Joanne McFarlane was celebrating with her friend Symon at a local bar.

"Well congratulations Symon on finally getting a full time job" hands him a drink "you will do well my young apprentice"

He laughs at her mock "well thank you for finally getting around to making me full time my master " he slightly bows "now I can afford to eat"

"Hey I said once my business was strong you would be made full time."

"Thanks Jo"

They drank and chatted on and off with other people in the bar

Jo finally caught up with Symon with another drink "and this is for your up and coming 30th birthday"

"ahhhhh don't remind me, don't remind me" he laughs

"so what have you got planned, or should I say what has your Mum got planned"

He smirks "well knowing Mum the usual family gig, but me I've got something specially planned"

Jo shrugged "Oh yeh what is it this time."

"I'm going to tell you and I know you are going to laugh but." He pauses

Jo shrugs "what"

"I've hired myself a prostitute for the night and not just any… a high class" he didn't get to finish before Jo was already wetting herself and banging the table laughing and gasping for breath

"Oh Symon you have done some outrageous things but a hooker, why…. and what is the difference they all open their legs. Oh my god I'm going to pass out from laughing"

Symon drained his drink "maybe you should change your incontinent pad first" he said a lot louder

"shhhhhhhh, cmon I'm only a few years older thank you" Jo blushes at the sudden quietness of the bar "why do you need a hooker, you can't be that hard up Symon"

"It's not about that, this is different, she is high class, more refined than the average."


"Yes this one interviewed me, we met and she called me back with the address. She comes well recommended"

Jo trying to remained in control "recommended"

"She isn't cheap either, so you giving me this position just came in at the right time."

"How much"

"That I am not telling you, just know I've been saving up all my life for her."

"She got a name"

"yeh Jez LeRue and she is really, really hot, sexy I mean"

"Easy there, don't want you blowing your load over me" she says loudly

Symon blushes "I don't know why I put up with you"

"hmmmm well my apprentice, I am your boss, your best friend, your god damn piggy bank oh and we're family.... cousin." She kisses his cheek

"hmmm yeh well I guess"

Jo checks her watch reading 10.30pm "well I've got the early start so I'll see you in the afternoon"

Jo went to leave but turned back "oh there is a client change. You have Sally on your list for tomorrow afternoon."

"Oh what, noooo she pinches my arse till it's blue" he whines

"and Jane is doing the morning session instead of the afternoon"

"no way, … I get sexual harassment chick and you get good-looking brunette in the tights. So unfair my master"

Jo winks "she's not your type anyway apprentice, see ya"

Jo walks down the street a little trying to hail down a taxi. She hears cries and screams from a nearby alley and sounds of breaking glass. She walks towards the sound and peers into dark alley. In the broken darkness a guy could be heard growling and hitting someone.

The woman screamed at him to stop

"you fucking bitch, I'm going to give you something to scream about" growled the man

Jo in an instant ran down yelling "hey leave her alone"

Surprised by the voice the guy looked up and felt something hit him across the face. Jo took him by surprised and as he got to his feet she punched him again and dragged him away.

Jo could hear the woman crying but remained focused on the threat near her "you better get" growled Jo to the menace on the ground

The guy drunkenly got to his feet and staggered. Jo raised her fist again threatening "next time I hit you, you aint getting up buddy. You've had your fun, piss off."

The guy left the alley and Jo turned her attention back to the woman sitting on the ground. Jo squats down to look.

"He's gone, are you ok?"

"I think"

Jo helped her up and got a better look at her. Her dress was ripped down the front and her face bloody and swollen

"fuuck what a creep" Jo growls.

Jo takes off her jacket and puts it around the woman. She then removed her shirt, leaving her in just a t'shirt and held it to the woman's nose.

"c'mon I'll get you to a hospital"

The woman tried to object but Jo ignored it and she found them a taxi

Jo holding the woman in support walked up to the nurse at triage asking for assistance

"ok, you need to fill out this form and a doctor will see you shortly"

Jo sat down with the clip folder and pen. In better lightening Jo got a semi-obstructed view of the bloodied woman. She pulled the bunched up shirt away from her nose and grimaced

"Ouch, that must hurt"

The woman looked at her

Jo screwed her nose up "that was a stupid statement, I'm sorry. I need to fill this out, so name, age and address

The woman stuttered "ummm I'm Cate with a C, Dodd, I'm 32."

Jo wrote everything down "ok they want to know how you sustained it"

Cate put the shirt up as her nose started to bleed again

Jo wrote "a drunken bastard bashed her in a dark alley"

Cate giggled "oh they are going to love that"

The doctor eventually saw Cate and checks her out "hmmmm your girl friend hasn't got a broken nose or cheekbone, just a bloody nose. I suggest rest and no nose blowing for a few days."

"We're not" both chorused at the same time

"We are not together, and I don't even know your name" spoke Cate

"It's Joanne, call me Jo"

"She fought off a drunken bastard in the alley for me. A good Samarian"

"We should talk to the police" Jo said

"NO…. please I've had enough excitement for one night.

They shared a taxi to Cate's apartment. Jo looked all the way up the 9 or so storey, luxurious building. "oh my god, you live up there."

"yeh, top floor, almost"

"Heck, some view."

"Thanks again Jo, and I will replace the shirt."

"na, I'm just glad you are ok."

"Jo I am going to replace the shirt, now how can I find you" she said in a firm tone

Jo felt slightly intimated by her tone, reached into her wallet and pulled out card "I'm a personal trainer at this gym. You can get me there most days."

"Where do you live?"

Jo was reluctant to give her address

Cate sighed at her hesitance "ok are you this side of town or far side"

"Oh far side"

Cate reaches into her purse and pulls out $100.00 giving it to the taxi "please take her to where she needs to go"

"whoa, hey" Jo tries to object but Cate only smiles, shuts the door and waves at her as the taxi pulls away.


Two weeks later a well dressed woman walked up to the counter of the gym.

"I'd like to see Joanne McFarlane"

The reception looks up momentarily, then at her computer "ummm she is with a class and that will finish in a few moments. Were you looking at joining one of her classes?"

Cate smiled watching all the men and women with sweaty bodies walk by "eeer no, not my thing. I'll just wait here."

Jo dismissed her class and went to reception with a few people. "Hope you enjoyed yourselves and see you next week. If you can't make it, just make another time with our lovely receptionist Paula."

Jo grabs a towel and water bottle when a woman steps into her path "Jo…. McFarlane"

Jo stopped looking at the overly dress woman "umm yeh, that's me. Is there something I can help you with?

Cate turned her head to the side "ohhh you don't remember me"

Jo nervous she may have forgotten a client "are you in one of my classes?"

"No, I've come to return your shirt, well replace actually. The one you left with me the other night" she said suggestively

The receptionist giggled and Jo looked at her in surprise "Ohhhh Cate with a C"


"Ummm come to my office, through there." Jo looks at the girl behind the counter and pointed "It's not what you are thinking"

Paula smirks "sure Jo" winks

Cate disappears into the office and Jo follows. Cate looked her over from top to bottom. Jo was dressed in an Adidas top and shorts. She was well defined and to Cate, deliciously fit.

"I'm sorry, I meet so many people Cate."

Cate opens up the bag and pulls out a white shirt handing it over

Jo takes it and smiled. It was white with black stitching in some areas.

"I guess you might have been a 14, and I know it's not all white but I think this will suit you."

Jo was speechless at the expensive designer label "Cate I'm very appreciative, but my shirt…. well it was only cheap and this is…."

"This is a replacement and a thank you. Now you say the same"

Jo face broke into a big smile then a laugh "thank you Cate."

Cate looked around the office while Jo perched herself on the edge of her desk "so this is your business, running a gym" spoke Cate

"No… I'm a personal trainer that works within this gym. I pay the gym for the use, that's my business."

Cate's eyes still wander around Jo's office, occassionaly drifting back to her. "Getting people fit and sweaty" screwing her nose up

Jo drank from her bottle "well it's a little more than that. It's helping people reach their goal. Sure if they want to lose weight, or maybe they just want to tone up a little"

"ahhh bored people wanting their ego's stroked"

Jo made no comment

"I'm sorry that was rude, so you basically push them"

"Hmmm…. Encourage"

"yell at them"

Jo laughed "sometimes, but I call it motivation"

Cate faced Jo and smirked "you have an answer for everything"

"look I have another class in a few moments so I'm glad you are better, the bruises have all but gone."

Cate still wanted to play "would you say I need some ego stroking?"

Jo laughed "everybody needs their ego stroked once an a while, I doubt you are no different Cate"

"Well what would you recommend to make my body better" she opens her arms

Jo picks up her folder and holds it to her chest "are you asking for an assessment?"

"Do you think I need one?" Cate knowing that her body was well shaped and considers herself fit

Jo smiles "I need to get to my class" Jo heads to the door

"I didn't get my answer" Cate waited

"yes…. You could. Good day Cate"

Cate began to leave the gym looking at her body in the mirror. She was proud of her curvy figure, she still fitted into tight size 12 dresses and revealing lingerie. "hmmmm cheeky bitch" laughs Cate

As Cate got to the door she watched Jo talking to her class as they worked out. She walks to the receptionist "Can I have a membership form, for Jo's classes."

"Sure, I can arrange you to have you evaluated"

Cate laughs "I think I just had one"