A/N- This was based extremely loosely by the movie "Doubt" which I just returned from. Hope you like my interpretation.

You've given me most everything

You've given me your heart

You've given me your trust

You've given me your certainty

You'd give me your soul if you could

You told me so

I believe that by the way you look at me

Talk to me

Treat me like a queen

But why?

Why trust me so completely

Why assume I have nothing to hide from you

And why would you suspect me to return the act?

I don't know if I can trust you

You don't have my absolute certainty


You haven't captured my heart

Though God knows you try

I don't understand your motives

Perhaps that's because I've never let anyone in

I never let anyone see

The side of me you have come to know

I haven't ever let them see the weaker me

The part of me that has her doubts

The part of me that screams for someone

To understand how I feel

Everyone sees the firm

Resolute side

But you dug deeper

And that scares me

You found enough of me

To trust in

But I don't see how

Because I can't see the good that you do

I don't know if I ever will

Maybe there is none

And you're simply very mislead

But as I look in your eyes

I have my doubts about my own doubts

In myself