i loved

that time
your hand laced itself into mine
we held eachother as the sky began to cry.
you touched my face,
said there was love in your intentions
i took comfort in believing you
and held you too close for my own good...
but my dear,
do you remember

that time
my phone didn't ring for two weeks
you forgot to tell me hello.
i cried in my sleep and called your name
i took comfort in believing
there weren't enough hours in the day
and i tug at my heart;
"shh, shh", until calamity became my bliss
i take that time...

that time
love spilled from your mouth
we hit cloud nine
we escaladed beyond the troposphere and
your arms became the walls to my heaven
clawing at our intimacy,
but i can't seem to let go of

that time
i awoke the next morning
and remember i'd slept alone again
searching for you in the depths of my mind
trying to find you somewhere,
deep along the lines.
yet all i seem to find is the desire of

that time.
i just want

that time
back in my life.
i just want
that guy
back in these times

i used to love.