I am the beat that breaks the song.

I am the drama queen you confuse for a damsel in distress.

I am the footprint in the snow with no path to connect itself to.

I am the unfinished piece of art, the brightest colors lacking a streak of paint.

I am the poem without rhyme, rhythm, or reason.

I am the story with no plot, empty pages flooded with dialogue.

I am the musician with no inspiration, incentive, or instrument.

I am the decision you can't quite make, tearing your will apart.

I am the insecurity hidden behind a sheepish grin.

I am the loneliness drowned in a stolen kiss.

I am the fear tickling your nerves, triggering your fragile heart to accelerate.

I am the show without an audience.

I am the writer with no message to display,

No emotions to convey.

I am the pessimism seeping through your pores.

I am the peer pressure you submit to,

The conscience telling you not to.

I am the information you never caught,

The song you never heard.

I am the eyes of those who cannot see, lost in a world of visionary arts.

I am the melody lost to a crowd of people.

I am the twinkle in your eye that only a select few can see.

I am the doubt you can't get rid of,

The dilemma you can't make sense of.

I am the line of poetry you scurry to write down before it is lost to a hectic world,

Slipping your mind, never to be shared with those lucky enough to be let into your closed, curious world.

I am the cramp in your hand you set aside to write just one



I am the truth without depth,

The lie that cuts to your very core.

I am the string of thought you refuse to share.

I'm the truth to your dare.

I will destroy your comfort zone; the one escape you have from the terrifying realities of life.

I am the senseless poet,

The confused, the stupid, the cliché; the mismatched word, the thesaurus you can't find.

I am on the tip of your tongue

But on the back of my own.

I am rolled into this jumble of words,

Having no end.

I am the single sound in an earsplitting cacophony…

But which?

To be honest...


I wrote this when I was upset about something, so I was basically just throwing up words.

Review, lemme know what you think.

note: will be revised.