Staring at a bright lit screen

She contemplates where she has been

The things she's done and the things she's said

Lie forgotten on the bottom of an ocean of lead.

So little remains of those long gone days

And few facts unmarred by time's wily ways

Skyscrapers rise and skyscrapers fall

As she continues to try and break through her wall.

She knows who she is and yet she knows not

Of what she has driven, of what she has cost.

And of all her decisions, she wished she had taken,

The path of the familiar over the path of the brazen.

She never imagined that her precious years,

Would run out on her and to her worst fears,

And that they would resolve to remember what she was most,

While the world sucked her dry and changed her to a ghost.

Staring at the bright lit screen,

She contemplates what she might have been,

The things she'll do and the things she'll say,

Make no difference to her either way.

***A/N*** Hey guys, here's the first poem for…3 years?…that I've written. I started this at 5am, after staying up all night from a awful cold. Thought it came out quite well, but yeah. I'll probably do more changes later.

Anyways, let me know what you think! 