I did this as an English paper sophomore year of high school, If the grammar is horrendous I apologize I have issues with grammar stemming from a childhood speech problem...I hope you enjoy!

Death. I have never really thought about it even though I have come so close to it more times than I care to count. That is, until I took the life of a man that deserved death in order to save an innocent's life. I live everyday of my life knowing that I have the blood of a man on my hands, and there is no way of getting rid of blood. I took away the most precious thing that, that man had, and I can never give it back. Many people are surprised at the fact that I feel remorse for killing a man that murdered three innocent young girls, and was about to murder another young girl and myself. What they don't understand that knowing that I made sure that he can't ever kill again and that I saved that little girl, Kassie, it the only thing that keeps me sane.

"What people don't understand is that no matter how much good the out come of a death is it should never be celebrated, forgotten, or pushed aside. The only thing that people should do is take it with them, learn from it, repent for it, and go on with their lives. BUT, they must never let it let it take over their lives, if the death was the only option there was for the greater good. It should haunt them though, just not consume them." These are the words for my brother Aden, at times I feel that he is an angel, my belief is only furthered by that fact that he has black angel wings sprouting out of his back. I have taken his words to heart, the death haunts, but I don't let if consume me. That is not until today, but I suppose that it should consume me on this day. Today is the 1st anniversary of me taking that man's life, taking Jason Suttler's life. I can see that day exactly one year ago as if I am reliving that day all over again.....

  

Emerging from the sewer the rain drops pelted my face then continued to cascade their way downwards as gravity pulled at them to plummet to the ground. I watched as it fell and formed puddles all over the alley way. A pair of puppy dog looking green eyes stare back at me as I look into the puddle at my feet. Those eyes are my eyes. My eyes never have looked like anything, but a puppy's eyes. Not even when I smile or laugh do they change like everyone else's eyes change with their emotions. Mine have always stayed very depressed and puppy dog looking. The rest of me is just as weird, especially my hair and ears. My hair is naturally raven black with dark red and dark orange streaks, one of the "perks" of being an experiment. Another perk of being an experiment would be my pointed elf like ears. Another one of my features is my very pale skin which Aden likes to make fun of by calling me Snow White, but I just get back at him by calling him Birdboy. My lips are a bright red, like the color of holly berries, and I sometimes wear lipstick just to dull the color of them. One of the oddest features about me is my birthmark on my neck that is shaped like a ball of fire. It's bad enough that I can start fires with my mind and not get burnt by them, but do I also have to look really weird, too?

"Well, you must be happy." Is the grumbled speech of my older half brother Aden as he puts on his trench coat. He doesn't wear the trench coat because of the rain, he wears it to hide his black angel wings that grow out of his back.

"Why do you assume that?" I shoot back at him as I bring my eyes up from the puddle to meet his blue eyes that make you feel as if you are falling into an ocean when you look at them. His eyes somehow shine through the curtain of black hair that covers most of his face.

"I know your happy because it's raining, and for some really odd reason you love the rain." After saying this to show off how mature he is he sticks his tongue out at me. All I do is roll my eyes at him and start walking down the alley way. He's right though, I do love the rain. I love it for so many reasons, most of them I could never find words to express. I love the feel of the cool droplets of water hitting my skin and then cascading their way down as gravity pulls at them. The smell of the rain can at times take me right out of a bad mood, and make me the happiest person on this planet. The way that it is always warm when it rains, is another reason why I love the rain so much. There are so many more reasons why I love the rain, but they would take several life times to list.

"Mara, don't forget your hat!" yells Aden from behind me. I hate it when Aden has to remind me to put my hat on so that my ears are hidden. I also hate the fact that me and Aden have to hide our true selves, but if we don't we would get persecuted by the public and taken back to lab we were made in. I never want to go back there again. At the lab I was fierce and rebellious, not as I am now quiet, calm, and mostly carefree. The lab is the place where nightmares come alive. It is the only thing that I truly fear.

I single tear falls down my face as I recall the place I spent thirteen of my sixteen years of life. Aden always knows when I'm sad, I believe he might have acute telepathy, I'm not sure though. He takes me by the hand and pulls me into him, at that moment I can no longer keep the tears in that so desperately want out. A river of tears flows out of my face, and I soak Aden's shirt but he could careless.

"It's going to be okay I promise little sister." Aden has a gift when it comes to lifting people's spirits, especially mine. "Now cheer up would you, for heaven sakes it's raining out, you are not allowed to be sad. I'm the one that is allowed to be utterly miserable on rainy days, not you!" Who could help but laugh at him, the perfect older brother, well sometimes he is the perfect brother, other times I wish he never existed. That's siblings for you though.

"Come on let's go get some food at the store, I'm starving." Just as I say that my stomach let's out the loudest growl I have ever heard. The blood rushes to my face and Aden on the other hand just cracks up laughing. Rolling my eyes I walk down the street toward the store, leaving Aden in the middle of the sidewalk laughing his head off. Many of the other pedestrians walk quickly past him probably thinking he's a lunatic, which probably isn't far from the truth.

It doesn't take me long to reach the store, and soon I am walking down the aisles with my shopping cart picking out the different things that me and Aden need for the month. Eventually Aden comes into the store.

Not long after I hear an Amber Alert come over the radio. Aden and I have this thing where when ever there is a kid missing we will do everything in our power to make sure that kid comes home safe. So far we've rescued ten kids, and lost many more, but those that we save make it all worth it. For the ones that we've lost, we make sure that the one or ones responsible pay for what they have done.

"5 year old Kassie Peterson was taken from her the elementary school parking lot this afternoon at 3:00. She is about 4 feet tall with red hair, black glasses, and was last seen wearing a jean jumper with a black shirt underneath it. Anyone with information is urged to call 576-937-0380. She is believed to be the latest victim taken of the kidnapper that kidnapped and killed three other little girls in the past couple of months..."

Aden and I are out of there quicker than the speed of light. We have been on the trail of this guy since the first kidnapping, we were the ones that found the bodies of the other three little girls. We found them in the sewers accidentally the other week, the police came but found nothing that could help them find this guy. We have feared that he was going to come back soon.

We go back down the alley we had just come up not to long ago. Aden rips off his trench coat and dives down the manhole while I just jump in. Landing with a splash we go our separate ways down the pipe, that way we can cover more ground. All that we really know is that this guy takes the girls into the sewer system keeping them alive for a couple of days before killing them savagely. In the days that the girl is alive he tortures them mentally breaking them down until their mind is nothing. I won't let that happen to Kassie, I have already let that happen to three others. This sicko will not have a forth victim, he will not have Kassie.

Up ahead I can hear voice, so I approach slowly not wanting anyone to know that I'm there. I stick my head are around the corner and see a small group of police officers with flashlights. Aden and I don't need flashlights, our eyes can see in the dark as if it was day. I can make out exactly what they are saying.

"Here's a kid's pair of black framed glasses. He must have taken her down over this ledge, but I can't see anyway of getting down with out killing yourself."

I know exactly what ledge they are taking about, and any normal human being would never be able to make a jump with out dying, but for me it's a piece of cake. I also know how the killer got down there, a pulley system there's an elevator of sorts, but the platform must be at the bottom, I'll send it up to them when I get down there.

I run right through the group and jump off the ledge feet first, and once again land with a splash. Quickly I pull the platform up to the police officers before running down the sewer pipe listening for any sign of Kassie or the killer. Out of no where I hear the high pitched scream, no more of a shrill, of a little girl rang out all over the place. I have to cover my extra sensitive ears it is so loud and booming, but I can tell where the scream has come from, and know exactly where I need to go. I run about ten more feet before making a hard left turn, then run down that pipe until I come into a chamber room.

I have never been in this part of the sewers before because of the many cave ins that tend to happen in this part. In the center of the chamber there is a man holding a rope that is connected to a pulley. He doesn't seem to notice that I have entered the chamber. He pulls on the rope pulling something out of the water. Seeing a little girl's head stick out of the water and then the rest of her body which is strapped to a chair of some sort, rage over takes me.

I run full force into the man taking him down but in doing so Kassie is once again plunged into the water depths. Jumping off the man I go to pull Kassie back up but the man grabs my ankle causing me to fall crashing my face into the ground. With my free foot I turn so I am on my back and do a smashing heel kick to the man's face immediately he lets go and I run to get Kassie out of the water.

Hurriedly I pull Kassie out of the water and she gasps for breath. I am able to pull Kassie, still strapped into the chair, to the ledge, but only for a moment before a pipe comes crashing into the side of my head. I fall sideways and blood starts to pool around my head. Groggily I pull my head up and find that once again Kassie is under the water, and the man is hovering over me with a knife pressed against my neck.

"Such a pretty girl." The man licks lips as he eyes me, making me feel disgusting.

I can feel the knife pressed against my throat and him adding pressure to it. At this moment a sickening realization pops into my head, either I kill this man or he kills me and Kassie. If it was just me I think I would let him kill me, but I won't let him kill Kassie. I close my eyes and focus on the man. Seconds later I hear him scream and the pressure of the knife against my throat is gone. I don't bother to look at the man all I care about is Kassie. For the second time I pull Kassie out of the water and rip her out of the chair.

Turing around I see the man burning alive on the ground screaming for his life. Reaching my hand out the fire disappears into thin air, but it is too late the man is too badly burned to survive. My heart sinks, I never wanted to kill him, but it was the only choice I had in order to save Kassie....