The TV flashed images of a burning car, firefighters running around, and civilians fighting to get past pesky police officers, which if questioned by the media wouldn't give you anything, all in a scam to appear on the small screen in people's houses for a little longer; for their lame fifteen minutes of fame. No women were shown, other than the reports and the ladies crying for the loss of either a loved one whom could be trapped under the rubble, or from the pure shock of the explosion; in total no more than 4 or 5 women, all depending on whom the reporter was and what channel you were watching.

"This is the forth explosion that has rattled the capital this month," said the lady on the screen. She was speaking calmly, collected, trying to get as much information across as possible, after all that is what she is being paid for, to inform the public, the viewers, the customers, of the occurrences in the country. "Fucking plastic."

Getting tired of watching depressing news, Nida got up from the couch she had been sitting on and turned off the TV. Walking to her kitchen she grabbed a cold bottle of water from the fridge. The heat was killing her; who could have known that not only would she have to suffer from mass chaos, but also uncontrollable humidity; high degrees of humidity was one thing, but global warming was definitely making her life a hell on earth. Feeling like a turkey baking in the oven she pulled her long curled hair up into a messy bun. To deny humans of electricity should be a crime, especially in a killer heat wave. But the heat was the least of her problems. Living with four other people was her biggest problem. One thing was living with a big family, everyone living separate lives individual identities and trying to just very simply stay out of everyone's hair. Then there was this, her eternal living nightmare. Her one and only regret. Choosing to live with four girls, none of them related, and all of them psychotic. In any other situation, this would be normal, but when those other four people have a superiority complex mixed with mass anxiety (which can only be blamed to their lack of male attention…well more along the lines of plain simple sexual frustration), the normal levels of stressed caused by these four people is multiplied, expanded and magnified to a degree immeasurable by human means.

Nida looked out the kitchen window and down to the city bellow, enjoying the view of the city basked in the glow of the red sunset. She liked this view and she was going to miss it; who wouldn't. It was one of the most breathtaking views in the whole world and for the past two years that she had been living in this one house, and despite it all she had never loved it as much as she did now. Living with four other people was making her lose her mind and seeing as she was the only one that couldn't take it she was the one that was designated to move to another house, in another part of town, that would never be the same as this one place no matter what. It was a matter of survival. Leave or die. Be the bigger person and walk away, or stay and end up being attacked at midnight with a hair-straightner and a blow torch, only the gods knew what those crazy girls would do.

Two months that was all. Two more months of having to stand the screaming, name calling, constant bitchiness and of course the countless number of males that would go calling to the door, thinking that they actually stood a chance against their high maintenance and crazy demands.

Her mobile phone rang. She looked at the caller id, and headed for the entrance door to the apartment before answering. There was one thing she knew about living with girls you always had to watch your back, everything you said could be used against you in the court of lipstick and blush.

"'Hello, sweetheart." She said in a sugar sweet voice, as she opened the door, stepped outside and closed it behind her; she started walking up the stairs to the roof, her place of solace, serenity, and comfort. The one place the airheads would never dare go to for fear that a bird might poop on their precious hair.

"Sweetheart, eh? 'ave you been watching the news again? You know that shit ain't any good for your head, sugar." Said the girl on the other end of the line. "Total crap that shit you watch, and if memory serves me right, the last time you watched the news you spent four days on the roof sans food!"

"And I ended up dropping a size!"

"Sure you did, the unhealthy way you twit! You could 'ave died up there! AND if that wasn't enough I would've 'ad no one to spend the rest of my summer with." Nida smiled, now she remembered why she had decided that leaving the best apartment in the world was worth so much more than staying in an apartment where you feared for your life. Shane was only happy about the summer because that was when they would turn into flat mates.

"Ha ha. Whatever. Anyways Shane I need to go I have the strongest feeling that the airheads are burning my clothes. Toodles." Turning around and staring into the horizon she smelt it. The smell of smoke. And by smoke she didn't mean cigarette smoke, but actual smoke. Fearing that what she thought was happening was indeed the real thing, and not just a worst case scenario, Nida ran down the stairs back to the apartment. And just as she had suspected her clothes were on fire. But much to her surprise it was not just her clothes but the whole right wall of their small apartment. Sensing that this was going to be one of those girls squealing, crying, screaming 'we're all going to die,' moments Nida started to prepare the orderly exit that was needed. Using a pack of eye shadow as a guidance tool she carefully directed the panicking four girls to exit the apartment and then the building safely. Once safely outside and no longer in immediate danger, from themselves or each other, she called the fire department and relaxed. Looking up at the burning building Nida felt sad at such a beautiful building being destroyed by the ravenous appetite of the fire. Staring at the tongues of flame that licked and the side of the building as if beckoning her to join it in its dance of flame Nida lost track of time.

Shaken out of her day dream by the sound of the fire engine Nida felt the oddest desire to laugh at the sadistically comical situation. All along she had been worrying of how she was the one that was being kicked out of the apartment and hating the other four girls for being the majority and as default the ones that had opted to stay in the apartment. And now a couple of months from the big change, they were the ones out on the street with nowhere to go and nowhere to stay; and she even though she will in the end have lost all of her things to the fire was the one that had a place to stay, a place to go and a place to call home.

Letting herself a small smile and a short laugh, it wouldn't do to look like the crazy person out on the street in front of a burning building, especially when she was the one that was being kicked out, could make her look very guilty. The last thing that you want to do in situations like these is to look like you are guilty of arson.

Several hours later once the fire department had managed to put out the fire, the chief approached the lucky tenant survivors.

"Sorry folks but you will definitely not be able to go back into this building. The fire managed to eat almost everything in its path. The origin of the fire was on the fifth floor, one of the tenants there forgot that the first rule about candles is to always have a watchful eye them. Unfortunately four candles were left unattended next to an open and overturned bottle of nail polish remover. It finally being clear that it was her flat mates' fault that they burned down the building Nida took out her mobile phone to call Shane and ask her if they could move in some time sooner due to recent circumstances outside of her line of control.

The mobile only managed to answer to ring once when Shane had already picked up. "Nida babe, I was just 'bout to call you. I've some really shit news. They were demolishin' the buildin' beside ours, and well, you know the deal. Things weren't done properly. And well our buildin' suffered collateral damage, and we can't move in..."