A/N: I was thinking about how everyone seems to forget their New Year's Resolution eventually, and I decided to write a little fictional story about it. This mostly came out of boredom, and I'm not sure if I really like it too much, so it would be very helpful if you could give me your opinion in a review. :) Thanks and enjoy!


You pass me the note

Just like everyday

"I hate you"

And easily the ink pours from my pen

Like poison pours from your mouth

"I hate you too"


December 29

We are curled up on your couch

Hand in hand

But I have a cold

I sniffle again

For the twentieth time or so

And you offer me some medicine

I decline, smiling

Because you told me once

In November

That you though I was cute

Even when sick

And I like to put you to the test



December 30

You tell me you

Don't see a future for us

That we aren't going anywhere

And that I'm too controlling

I frown and take your hand

I tell you that you are simply confused

And I kiss you

Because I can always control you

With your ecstasy


December 31

It's quiet in your house

As we both sit on your bed

No one has spoken in about 10 minutes

Since you said

"I don't love you anymore"

So as the tears streak down my face

I smile and confess

About the boys who weren't you

About the kisses that weren't yours

About the time I spent without you

And even though I still love you

I delight with the tears that

Begin to well in your hateful eyes

I shrug and say a nonchalant apology

But you scream and slap me across the face

But when my head lashes to the side I see the clock

12:00 a.m.

I tell you that my New Years Resolution

Is to make our relationship work


You pass me the note

Just like everyday

"I hate you"

And like always

I remember the resolution I forgot

Just like all the others