Chapter One - Emily

The day before yesterday changed my life for ever. It all started with me being shouted at by my dad.

"Emily – Jane Blackledge. Get your sorry self down here now."

I slowly rolled out of my bed and landed on the floor. The pain was the wake up call. I jumped up and walked slowly down the stairs. My trouser legs were ripped and the bottom of the leg was following me like a shadow. My top was half way down my left shoulder. My right arm moved and pulled it up, without my brain telling me to. My feet shuffled the floor and as I walked down the stairs I saw my dad, with what I call his 'I want you dead' look on his face, holding my school report. Oh poo. This wasn't good. I'd been put on school report for being the worst girl in the class. Apparently. I was quite a good girl actually. I paid attention and the worst I got, was talking in class. Why I had been put on school report I don't know. It helps a little bit doesn't it.

"Can you explain this to me please?" my dad added the please because he was supposedly teaching me to be 'polite'

I shrugged. There was no way I was explaining the school report idea to him. When he was a bad boy the punishment he got was a cane. Oh poor him!! I mean, it is the twenty first century for goodness sake. Back I go.

"No dad. I do not want to explain it to you. There is nothing to explain."

I started to shuffle back up the stairs. He shouted,

"You are not going anywhere until you tell me what this is about!!"

I could hear the anger without looking at his face. I turned around and I knew that I would get into trouble when I said this, but I needed to shower and get to the café where I worked.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. You did just tell me to go shower and go to work because I need this money just as much as you do." I stopped to take a breath. I could see flames spark in his eyes. It was working. "I promised mum, before she died that I would earn my keep here. I know you're not my dad. I've known it for a while. It's quite obvious. You only shout at me. Not your other sons. I only stay here coz I am not 18. I can not leave. In two weeks this will be the last you see of me. I'm sorry, Luke. I am going. I will not be in tonight I am sleeping found Amy's. Goodbye."

I turned around straight away and didn't answer when he called after me. I ran up the stairs and straight into my room. I slammed the door so he knew I was mad. I grabbed my wash stuff and walked quietly into the bathroom. I slammed the door on that and locked it. Then the tears started pouring. I slide down the bathroom door to the floor. I hugged my knees in and cried and cried. I found my phone in my pocket and rang Amy.

"Amy. Can you come over?"

"Em, are you crying?"

I knew she couldn't see me but I nodded.

"I'll be right over. Let me just ring into to work. Do you want be to sa7 that you are ill?"

I whispered an answer and disconnected the call. Luke, my so called Dad, was banging at the door. He was calling me and calling me. I wouldn't answer. Instead I just cried harder. This was harder than I thought. I had all the anger and now I was angry with myself. I heard the doorbell. I knew it would be Amy. I heard Luke open the door. Without saying hello she ran up the stairs and started banging on my door.

"Em. Its me. Let me Em. Please. I'm scared."

I pulled myself up off the floor and unlocked the door. I opened it slightly and Amy ran in. she held me close, so close that I could smell the slight perfume smell she had on. She hugged me and whispered comforting words. I was still crying, but I hadn't realized I was hyperventilating. She was calming me down. I could feel my breathing going back to normal. I pulled away from Amy and sat on the toilet seat. She took one glance at me,

"OMG. You look a sight. You need to clean up."

I nodded. I totally agreed. I decided to talk, about everything.

Chapter Two – Seb

The day before yesterday my life changed for ever. I started to walk to my bedroom where I saw the complete mess of the day before. My pet squirrel Mortimer was scratching in his cage. I looked over at him and said,

"I've messed in my head, ein't I?"

I walked to my bed and started to look at the mess that was on my bed. There were all the clothes and there was a phone. I picked it up and slide it up. The wallpaper was interesting. It was a photo of me. And a friend. It wasn't my phone, but still I was on it. I threw the phone into the nearest bin. I didn't need any reminders. I didn't want to do it, but this voice in my head told me to. My imaginary friend. Chuck Norris. He tells me to do stuff. Random stuff, like one time he told me to steal this thing in this shop for him. I didn't even like it. It was something. I can't remember what it was. It's so weird. Back to the bed. I looked down at the clothes and remembered. I couldn't remember why, but I remember I did. Oh my god. I did, didn't I? Why oh why. The clothes I threw into the bin along with the phone. My whole bin was taken up with blue and pink clothes, along with the remains of the phone. I sank to the floor the impression of what I had done weighing down on my brain. I got up and my phone rang. I looked at the caller id. It was Emily Jane Blackledge. Just what I wanted. I didn't want to answer it, but she would keep ringing and ringing. I pressed answer

"Emily. What do you want?"

I waited for an answer. I could hear her sniffing in the background.

"Are you alright Em?"

"No." came the answer

I waited again for an answer.

"What's wrong?"

I waited again. The answer?

"I hate my dad. Can I come over?" she asked

I paused. I looked round at the mess on my bed.

"Give me an hour and you can come over."

I disconnected the call. I walked out of the room. It looked like I would have to get my hands dirty. I walked over to the cupboards and pulled out the cleaning stuff. That was when I realized that the whole of my flat was a disgrace. The only room that was okay was the spare bedroom. Great. Lets get to work. I walked back into my room and closed the door.

Chapter Three – Emily

I sank back against the wall. I was feeling a little bit better now that I had called Seb. He was my friend. A good friend. Amy was sat on the side of the bath.

"Do you want to have a shower?" she asked

I nodded.

"Can you do my hair and stuff after?"

Amy smiled. That was the Amy I knew. She left the room as I was getting ready to start the shower. When I had undressed and stood in the shower, I let the warm water run over me. Beautiful. I washed my hair with Herbal Essences and smelt the smell. It was lovely. I felt so much better. As I climbed out the shower, Amy knocked on the door and came in carrying a battery powered hair dryer, straighterners and a really big make – up bag. I burst out laughing. It was so funny!! She sat me down on the toilet and the work began. She dried my hair and straightened it. Then she curled it. I looked dead sexy!! Then she put on the make up. I felt so much better. After that she pulled out a slinky dress. It was her favourite.

"You want me to wear this?"

She nodded. She looked very much like a proud mum. I slipped it on over my underwear and it looked really nice. Amy's eyes were starting to well up. Ah. It was so sweet. I went to hug her and she held me close. The smell was perfect. It felt it was like my mum was back again.

"Oh Amy. Thank you."

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked, almost normal. It was amazing what I could look like. How long did I have left before I could go to Seb's? Another 20 minutes.

"Shall we go on MSN?"

Amy nodded. We collected everything from the bathroom and trekked towards the room. I could hear Luke still steaming in the living room.

"Is that your Dad?" Amy asked

I shook my head.

"He was never my dad. He has always lied to me. I hate him so much."

Amy sighed.