when i look into your eyes,
i cannot see mine
but vulnerability catches at my ankles,
the world reverses it's spinning and the
equatour swiveles into curvy lines
once i look you.

she's the luckiest girl alive,
must have that gleam in her eye.
i thought i had that long ago
but you must have been blind.
it happens, we all fade from one another
but your light never shone away;
i begged on my knees but it resisted my pleas
and my inconsistant starry-eyes grew weary.

i strum the unforgiving cord on your guitar
and my veins quiver from the cold sound,
the sound of silence inbetween the notes
where i am stuck.
i can't even tell you
how long i've dwelled on each crack
that we possibly fell into and remained.

if only your eyes would let you read
all of the notes in my dresser drawer
hidden underneath the socks....
all of the lovely sentences i'd sculpted
on the tablet of my heart.
flicker your eyelashes and unfold your sight
i've had something to show you,
but time is never on my side.

if you could just lock your eyes with mine
and close the door you opened
maybe the star in my eye will subside;
fall from the sky, drown in the sea.
lock the door, hold on once more
and then throw away the key.

my hour-glass is shattered,
but i don't want to leave you.
my eyes set it's sight too long
on the broken-noted lyrics of our begotten song;

and despite you forgetting it long ago,
i don't want my world to stop spinning
in the opposite direction
because the sun always set just right
when i was looking into your eyes.