clashing breaths, dry mouth
grace me with your presence.
tell me you'll adore me,
like i have learned to adore you.
iridescent love, laugh lines
ravish me completely.
tell me you know something of eternity,
because i've always wanted to know.

i have breathed for these moments,
you are so beautiful in this state
where you lose yourself in me.
falling deeper into our abyss
screaming for more innocence, tainted.
clothing me in your scent,
crawling out of this skin;
forming into you and i.

i gave myself away to such a wailing coaster,
fled from home into these welcoming arms;
drove myself into a magic trick
where the walls are see through.
i can't find a place where you aren't
oh, my baby, almost yours;
and i don't feel alone when you are here.

your voice is blanketing my body and i fall
to no other arms but yours,
slumber no longer holds me
and my fear-clocked renditions disappear.
this is no longer in my head,
it is in your eyes.

i see my precious gifts given,
tightly captive them, cherish me,
tell me you've known eternity
because in this place i found my haven.
the moon began to watch over us
as we fell into our bliss;
gracefully, awkwardly fading into one another.
tying your own self, lose it all for me
because i lost myself long ago
in this abyss that i call us.