My first anything on this site! I found out about this place from wikipedia-ing fanfiction and found out that it had a sister site. Neat!


I feel the tears drop freely,

Like the blood flowing down your cheeks.

Your breath slowed moments ago

But it's seemed like weeks.

I held you close to me,

Feeling the warmth escape.

You look up at me with dulled brown eyes

As snow falls around us in every shape.

Your screams went untainted;

Mine when unheard.

I wasn't there to help you.

Life goes faster then it should.

This isn't fair!

I had you here.

Never again will you light up…

Never again will you feel.

Your lips are cold;

Skin white as doves.

Your breath is gone,

As is our love.


I know I'm ruining the sad, romantic suspense by posting a comment here, but I had to clear it up just in case. This is about a girl who's watching her love die in her arms from hypothermia. Sad, isn't it?