A bloodbath scene that even the blind could see, two rival Kingdoms fueled by hate.

The Crowes were a Kingdom in the Dark Forest, the one that was on the East side of the Royal Kingdom and at the base of the Grants Kingdom located in the mountain. The Crowes have been at the hate fueled war with the Grants ever since they first appeared. What would possibly trigger this hateful rivalry that turned into a gruesome scene of blood and dead bodies? Why a love triangle, that is. The people are now dead but the fueled hate between still remains. There were two men and a woman. The two men were best friends and the woman was from another area within the vast region. A man named Lewis Grant, his best friend was Ryan Crowes, and the devil woman was Mary Jeans. Mary first arrived in Crowes in the forest, where she was lost but found. She fell for Ryan but after meeting his best friend Lewis, they changed for the worst. Ryan learned that she had gotten together with Lewis one night and now she was having a baby, but they didn't know whose baby it was. Mary said she'd stay with the strongest man. The two went to war to prove that they were stronger. Mary ended up running away with another man but the two men still didn't let up. Both wanted to be the best then one of them must die. This all happened just before Elizabeth was born.

Dominic Crowes was a young lad who started training when he was seven and now that he was ten, he worked himself to his fullest to beat his father's enemy, the Grants. The young boy wasn't old enough to go to war with his father and the older soldiers; he would have to wait until he was at least seventeen to go off to war if the war still carried on. Sighing loudly as it was a hot day within the depths of the forest. Even though where they settled as in a clearing, it was still hot surrounded by the trees. Other homes were in the trees, but the kingdom was based on the ground to where it was safer on land than within the wind. The Grants would never set fire to the Dark Forest for it was their food source, it trailed up the mountains and they rather fight face to face than have their enemy burn. A large enough section that been destroyed by a wild fire between the mountain base and the Dark Forest, it didn't go deep to where their Kingdom laid but enough to where both could fight. Grass had grown back over but trees were scare on that section.

Dominic, being a ten, was rather restless and bountiful of trouble. He was very bored most of the time, because there was barely anyone to fight. The older men and boys always let him win or didn't want to spar the boy for the Queen didn't want her second son hurt. Dominic would only grunt and pout in reply, but he was always interested in the stories the older men would share.

The boy knew a lot. He knew how to fight, he knew how to read, he knew how to write, he knew how to read maps and how to deliver a punch. When he wasn't sparring, training, listening, reading, learning, or eating, he was sleeping.

Derek was only ten when his father finally started training him. Everything was new, but he was quick learner. The Queen wanted her first son to grow up strong just like his father. Allowing the older men to spar against him, but all knew to not to take it where it caused serious damage. They would use wooden weapons, and trained him to hold a sword, a spear and a bow and arrow. The boy would grow up to rule the Grant kingdom. He would rule with pride and hopefully would defeat the Crowes. Derek, however, unlike Dominic, was a boy would enjoyed caring for the people, the animals and but yes, could also get into trouble here and there. Running around with his buddies, they would make people's days a living chaos much less to the war, but they were boys and they were growing boys.

There wasn't much difference in their looks between Dominic and Derek. Both boys had dark hair, light eyes, Dominic having green and Derek having blue, they both have fair skin, and would grow up handsome. Dominic would have a little more built body than Derek when they grew older, but both boys would realize they were more in common then more people thought, but until then they knew nothing about each other only than they hated each other.

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