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September 27, 2008

A completely ungodly hour: 6:51 AM

Dear Harry,

Why am I up so early, you may wonder? Oh, I'll tell you. I'll tell you. MORGAN is the reason. Or rather, Morgan's cell phone is the reason. Imagine this:

Me: -Dreaming about what it would be like to meet Gerard Way- Yo, Gerard! I love My Chemical Romance and I think this is the greatest moment of my very short life!

Dream Gerard: Hey, Alexa! I find you equally as awesome. Let's go out for coffee.

Me: Sure thing!

-Dream Gerard and I are happily skipping off to Starbucks when Morgan's phone rings-

-Morgan wakes up, falls off my bed, which he was sleeping on, while I was sleeping on my couch. The following thump and loud string of profanities that ensues wakes me up, putting me in a pissed off state, seeing as Gee and I were about to go out for coffee-

Morgan: -Censored- -censored- -censored- and –censored- GOD –censored- -censored- -censored- HELL –censored- FOR THE LOVE OF –censored- GOD!

Me: Shush. I'm trying to fall back asleep.

Morgan: -Groans in return-

Me: SHUSH. –Tries to conjure up Dream Gerard again-

Morgan: Oh man, my back…

Me: Forget about your back. My getting back to sleep is much more important.

Morgan: How would YOU like it if you fell on a stack of books and CDs and thus broke your back?

Me: -Eyes snap open and a bit of me dies inside- -Looks over to where Morgan is- OH MY FECK.

He fell on my Flyleaf and the Smiths CDs and I pointed that out to him too and he was like, "Yeah, well, sucks. I mean, people aren't all that into buying CDs anymore anyways."

And I was like, "But I am! I play them on my stereo! You're being a very inconsiderate bastard right now." Then Morgan kind of just blinked at me, shrugged and picked up his phone to check it.

I then swore that I would then ship Morgan to Australia in a manila envelope with only a days worth of water and no food. But if that wasn't a great enough way to start off my morning (and hell, I hadn't even had coffee yet), guess who was calling him? No, not Charlotte, who had sort of given up on him. Not Hollis, Sophia or the other nameless bimbos who I despised with a burning passion. Take a guess. Anything. Anyone. Though anything would be more appropriate. Can't guess? Alright. Lucy.YES, just when I thought she was gone for good, when does she decide to intrude and be all Lucy-like but at 6:00 in the morning on a SATURDAY. This is sort of how it went.

Morgan: Hey! Hold on, I'll put you on speaker phone. I'm too lazy/ tired to hold my arm up right now, hahaha. (I mumbled under my breath, "Seriously?")

And then he put her on speaker phone. As if I needed to hear her voice this early in the morning. People say the first things you hear in the morning depict your mood for the rest of the day, right? So if Lucy's voice was one of the first things I heard…well, damn you can imagine what my mood will be like.

Lucy: Hey, babe!

Morgan: Hey (he drew out the "y" a lot. Ugh). What's up? And why you calling me so early?

Lucy: Ohmygosh, the funniest thing happened to me (meaning: something really stupid happened and it mainly revolved around her saying something extremely "witty" and others laughing in turn) yesterday and I just remembered to tell you! I was so like, "Ohmygosh, Morgan would laugh so hard at this!"

Then I mimed whacking my head against the arm of my chair and then I actually did it.

Morgan: Alexa, stop, I can't hear Lucy. What'd you say, Lee?

Me: -Mumbles under breath in disbelief- Lee? How do you get "Lee" from "Lucy"?

Lucy: Ohmygosh, tell Alexa to be quiet! You need to hear this, okay?

Morgan: Hey Alexa, Lucy says-

Me: I HEARD. I HEARD…WHAT LUCY…SAID. –Grits teeth and opens a book violently to distract self-

Morgan: ...Kay…anyways, Lee, what'd you say before?

Lucy: Ohmygosh, I like totally forget.

Morgan: Awwww. –Acts like her forgetting is the most disappointing thing in the world-

Lucy: Oh! I remember! I totally said to my friend Cara, "Ohmygosh, you know what would be really cool?" and she was like, "No, what?" and I was like-

Morgan: Wait, the Cara I know or your camp friend Cara?

Lucy: The Cara you know. You know, Cara B.?

Morgan: Oh, right, Cee B. Hahaha.

Lucy: Haha, yeah! And so I was totally like, "It'd be so cool if there were these windows that went down like, the floor that you could like, still open and stuff!" and Cara was totally all like, "Lee, those are like…doors."

Then Morgan had a huge laughing fit that was A. unnecessary B. inconsiderate as hell C. stupid because with stories like that, you shouldn't even give a damn, they suck so badly and D. really annoying because hello? I haven't had coffee yet and he's annoying. There. I said it. I said he's annoying and therefore it's official.

That's when I growled under my breath, Morgan and Lucy's laughter drowning that out, and stiffly and gently put down my book on the table next to my chair. Flashback time!

-Flashback music-

I got up from the couch without breaking my glare at Morgan who was completely oblivious to my glare in the first place.

"I'm off to go get coffee. I don't suppose you'd want like, a giraffe in a black tutu with neon green polka dots, would you?" I asked, to see if he was listening. Naturally, he wasn't.

"Yeah, ahaha, yeah, yeah, that sounds good. No pulp, though."

"Because I totally just offered you orange juice." I muttered under my breath and stalked out of my room. Then I realized the wrongness of that, Morgan and Lucy (who wasn't even in there in the first place) driving me out of my own room. What next, my own house? Jeez. Whatever. Coffee called.

"And afteraaaaaaall," I sang, trying to imitate Oasis' Liam Gallagher's nasally voice. "You're my wonderwa-a-aaaall…" then I skipped to a different part of the song as I twirled out of my living room and into the dining room, "'cuz maaaybe…you're gunna be the one that saaaaves me…and afteraaaaaall, you're my wonderwa-a-aaaall…DRUM SOLO." Then I started spinning through dining room while drumming on different surfaces, making noises that SO don't go with a song like "Wonderwall". From there, I danced my way into the kitchen.

"Good morning. Having fun with that song?" Aunt Jasmine said cheerily. I responded by hacking dramatically.

"Yeah, I butchered it. Good Lord, woman! You call that cooking?"

Aunt Jasmine turned around and raised her eyebrows. I inched closer to the refrigerator door to get the coffee and said in a high-pitched voice, "And it smells lovely too! What're you making?"

She rolled her eyes good-naturedly and said, "Eggs." Then she poked whatever was in the pan with a spatula.

"Oh, that's it." I said in a tone that hinted doubt. "I thought it was dead fish or something." I muttered under my breath, rifling in the fridge for coffee.

"Is there anything you and Morgan are going to be doing today?" Aunt Jasmine asked lightly. I heard an insane chopping noise from behind me and was about to open my mouth to ask what it was when I decided some things are better left unanswered. Then I remembered she asked me a question.

"Dunno. He's being a complete di-"

"I'm sorry?" she asked, cutting me off pointedly. I clicked my tongue and used a different word.

"He's being a complete moron. I like him less and less as the year progresses and it's only the end of September. We should kick him out of the house while he's still here so we can make it clear that I dislike him strongly right now." This of course wasn't true, seeing as I'm really infatuated with him.

The chopping noise stopped.

"Oh?" she asked.


Before I go on, I want to describe Aunt Jasmine for you seeing as you probably have no idea what she looks like. I and she are nearly exactly alike. We both have gray eyes, black hair (though mine is super straight and brushes my shoulder blades and hers is wavy and waist length, and hers is getting a little grayer than mine) and we're both sort of pale. All in all, we look a lot alike, though she's taller than me. I'm, well, 5 feet, three inches. And I'm only going to grow another inch or so, whereas Aunt Jasmine's at least 5 feet, six inches inches. Meh. She's also quite blessed in the curves department. I'd prefer being curvier around the chest than around my hips.



"Yes. He's being conceited, stupid, conceited, and really annoying."

Aunt Jasmine stopped whatever she was doing and turned to look at me.

"How so?"

Then I regretted bringing it up. It's not that I don't have a good relationship with my aunt, but I'm not one for complaining to a family member about unrequited love or hating "friends" or stuff. I burden Emma with those things.

"Did our coffee, like, die?" I asked, pulling an apple out of the fridge instead.

"I'm in the process of making more. How so?" she pressed.

I sighed. "He's just so damn stuck-up. He doesn't care at all about anyone else's feelings but his, and when he does, the moments are fleeting. And he only really pays attention to other girls and a few guys just like him. He's like, nearly forgotten about me, Emma and Avery. And he spends all his time with this 9th grader, Lucy. Plus, there're loads of girls trailing him every waking hour. I mean, come on. It's gross."

"So you actually like him." she said, barely suppressing a smile and folding her arms across her chest.

"No! No, no, no, no, no! No! Ew! Morgan? Me? Me like Morgan? WHAT ARE YOU? NUTS? HOW'D YOU COME TO THAT CONCLUSION?"

Aunt Jasmine snickered, just like me, come to think of it. Creepy. "Defensive. Fine. You like him because otherwise, the girls trailing him wouldn't bother you so badly."

"I dislike morons."

She smiled. "Or potential love interests for Morgan."

"OhmyGod." I practically yelled. "no. Okay, I'm perfectly DANDY with the girls trailing him. They can FLASH him for all I care. I don't care. I'm going upstairs. Good DAY."

Then I quickly exited the kitchen (though I planned to come back later for coffee) and ran back up to my room.

Morgan looked up from his laptop.

"Where's your coffee?"

"There wasn't any."

He looked confused. "Wait, you're telling me there's no coffee?"

I nodded, giving him a suspicious look. "Yeah. I just said that."

"But it's your house." He stressed, pushing aside the laptop.

"Dude, I'm just as confused as you are."

I shrugged and pushed him over on the bed and sat down. Hell. This was bad. I couldn't stay mad at him. The problem is, he's just so damn cute. Maybe I could push him under a dump truck or something.

"So, is your aunt making more or what?"

"Why're we talking about coffee?"

"Because I brought it up and so we should talk about it."

I groaned loudly and fell back next him.

"You know you're seriously conceited, right?"

He frowned.

"I'm conceited."

"Horribly so, dear."

He frowned even deeper. "How am I conceited? I bet you wouldn't say the same thing to Danny."

I glared at him and sat up. He sat up too. "Because he's not conceited. You, however, are. And it's annoying."

"Look, I'm trying to be nice to you. I even hung up on Lucy because you seemed angry when you left the room before."

(He noticed? He noticed! Whoa.)

"What a sacrifice. It must have been so hard." I drawled, really laying on the sarcasm. Probably a bad idea. Maybe the fact that I was up so early was getting to me. Hmm.

Morgan rolled his eyes and slid off the bed. "I'm going downstairs for food."

"Why don't you just invite Lucy or Hollis or Sophia or something? I'm sure they'd love to join you." I said all snarky like. Morgan just raised his eyebrows in turn.

"Alexa, you're being ridiculous."

"Whatever." I growled and flopped back down on the bed, pointedly ignoring him till he left to go downstairs.

-End flashback-

Okay, that was mostly my fault. But allow me to quote him, "because I brought it up and therefore we should talk about it." Come on, seriously.

What really sucks is that every time we try to talk it ends up being a fight. In case you haven't noticed, I hate that. I seriously hate that. I wish we could just get along really well for more than five hours, like old times. Like the beginning of the school year even. I looked back at my first entry a couple days ago, and I read it through. I saw the bit where Morgan was all like, "We made mud-pies together! Remember?" and I was all like, "Oh, God, ew." I want that again. Plus, it's so damn tense between us.

I wish I didn't have to deal with all this. Of course, wishing for something like that won't do anything. I mean, I can't completely control my future actions and therefore, I can't exactly know what will happen between Morgan and me. Sure, I guess I can anticipate my actions and control them somewhat. But wishing for something like that is completely impossible, because I'm always going to need to deal with these things. Frankly, I'm not too thrilled about that. But then again, who would be?

Oh, sigh. Whatever. Maybe I'll just stick to other stuff for a little while and quit thinking about my slightly screwy (pretty much non-existent) love life.

Let's see…music, books, friends, and movies? And coffee. Of course, coffee. Those I can do. So, looking back, it seems I adored pop-punk bands. Gag me. And I think I'm goth. Pffft. Nah, I don't really think I'm goth. I just reject all the "SQUEE!1111!! SHOPPING IS MY FAV SPORT!!11! ORLANDO BLOOM IS HUNKALICIOUS!shift1!!1" creeps and what not. But I think it's pretty obvious as to why I do. Those kinds of people (see above) annoy the hell outta me, which is why I'm 'goth' or just charmingly pessimistic, as I like to put it. So I've decided to go for some less hyped up bands. The Hush Sound is hyped up enough, but they're fantastic. Between the Trees is good, Rilo Kiley, Rufus Wainwright… And I still love Muse, Panic! At the Disco, and all them. But I'm getting into music from different decades too, like The Smiths, Hole, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Porcupine Tree, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Third Eye Blind.

That's only to begin. There's more. Maybe I'll be able to get Emma into some of them, seeing as she likes classical music and she needs to expand her tastes.

Books, right? So Twilight pisses me off. If you think I'm going to be like all the other 14 year old girls (and some dudes), then noooo way. Twilight scares the hell outta me, man. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger or Looking for Alaska by John Green…yes please. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk, and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Those are good books. I like those books (and more, of course. I practically have a library in my room). But definitely not the Twilight "saga". Edward Cullen is a psychotic stalker. Bella is a boring, dependent idiot with no personality whatsoever and an annoying tendency to cling to whatever living, breathing male walks by. And then sometimes, not so living and breathing.

Anyways, Avery, Emma and I were thinking about going to Plaster Fun Time (what's not to love about Plaster Fun Time? You go to a store, pick a mini plaster statue, paint it, and bring it home) today. We'll have to ask Morgan if he wants to come, because first of course, we have to see if he'd rather spend the day getting drooled over by testosterone-obsessed females. Ew. Then again, even if he DOES come, he'll probably just sleep the whole entire time. Though that might be to my advantage; I could paint a mustache on him and he wouldn't notice…-evil plans- -evil plans-

I mean, he has been complaining about all the other guys who are equally obsessed with girls (in other words, his new best friends, his "posse" as he likes to call them) have started growing some facial hair and he hasn't. Alright, so he looks a bit scruffy on the chin and under, but hell, I'm not telling him that. I'm just waiting to see if he'll grow a full-blown beard without noticing. With his mental capacity, he probably wouldn't notice till he looked like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. That…would be amazing. I'd find it kind of awesome. Dunno about you, but I'd find it awesome.

Anyways, Aunt Jasmine should have finished making the coffee by now. I'm going to get some and avoid Morgan since he's still down there.

So, Morgan ate roughly his weight multiplied by three, and then some. We're going to need more food. As for moi, I had more coffee and non-whole wheat cheerios. I skipped out on putting milk in the cereal; I just put some in my coffee, even though that's against my beliefs about coffee. Well, Aunt Jasmine insisted I have something relatively healthy, which I did. I had blackberries and a few non-icky looking strawberries! Those are healthy, right? Oi, nag, nag, nag.

So, basically, we're out of frozen, prepackaged breakfast food; Morgan had at least three waffles, four vegetarian sausages, a handful of blueberries, one glass of milk, one glass of orange juice and we found some sugary cereal crap in the back of cupboard. I don't know if it did, but it might've expired. I don't know how he does it, but he's basically bone and muscle and nearly no fat; you'd think that the way he constantly packs on food like it's going out of style the next day, he wouldn't be able to lift himself out of bed. But no. Wish I could do that. I need to constantly exercise. Gah.

So, now that we're done eating, it's time to get dressed and I already called the bathroom. Hah. I will drag him by his ears, so help me God if I have to. He's going to paint mini plaster sculptures whether he likes it or not.

I'm stuck here in the bathroom until Morgan decides what he's wearing. Honestly. I never thought he put so much decision into his clothes. I thought he just pre-organized everything and made sure that everything was guaranteed to get multiple girls crawling all over him, um…ew. Though it might be his Axe. I don't know why, but it IS attractive. –Shiver- What's wrong with me?

Anyways, you're probably wondering how I got my diary, since I'm still in the bathroom. I had finished doing my hair (just an actual messy bun. I didn't take time to make it fashionably messy) and getting dressed (it's a simple outfit; white V-neck, black skinnies, and red skate shoes. I don't skate. But I sure do love me my skate shoes.) So, I was opening the door when it slammed shut in my face. My first reaction was, "HOLY COW. My door! It lives!" and then Morgan was all like from the other side, "Don't come out! I'm not dressed yet!" and I was really disappointed because this meant my door WASN'T alive. Then I got bored after 5 minutes of waiting for him to get dressed and I yelled for him to slip you under the door, so he did. Ta da. That's what happened. Pretty cool.

Anyways, I'm gunna open the door even if he's not ready yet. Shows him that it's stupid to take this long. It's been like…20 minutes.

Anyways, I'm prolly not gunna write in you until we get back from Plaster Fun time and lunch and everything. We were all thinking of going out for pizza someplace in town. So, I'll write later. Or maybe I'll just write during the car ride back home. Toodles.


4:45 PM

Lalala, writing on the way back home just like I said. Plaster Fun Time was super-amazing. I know where I'm having my birthday party next year.


We had to pick up Emma and Avery. Emma wanted to go in the first place. But Avery put up a fight. And here it is.

-Flashback music-

"Okay, here." I said to Aunt Jasmine when she pulled up to Avery's house. The car jerked and I made a little choking noise as the seat belt dug into my chest. Morgan, who was asleep, didn't wake up. He kept snoring. I rolled my eyes and turned to Emma, who was in the front seat next to Aunt Jasmine.

"You wanna go wake your boyfriend up?"

Emma looked up from her ipod and pulled her earphones out. Instantly, the "truck" (half dead hunk of metal) was filled with some stupid classical piece. "Hmm?"

I shook my head exasperatedly. No wonder she was nearly deaf. It was like there was a stereo right in the car, what with how high the volume was on her ipod.

"Ah, never mind, you're hopeless." I said, and reached under the seat for the air horn I always keep with me in case I have to wake either Morgan or Avery up. Yeah, they hate me for it. Yeah, I don't care.

"I'll just go wake him up my self," I said as I opened the "door" (nearly falling off half attached hunk of metal with a pane of glass stuck in the middle), tucked the air horn into my messenger back and walked up to the door. I rang the door bell and waited.

"Coming!" yelled an older male's voice from inside the house, and then the door opened, and hit the flower pot off the front stoop.

"Crap. I'll fix that later."

In the door way was an older version of Avery, except his hair was way shorter and he had hazel eyes instead and he was carrying a bowl of cereal, and Avery hates cereal. He gave me a funny look.

"I didn't know Av had a girlfriend." He said over a mouthful of food.

I shrugged. "He does. But she's in the car, deafening herself with crappy music."

He blinked. "I didn't know Av had friends."

I blinked. He blinked.

"Well, uh, come in then. Care for cereal?"

"Nope. I'm good."

I happily skipped inside and pulled out the air horn. He shook his head and grinned.

"Are you planning to scar him for life with that?"

I nodded solemnly. "In more ways than one."

The guy rubbed the back of his next awkwardly and mumbled, "Are all Avery's friends freaks like him?"

"Oh, yes." I answered cheerily and skipped upstairs to his room. "Which room?" I yelled down.

"Second on the left." He yelled back. Yeah, his door was kind of hard to miss. It said "Avery's Room. Enter and Die." on it in big, painted on black letters. Obviously Avery's room.

I cackled inwardly and tiptoed across the rug, feeling completely and in all truth, like a ninja. Opening the door, making sure I wasn't dead because of course, the door said, "Enter and Die", I set my bag down and grinned. Avery was on his stomach, spread eagle, and snoring.

"Quick," he mumbled, "the buttons…get in the muffin. The buttons…the buttons and Emma are…rubbing… us…graghleghle."

I slapped a hand to my mouth to stifle laughter. I waited for him to say something else but then he just rolled over and went back to sleep. In all honesty, he looked pretty content, just laying there, sleeping.

I pulled out my ear phones and put them in my ears before blowing the air horn. Immediately he woke up, yelled and fell off the bed. He looked around, disoriented, probably shivering because it was freezing out; he was wearing a black wife beater and black sweat pants. Even his sleepwear was all black. Good ol' Av.

Then he saw me grinning.

"Alexa?! Wha-wha-what?!"

I waved cheerily at him, quickly disposing of the air horn by throwing it over my shoulder and out the door.

"Hi, Avery!"

"Who the hell let you in the house?!"

I rolled my eyes and slapped the back of his head. "Kindness. It's never too early for kindness."

The same dude from before, now carrying another bowl of food in one hand, stopped by the door.

"I did. She seemed cool. And I thought it was time you got up."

Avery growled and shot up from his, "I just fell out of bed courtesy of my insane friend," position on the floor.

"Jared, I'll rip off your head! C'mere!" He said, lunging at the open door. Jared grinned and slammed Avery's door shut, which resulted in Avery lunging into the door. Avery fell down and curled up into a fetal position.

"Oh my God…"

You could hear Jared laughing happily over Avery's groaning. A door slammed somewhere down the hall.

"Bastard." Avery muttered, holding his shoulder and kicked a nearby chair. Then he doubled over in pain and fell on the floor.

"You've had a very painful morning so far, haven't you? Would you like me to get out?" I asked nicely.


"You have very good taste when it comes to decorating." I declared instead, looking around the room.

"You and Jared must be soul mates or something. You both enjoy other's pain, especially mine."

"Exactly." I chirped and skipped again over to his dresser. I yanked out a pair of blue boxers with ducks on them. I made a face.

"Alright, seriously, ew. Re-think your underwear taste. Put these on and get dressed."

Avery yelped and snatched them out of my hands.

"NEVER TOUCH MY UNDERPANTS." He yelled and threw the boxers on the previously kicked chair.

"I don't care if you get action in general, but I do when it's down the hall from me!" Jared yelled from his room.

"BASTARD!" Avery yelled back.


I tapped my chin thoughtfully, and pulled out a pair of worn down looking black jeans, and said carelessly, "You're so uncreative when it comes to hurtful nicknames for your loved ones. Might I suggest butthead? Or my personal favorite, doodyface?"

Avery blinked and then grabbed the jeans out of my hands. "Gimme those," he muttered. "And leave before I do something I really regret. Like murder."

"Like you'd regret that."


I shook my head. "I don't think I will. Here, wear these." I said and pulled a black T-shirt out of the dresser and a black jacket. Then got down on my knees and pulled out a pair of black boots from under the dresser. "And these. Yay! You'll get all the ladies!"

"Stop touching my clothes!"

"You know…if you don't want her to touch you, just say no!" Jared yelled again and I could almost see the wicked grin. It was practically audible. While Avery was spluttering incoherently, I grabbed his messenger bag from off the floor and slung it over my shoulder so he wouldn't forget it. He didn't notice. He was yelling at Jared.

"You're a bastard!"

"Buttface." I corrected considerately.

"What the freak ever!"

I slapped him on the back in a congratulatory manner. "Very original."

"Out!" Avery yelled, pointing to the door. I shrugged.

"Fine, fine. Be ready in 10 minutes. We're going to Plaster Fun Time."

His right eye twitched, while the rest of his body went completely still. "You…woke…me up…on a Saturday morning…at, what," he looked at the clock and he let out a little, "Eheheh?!" noise. "At 9:33 SO WE COULD GO TO PLASTER FUN TIME?"

"Yeeeeah, baby!" Jared yelled.

"I hate you!" Avery yelled to Jared.

"It's mutual!"

I snickered, grabbed my messenger bag and walked out.

11 Minutes Later

"You are wasting precious time!" I yelled to him from out in the hall.

"Does this face look like it cares?!"

"I wouldn't know! I can't see it!"

Avery opened the door slowly, one eye twitching, his lips pressed together in a line, holding a stick of black eyeliner, one eye done, one still undone.

"Oh, good," I said and caught his wrist. "You're finished. By the way," I said as I dragged him down the stairs, "I adore the half-raccoon half-boy look."

He tried to claw his way up the banister. "I. Refuse. To go!"

I tsked, and dragged him harder. "You're going to ruin your pretty nail polish."

"I don't care!"

I grinned and said cheerfully, "Yes, you do!"

Then I picked him up bridal style and said, grinning, "This is awkward. Don't tell Emma." And I winked.

His eyes grew wide and he tried to flee upstairs again.

"You're so creepy!" He yelled.

"I pride my self in being creepy!" I yelled back. Then the lack of parents occurred to me. They probably would've woken up long before this with all the yelling.

"Hey, dude, parents?"

He looked grateful for the distraction. "They're at work. Jared, although completely irresponsible, is looking after me."

I nodded my head slowly, trying to get it across to him that I had completely "forgot" about Plaster Fun Time so he'd relax. He seemed to get the message because when I let him down, he tried to calmly walk back up the stairs. That was when I pulled open the door, and Jared bounded downstairs in time to see me shove Avery out.

"Don't get herpes!" Jared sang.

"The sunlight!" Avery said. "It buuurns!"

I patted him on the back and pushed him towards the truck. "It's supposed to rain later. Let's get to the truck."

Emma stuck her head out of the window. "Hi, darling!"

Avery screamed like a small girl and covered his face. "I'm not decent!"

Emma's face became blank for a second and then she grinned and yelled, "You look decent enough to me! You're wearing clothes, right?"

I sighed, trying not to laugh. "We have to go. Emma, as you know, and Morgan are already in the car and we shouldn't keep them waiting. You're acting just like a girl."

Avery scowled and tried to stomp back inside. I just pulled him harder towards the car.

"I'm not going. I'm not ready yet! My eyeliner isn't done!"

"See? Girl-like."

Then I plucked the eyeliner out of his hand and put it in my pocket.

"Emma can put it on for you."

Avery shook his head, trying to pull away from me. "Ooh, no. She'll probably miss and blind me."

I snickered and opened the car door. "Probably."

Avery stopped and stared at me, appalled.

"You weren't supposed to agree to that!"

"But I did, so deal."


I took advantage of his momentary distraction (again) to knock on the window to get Morgan to open the door (which he did) and to push Avery inside next to Morgan. I got in before Avery could get out.

"This is kidnapping!" Avery yelled.

I patted Avery's shoulder sympathetically. "You're a boy, not a baby goat."

Morgan coughed, covering up a laugh. Emma buried her face in her hands and shook her head.

Avery blinked a couple times. "Wha-"

"Quick!" I said loudly to Aunt Jasmine. "Drive away while he's confused!"

"On it." Aunt Jasmine said (I love her) and backed out of the drive way.

I leaned forward to Emma. "Alright, let's switch seats quickly so you can bli- um, apply Avery's eyeliner for him since it's so important to him."

Avery crossed his arms and glared at me. "It is. I like eyeliner and it likes me."

I fixed him with a very serious stare. "Are you positive your eyeliner likes you?"

Avery fidgeted under the stare. "Um, well…I…I suppose it does, but, um, I mean, it's…it's inanimate…I mean, I wouldn't really, like, know…"

Emma got out of her seat and I got out of mine next to Morgan and we switched. Then she grinned and plucked the eyeliner out of my hand. "Come'ere Avery. I promise not to hurt you."

"Just as long as it doesn't go through my pupil, I'm happy." He muttered.

With Emma and Avery taken care of, I turned to Morgan.

"So. What're you going to bring to life?"

Morgan stared at me, and then took out his ear phones. Instantly, Jason Mraz was audible for miles on end. I slapped hands over my ears.

"Turn that crap off!"

Morgan pried my hands away and held my hands to his chest, making it look like he was restraining me so I couldn't attack him. Whatever his intentions were, it felt pretty nice, him holding my hands. His hands were cool and dry and his fingers were thin but felt really stro- aw, jeez.

Morgan looked at me solemnly, unaware that my thoughts were focused on his hands' nice attributes.

"I don't think I heard you correctly. Did you say, 'bring to life'?"

I nodded enthusiastically, tugging my hands away. He let them go, and maybe I was imagining it, but a bit reluctantly.

I spoke. "Oh, yes, of course I did. See, whenever you paint a plaster fun time sculpture, they come to life in their own special way." Then I grinned.

"You're insane." Morgan said bluntly and put his earphones back in.

I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted. "Meh. No one likes Plaster Fun Time as much as I do."

"That's because our idea of fun is throwing witty insults back and forth at each other." Emma murmured, wrapped up in trying not to blind Avery, who was squirming uncomfortably.

"No, that's your idea of fun." I said. "My idea of fun is bringing inanimate objects to life by painting them."

"Yes, well, that's creepy. Not fun." Morgan drawled.

"So sue me! I'm generally a creepy kid! It's what I do! It's my nature! Accept me for who I am, fool!"

"That'll be all your life savings, thanks."

I hit Morgan over the back of his head.

"Owww…" he whined, and went back to deafening himself, looking out the window at the passing scenery.

I grabbed his ipod. He went on looking out the window, his earphones still in his ears, still thinking he was listening to music until he did a double take and realized no music was playing. He looked over at me first.

"Alexa, give it back."

"Give what back?"

"My nose. I know you're hiding it in your messenger bag."

I shrugged, indicating that I had no idea what he was talking about. I quickly stuffed his precious life-in-an-electrical-appliance into my back pocket.

"I know of no nose."

"Come off it, I know you took my ipod."

"Er, sorry, but why look over at me first? Do you have evidence I took it?"

"Well, did you take it?"



I took it out my back pocket and pressed the little button on top of it. It instantly lit up with a picture of Jade Puget from the band AFI kicking the air while playing guitar from the music video "Love Like Winter".

"Oooh. Got something for Jade, have you Goliath?"

He stuck out his tongue at me. "I just thought the way he was jumping in the air was cool." He said in a sulky voice.

I gave a "likely story!" laugh and showed the picture to Emma. "I think Morgan has a thing for this guy from a band we like."

"We?" Emma said, looking at Jade, who was anything but a classical music composer person whatever.

"Morgan and me."

"Oh." Then she looked at the picture again. "Did you say 'guy'?"

"Oh, yes."

"And you said he has a thing for him?" Emma said, smiling now at Morgan who was alternating between glaring at me and at Emma.

"Yes, I did." I said, alternating between grinning at Morgan and Emma.

"Well, well, well…" Emma said in a musing tone, and smiled at Morgan before turning back in her seat. I snickered. Morgan groaned.

"Why?" he asked in obvious pain.

"Cuz your pain is funny." I retorted quickly, and slid the little slidey thing on Morgan's ipod to open it. It opened to a song from the Youtube series, Charlie the Unicorn. "In The Ocean Blue", maybe one of the best songs ever made, besides

I looked up at Morgan with a doubly huge grin. "You listen to the music from Charlie the Unicorn?"

He made a scandalized face. "Absolutely."

I began to respond but that was when Aunt Jasmine sang, "We're here! I'm finally rid of the four insane teenagers for two whole hours…"

I stuck my tongue out at the back of Aunt Jasmine's chair.

"And stop sticking your tongue out at my chair, Alexa."

"Meh." I said under my breath and got out of the truck. I looked around, drinking in the site of Plaster Fun Time and of little kids hopping out of cars too, squealing with glee. I was home.

Avery hopped out and stretched and then used the truck's mirrors to check his eyeliner.

"Beloved significant other, were you trying to make me look like I was raised by a band of make-up tasteless raccoons?"

"Weren't you?" I asked innocently. Avery sighed.

Emma rolled her eyes. "I refrained from smudging it so I wouldn't spear your eye with my thumb. Thank me."

Avery stared at her, wide-eyed. "Thanks…I think."

Emma nodded curtly, and then held Avery's head in place and started smudging the eyeliner to make him less raccoon-like.

"There." Emma said in a final tone, and swiveled him around to look in the mirror again.

"Much better," Avery said, admiring Emma's eyeliner applying skills. "I knew there was a reason why I liked you."

A loud giggle floated across from across the parking lot. Morgan, Emma, Avery and I all looked at the giggler at the same time. Rather, a gaggle of giggling 12 and 13 year old girls, pointing to Morgan and Avery, giggling behind their hands and batting their eyelashes at them while making faces at my and Emma's attire. I rolled my eyes.

"Yay. I forgot. We're right across from a Claire's store."

"Good Lord, are they carrying…" Emma started, staring in horror at what they were carrying.

"No. No they're not." Morgan said, decisively.

"What?" I asked, and then groaned. "No way. No way in hell."

"What?" Avery asked, and then choked when he saw the vile things they were clutching.

"''Twilight'' fans." We all said together, and then gagged at the same time. Emma went as far as to mime barfing. They stopped giggling and gave us outraged looks.

"Come on, guys. It's catching." I said, tugging Morgan's hand.

So let's take a little rest and go over the meeting-Avery's-brother-for-the-first-time scenario.

I propose we do this in an organized fashion, preferably in chronological order (my history teacher would be so proud).

1. I will start off by saying that was amazingly amusing. Honestly, I don't think I've been that funny since the beginning of the school year. Already though, in the past couple weeks or so, my sense of humor's changed a good deal. Huh. Funny. Moving on!

2. I wonder why Avery never told us he has a brother. Jared's pretty great.

3. I hope I'm half as awesome as Jared when I'm an old person.

4. I hope I'm half as awesome as my Grandma Marie who's 72 and who's into 80's and 90's rock and alternative and rock from this generation.

Anyways, back to the flashback.

-Flashback music-

"I'm painting this dinosaur. Her name will be Emmy, in honor of you." Avery declared, picking up a little dinosaur and looking at Emma.

Emma stared at Avery. "Oh, great. A dinosaur."

"Oh, how cute is this?" I squealed.

Morgan gagged and pretended to stumble away, gasping for breath.

"Too-Much-Mush cute." He gasped.

I scowled and kicked his ankle. "Oh, stop. You're ruining the moment."

"Yeah? Well, you can go stick this plaster 'A' up-"

"Excuse me, but like, people are waiting and you're holding up the like, line." A preppy female employee said from behind us.

It was pretty cool, I had to admit, how Emma, Avery, and I all turned around at the same time and gave her the patent Goth/Freak look that said, "Oh, ew. A preppy person."

She looked a bit frightened but nevertheless, she continued anyway. That included moving closer to Morgan, while swinging her perfect hips that were sheathed in extremely tight stretch denim.

"I'm afraid you're going to, like, have to pick quickly so others can like, pick, you know?" She said, but her voice didn't hold any reprimanding tone. I was confused, so I followed her gaze and my eyes landed on Morgan, who was giving her a "there's a hot one in the house tonight, baby," look. (Yes, you're supposed to read that in Randy Jackson's voice.)

"Oh, come on, really? Another one?" I said, poking Morgan's shoulder.

He shook his head and looked at me. "What? Another what?"

"Another victim. And annoying too. God, Morgan, I swear, if you go out with Pinky over here, I'm going to eviscerate you." Emma answered for me. Good answer.

Morgan rolled his eyes and then smiled at Pinky. "What's your name?"

"Joanna." She said, flipping back a mane of dark gold hair and snapping her gum. I choked as a minty scent wafted towards me. Gross.

Morgan gave her a killer smile. She visibly started to melt. Was it just me or did a high pitched, flirty giggle come out of her sparkly pink lip glossed mouth?


"How cute!"

"I know, right? It's hot."

Emma gaped at Morgan. "Honestly, Morgan? Did you just-"

He turned to her. "What?"

"You can't be serious." I muttered under my breath. I scowled deeply and grabbed two elephants from the shelf. Thrusting one at Emma, I moved away from Morgan. She took it with out question while looking at me worriedly.

"Are you alright?" She whispered to me while we walked up to the counter.

"What's this? Emma? Being empathetic? Holy cow."

Avery grinned and stepped in front of us, walking backwards.

"I was thinking more along the lines of pathe-"

"Finish that sentence and die." Emma said in a dead-pan voice.

"Yes'm." Avery answered quickly and hurried up to the counter.

"No, but really. Are you alright?" she asked me again, stopping me.

"Is it normal to have homicidal feelings towards a best friend of at least 14 years?"

"Well, I mean, under the circumstances…"

"He's a manwhore."

"You think I don't know that?" She said, giving me a look. Then she smiled. How she stretched her face to do that, no clue. I mean, she rarely ever does anything except scowl or smirk.

I undid my bun, shook out my hair, and put it back up again.

"I'm just saying. Everyone thinks he likes me, but he couldn't be acting less like it. Plus," I said, raising a finger to hold Emma off from talking, since she had opened her mouth, "He's disgusting, the way he's always surrounded by girls and everything. Because he like, preens. Like a peacock."

"I honestly can't deny that." Emma said, a bit mournfully. She tugged on the sleeve of her jean jacket to pull it off. "But cut him some slack. He's going through puberty."

"Yeah, for like, the third time."

"It is true. He already has like, scruff. Avery's cheeks are still smooth like a small kid's."

"Imagery I didn't want, nor did I need."

"On his face, pervert."

"…I knew that. You think I didn't know that? God."

"Your mind practically lives in the gutter, dude." Emma chuckled, coming to a stop behind a line of small kids.

"You're thinking about your precious boyfriend, Emma."

"He's not that bad."

"He really is."

"…He really is."

"I know."

We stopped bantering and began to patiently wait in line. It was then that I let my mind wander to the idiot that was Morgan Keats.

To Be Continued


Well, naturally I want to give you more after my period of like, not…writing. Heh. Sorry. But if I made the chapter any longer, I'd bore you guys. So I'm splitting it into two. I LOVE YOU ALL. HUGS AND KISSES FOR EVERYONE.

Especially you.

- Tirzah