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"Hi!" I plastered on a fake smile as we walked towards them.

"Hey guys," my aunt and uncle welcomed us. They didn't quite hug us but more like escorted us our luggage. While we were waiting we made small talk about the family and what was going on in our lives.

"Is that a nose ring?" My uncle scorned.

"Already?" I thought, getting uncomfortable. my mom had let me get it as my birthday gift because she wouldn't let me get my tongue pierced even though I ended up getting that pierced when I was with my dad the year before but I didn't tell my mom about it. But it seemed like this family had different morals then mine and didn't accept piercings. (Of which I had like 18, mostly on my ears)

"No dad it's a diamond booger," Aidan commented in sluggish tone, waking me out of thought. I smiled inside, that's the first thing he's said this entire time. I looked at Aidan making brief eye contact before I turned to my uncle.

"What you don't like it?" I joked nervously, hoping it would lighten the mood. My uncle rolled his eyes.

"That's not what I meant" he said sternly. I looked at Aidan who had gone back to playing on his PSP.

We dropped the subject and continued our pleasantries until we got to the house. Well actually like mansion. It was huge just like all the houses around it. I guess it must be a southern thing.

"You guys must be tired" my uncle more stated the asked.

"Yea, sorta" my brother and I responded. After all we are three hours ahead and it's almost 10pm here.

"well let us show you around really quick and you can get to bed" he said pulling into the driveway, where a yellow Mustang and white Lexus were parked on the side leaving room for the Escalade we were all driving in to pull into the two car garage which already had a black Jaguar in it.

"Geese" Greg leaned over and whispered to me. I gave him an "I-know-right?" look. The cars were only the beginning. Coming through the garage there was the laundry room on the right and kitchen to the left. we went straight which lead to the main entry way and followed it into the dinning room which lead to the kitchen on the left and the living room on the right which was equipped with a 82 inch plasma flat screen. The kitchen leads to an indoor porch which leads to the backyard which had a deck with a very expensive looking stereo surround sound. Down the steps was a huge pool with a built in waterfall that changed colors, a trampoline, pond and built in BBQ.

"Wow" I thought. This was insane, how is it that they had all of this and we were still living with our grandmother? We weren't poor but we didn't have all of this. We made our way back to the main hall which took us up the stairs. Getting to the top which made an L, we took a right and went to the end of the hall.

"This is the guest room" my uncle announced. It was a nice sized room with a king sized bed, dresser, closet and nightstand. "Jasmine, you and Greg can share or Greg I know that you and Aidan like to play video games and since he has a T.V. he said that you could stay in his room on the air mattress"

"Aiden's' room is cool with me" Greg shrugged and looked at Aidan. That meant I would have my own room, but then why am I jealous of Greg. I shook off the thought putting my bags on the bed and then continued with the tour. Right next to my room was my aunt and uncles room which was huge along with it's own bathroom. Then we were back at the stairs but from our direction the hall made a T. Lindsey's room was on the left with a Paris inspired theme, straight ahead was the bathroom that we were all sharing, to the left next to the bathroom was Aidan's room which was the smallest room so far but made up in all the technology he had (computer, T.V., Xbox 360, and Wii) he also had some pictures of girls in bikinis, typical guy. Last on the tour were Aubrey's room which looked like the inside of Limited too, all pink and purple accompanied by High School Musical EVERYTHING!

"Alright now you all should get to bed, there's food in the kitchen but I have work tomorrow so I'm going to get some sleep."

"Ok night" we all said and I headed off to my room.

"Greg you should call mom, I have to call Anthony" I said from my door.

"k" he shrugged. I was halfway done shutting the door when I heard Aidan ask,

"Who's Anthony?"

"her boyfriend" I turned my head to find that Aidan was looking at me quizzically, while Greg walked ahead of him into the room. We just stood there looking at each other and I felt my cheeks blush.

"night" I said quickly and shut the door. I toppled on to my bed, "what is wrong with me?" I said to myself.

***Aidan's POV***

It was dark, I was carrying a flashlight.

"Where are we?" Jasmine asked.

"The attic" I smiled. "It's supposed to be haunted" I rolled my eyes sarcastically. But I could tell she was still scared because she kept to my side.

"This place is huge she whispered, "it's more like a third floor." We had been walking down a ridiculously large hall that didn't seem to end. I watched as she kept getting closer to me, what sounded like a box falling startled both of us; she jumped onto my arm and buried her head into me. "What was that?" she said in a high pitched whisper to my chest.

"This feels good" I thought. "Oh just a reason for me to have you in my arms" I said wrapping my arms around he smiling.

"Gosh Aidan! Let go of me!" she said annoyed struggling in my arms.

"O Jazzy, I'll never let you go" I smiled. She struggled to get free but in her frustration she finally gave up.

"Fine" she said. "But I can't get much done like this" she teased

"Get what done?" I was now confused.

"Well I can't really tell you..." I felt her face get closer to mine and the hand that was earlier on my arm was now making its way down to the front of my pants. "You see I need to used my hands" she smiled into my mouth. I eased my grip and she took her other hand to help her unzip my pants and then traced the outside of my boxers causing a bulge to grow beneath them. She then stuck her hand inside the seem of my boxers. The touch at first sent a shock through my system which quickly became a feeling of pleasure. My hands slowly crept down her back making her shiver. I grabbed her, turning her towards the wall I started to tease the bottom of her jean skirt.

"I want you" she moaned.

"are you sure?" but she cut me off with taking my hand and putting it up her skirt. I quickly reacted by trailing my kisses down her neck, she made a small whimper in my ear turning me on even more.

"Please Aidan I NEED you" with that the intensity rose and I thrusted myself inside of her.

"I love you!" I moaned

I sat up in a sweat, panting. "Shit!" I thought as I looked down at my blanket to find it sticking up. "what the hell was that?"

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