear, but she couldn't feel anything. The ground met her as she crumpled into a ball, screaming for help.

As fast as it had come, it disappeared in seconds. She was suddenly in someone's arms, and she whispered, "Erek?"

But it wasn't her guardian, but her master. Teiphys wrapped his arms around her protectively, caressing her as he tried to soothe her. He didn't apologize for what had just happened, but a hint of guilt crossed his face. Erek made a move to reach for her, but then he stopped. Karin let the tears fall freely down her face. "What happened?" She whimpered, "It hurt."

"You're bound to him," Erek said flatly, "You have to do what he says; you're sworn by royal blood and so whatever he tells you do, you have to listen," In an instant, he turned to Teiphys, "I care about her, all right? More than you would ever care about someone. So hurt her again, and I will seriously murder you in your sleep. It won't be a fast death either."

"Then why don't you just kill me now?" Teiphys challenged. He had that smile on, the one that he always put when she had told a lie. Karin pulled herself out of his arms and faced them, the pain in her head ebbing away slowly.

"Stop fighting," She said firmly. "Erek, just stop it," Somewhere in her heart hurt a little to know that Erek had lied. Her guardian didn't know that Teiphys could read lies, and so it didn't matter to him whether he lied or not. Teiphys shrugged his shoulders,

"Karin, help me on my horse please."

She mutely crossed over to him and pushed him up. He nodded in appreciation before turning around and starting into the forest. He motioned her to follow and she whirled around to see Erek on her horse. He smiled at her reassuringly, but it seemed a little weary now. "Just because he's here doesn't mean I can't still protect you."

Karin didn't say anything, heart still aching. Erek held out his hand, just like he always did in the beginning. She grasped it and he pulled her up in front of her. With one arm around her to keep her from falling and the other on the reigns of the horse, they trotted after Teiphys. She leaned back, pressing her back against her chest; it felt somewhat comforting to know that she was with Erek again. But his earlier words still stung,

"You know," She suddenly said now that Teiphys was out of earshot, "Teiphys can tell lies. That's how he got me to say the truth in the first place."

"Yes, I know. I figured that out a while ago."

Karin's anger flared, "And so what did you lie?"

Erek glanced down at her, bewildered. The horse slowed down as he parted his lips to say something, "What did I lie about?"

"You know! About you caring about me. Teiphys knew that you were lying and he did that thing that he always does when people are lying. So I know you were! You know, you didn't have to lie about that to—"

"Karin," Erek put his finger to her lips, silencing her. He said softly, "I wasn't lying."

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