""I've grown up
from that broken girl, fading away
on her best friend's front porch steps
a new shade of devastation,
a woman
stepping out from behind the shadows
coming out of the closet for the last time
of all the world's wonders
of all the prying eyes surrounding every move she makes
every kiss and every mistake,
raising her middle finger high
but pain,
sharp as fingernails to a chalkboard
no longer chains her soul,
instead it's inked upon her sheet white skin
pictures telling stories
a color for every scar
like a brand new drug that ink takes her to a higher place
into the clouds so blue, as the "remember" on her wrist
life just isn't as bad as she recalls
not a leash to run from
a makeshift cage to break
it's a crash course in a one-girl revolution
she's always one step ahead of the game.

[[Love is love.]]"

11:03 pm