Dear Diary,November 1, 2006

Today I was nervous, starting in a new school in the middle of the year. Walking into a new classroom is a nerve wracking experience. When walking into my first class, I was petrified. Everyone in the classroom was talking amongst themselves. I have never felt like such an outsider in my entire life. As I entered the room, it took all my strength to keep my hands from shaking.

What was my mother thinking, making me move in the middle of my senior year? At my old school, I had everything. I was president of the science club, I was a member of National Honors Society, and I was one of the top students in my class. Now, I was in a new school, had no positions, and most importantly, I had no friends. Everyone that I had ever known was back in Boston. Now, I was completely surrounded by new people.

I could feel the class's eyes following me as I entered the classroom and their hushed whispers of "Who is that?" "I have never seen her before, have you?" "What a looser." I knew that the remainder of my senior year would be hard. I mean, who really wants to hang out with a frizzy brown haired girl that wears giant black rimmed glasses that totally obscure my hazel eyes, and is also only five feet tall? If I do not fit the description of a truly geeky geek, then I do not know who does.

The teacher of this class, a nicely rounded lady, forced me to introduce myself in front of the entire class. I hate public speaking. When I start talking to people that I do not know, my stuttering gets to be almost unbearable. I could feel everyone in the class staring at me as I stood up. "Hi…" I stuttered. " Hi… mmy… my name is Cch…Christine St..Stevens. My… My family moved here from Boston." I quickly turned around and sat down in the only seat that was open in the classroom, which happened to be right in front of the teacher's desk.

I was shocked when I walked into my second classroom, American History. My teacher had both a desk and a table and both of them were filled with stacks upon stacks of paper, at least two feet high. How could she find anything in that? Well, apparently she could because as soon as I had finished telling her that I was a new student at Wentworth High School than she was digging into piles, and had fished out five packets for me. Apparently, they were all due some time next week.

Next, the period that I was dreading most, the high social point of the day, Lunch. As I had walked into the cafeteria, I was shocked. I had never seen so many high schoolers in one room and they all had their individual cliques. I could easily spot the poms and the cheerleaders, sitting with all the jocks and football players. I saw the goth table and where the drama kids sat. I found an empty seat in a corner and I sat down with you, diary and began to write about my day. Well, I have to go now. I'll write later about my day once I get home. I just spent my entire day writing this, so I have to go. I'll write again soon.