Mr. T sat down Peter and observed his surroundings there is no possible way he could climb out of this cavern carrying Peter, he had to wake him up somehow.

"Peter, Peter," he shook Peter a few times trying to wake him up from whatever daze he was in. Using the light from the opening far above Mr. T dug in his pockets to see what he happened to bring with him. A flashlight, few useful chemicals, a capsule of what he thought was food, cloths, equipment capsule, water, water – great no water how could he expect to live out in one of the hottest deserts with no water?

Suddenly Peter snapped out of his daze and sat up; he looked around and asked, "Wow, what happened?"

Mr. T acting causally and a little disappointed in the water shortage responded, "You killed the gonolith with your bare hands then passed out, I carried you into a small air shaft and escaped through a tunnel. Something smashed the passage behind us, so now A can't find us."

"Wow, I did that? All I remember is that gonolith was aiming at me then everything went white and I showed up here."

"Memory loss and a nifty power, I wonder who you could be?" Murmured Mr. T

"What?" asked Peter.

"Nothing, well we got to get out of here and find a place to hide. I'm sure A knows what happened by now and will try to capture us. Now that you're awake we can climb on out."


"Damn!" Mr. A slammed his desk once more "How the hell could he get away it's not possible there is no way out of this place except the elevator!" Mr. A spun around in a frenzy and looked up at his frightened secretary. "Don't let them get out, send out the Hoplin's if you have to, to track them down, Kill T and capture that kid!"

"Yes sir." The secretary whimpered as she snuck out of the office to give out orders and flee Mr. A's wrath.

Mr. A picked up his phone and continued his conversation he was having before his secretary showed up. "You know what, just start it, raise the beasts and build an army were going after that kid if it kills every person on this planet… No I don't care if they're not suitable to go out send out everything that can fight. Send a few of the top scientist to lead the ranks; tell to use force if necessary. Show no mercy to anyone that gets in your way." *click* he hung up his phone and stared off at his screen:

'Great Chosen power shoots up from this planet, Harmenage, once every hundred years into a single random living organism. Most die on impact due to the overwhelming force of the blow but a few do survive. Some abnormal circumstances known to be created by this planet's mysterious relief of power are the Enchanted Forest, extreme conditions in the Land of Browne, as well as the rise of the "Specular" species on Eron. Many researchers of this topic blame it for the eventual creation of the human race millions of years ago. This release of energy has a three out of seven or forty-three percent chance of striking an organism on Harmenage, the other fifty-seven percent will shoot out into the universe until it collides with another living organism. This mysterious planet not only created everything but is vastly unknown other than the knowledge that the planet represses Chosen One powers close to it - essentially weakening whatever is affected by a factor of eighty percent. Otherwise information on the planet itself is unknown due to the fact that everyone who has ever tried to investigate the planet either went crazy or vanished completely. Research on the planet has been classified as highly dangerous and has been outlawed by the council over 15,000 years ago.'

The screen then showed several graphs of power variations common to the Chosen power. Next to that graph Mr. A matched up a similar graph that designated how Peter reacted when killing the gonolith. "Well it sure matches up, it has to be him. I sure hope an army will be enough to capture this interesting power." He wondered to himself. If he was correct, this boy could be the key to the center of the planet - the key to massive power.


"This hole seemed easier to climb when looking at it from the bottom, you didn't tell me the top of it is made of sand I can't grab onto anything" grumbled Peter looking down at Mr. T who was right below him also struggling against the sand.

"I never said it was going to be easy, but it's a way." Responded Mr. T as he slipped again and used his foot to catch himself on the opposite wall. "This opening looks like a sinkhole created by something not too long ago, looks as if whatever it is it just dove into the sand. There is a good 10 feet of pure sand and the only thing holding it back is the air blowing though the opening." He looked back down the deep sinkhole and mumbled to himself, "probably why the AC never seemed to work right, it all just blew down into the cavern then up these holes."

"Then how about something to use the air as an advantage. It does blow pretty hard at times."

"That's a great idea, but what do you have in mind I don't have anything of that sort."

"I got my tent." Peter fumbled though his pocket found the tent cube and opened it. The tent expanded in the opening and filled the sinkhole like a cork would fill a sink. He waited for an updraft to bring the tent upwards. At last the tent caught an updraft and just like he thought it was forceful enough to pull the tent with Peter grabbing on up and out of the hole. Once he touched the surface on top he quickly crawled to still ground and tossed the open tent down for Mr. T to do the same.

Judging by the sun it was coming to the evening giving valid reasons on why it seemed so much cooler than the last time he experienced this desert. T caught a draft up just like Peter, but due to his weight wasn't quite able to get out of the hole. Peter, thinking fast, dropped to his stomach and helped pull T the rest of the way out of the hole. T thanked Peter and dusted off his white trench coat. He then closed the tent and handed it back to Peter to put away.

Peter patted down his shirt trying to remove the burning sensation from laying down on the hot sand. Then responded "You welcome, so I guess you're going to follow me?"

"Well yes, I got nowhere else to go and right now this just looked like a lot of sand, dirt, and dead shrubs to me I wouldn't know where to start. But you came from somewhere you must know the way back." He said while thinking about what happened back at the gonolith and wanting to know more about Peter and how he did that.

"Well," started Peter, "If I remember the sun rose over there and I was facing towards it coming into the desert." He pointed behind them and continued, "So that must mean the best way to get back would be to be to go in the opposite direction of the sun!" and at that Peter spun on his heel and headed towards the setting sun.

As they walked on Peter kept cautiously looking up at the sky and Mr. T being curious asked, "Why do you keep looking up? There isn't much up there but the blue sky."

"Last time I was out here it rained. Let's put it this way, it's not fun." He said as he rubbed the back of his head and felt a soft spot now bruised over. Mr. T left it at that, wondering why it would rain in a desert like this, but by the way Peter was acting about the rain it seemed serious, in all his life studying science Mr. T never found an arid desert like this that it actually rains in.

As the sun set completely the temperature dropped just as fast. It fell from a booming 1.0° to less than .5° in the matter of thirty minutes and was still dropping. The chill crept up both Peter and Mr. T's bodies as neither of them brought heavy clothing to protect from cold. "Okay its quite cold now, I think it's best to set up your tent and get some shut eye." motioned Mr. T.

"No, we caught the evening heat 1.0° was already quite cool this desert gets up to 1.3° or worse. The best time is to travel now when it's cool. And if at all possible cross the river while it's frozen, if you say there chasing after us then if we don't get past that river we are going to be in deep shit."

"River? Frozen? You mean there's a river out in this desert that freezes over at night! Wow, Mr. A really did have us cooped up in a hellhole without any information at all other than what was needed to satisfy his projects." Then, noticing the hoarseness in his voice Mr. T remembered the water problem he had found when he was back in the cavern. "You by any chance got some water?" he asked Peter.

"Oh!" Peter shot up noticing his thirst as well. The shock of the attack and the narrow escape had him not thinking at all about food or water. "I do have some water. Do you have food?" Peter pulled out his tent capsule and opened it to check inside for the water. When he peered inside he saw all his stuff tossed around and mingled with the water pot empty and a water marks on several parts of the tent. "The water seems to have spilt when we were doing the escaping stunt with the tent."

"So you have no water!"

"No, so I'll just get more." He set up the tent pulled his water pan out and prepared to build a fire with the still unused standard wood that came with the tent. Mr. T looked confused as Peter began to light a fire. "We, my as well sit down for a bit to take a rest, eat, and wait for the mildew to build up on the tent."

"Ah, smart you use the mildew and the tent to build up water on the tent and then use that pan to gather it." Mr. T now realized that because of the near instant drop in temperatures all the moisture evaporated from the outlaying trees of the Enchanted Forest, known for records of the biggest trees ever, condenses and drops into heavy fog in the Land of Browne. Over time more and more moisture from the forest builds up above the desert. T noticed a very soft updraft of wind that was probably caused by extremely powerful wind currents at high altitudes. The wind currents where created by the trees in the Enchanted forest forcing air up and over the forest. The desert dust is easily lifted into the sky and mixes in with the clouds. When the combination of moisture and dirt builds up so much it blocks out the sunlight and drops the temperatures of the lower layer of mud clouds. The clouds condense and drop like a rocks out of the sky. This cycle will continue until the moisture is slowly pushed across the desert to the mountains beyond were it finally drops for a final time as massive amounts precipitation. But why doesn't it rain at night during the extreme cold temperatures? Unless, Mr. T shuddered as he looked at the sky, the temperatures drop and raise so fast it freezes completely creating one massive block of frozen mud extending from the tree tops of the Enchanted Forest to the mountain tops of the Hornet Peak and heats up so fast it turns from a frozen roof of mud to cloud vapor instantly.

"Well, I hope a chunk of frozen mud doesn't fall on us," Mr. T said in a low voice

"A chunk of mud?" laughed Peter, "Why would that happen?" surprised that Peter heard him and responded Mr. T quickly changed the topic to the food he had in his pack and directed Peter to scrape some mildew off the tent.

After eating some canned beef, fresh apples, and going though about two pots of water Peter filled up his pot for the last time and placed it back into the tent then closed it up and transformed it back into the capsule. They started once again to walk in the direction they were previously when the sun was still up.

After what felt like only a few hours Mr. T and Peter arrived at the mud river. Peter was a bit confused because it seemed when he crossed it on the way towards the lab it took several days to get to the lab, yet on this escape it had taken no more than a seven to eight hour walk to get from the Lab to the frozen river. Then he realized, he slept on the side opposite of the Enchanted forest the first night, forced into the shelter of his tent for the next day due to the heat, then didn't start moving again tell it was almost morning the next day were he walked for about two more hours before getting pelted with rain and falling into a sink hole. When he thought of it, it wasn't really that far away he just took his time getting to the lab.

"Well, when I was here last time the river froze over at night, and very quickly too, in the matter of seconds as a matter of fact." This reinforced Mr. T's assumptions that the sky froze at night here instantly.

"Ah, yes," he said snorting that he may be right about the sky, "Well then let's get across before it starts to melt!" getting across was fairly easy like predicted the river, or at least the exposed top part was completely frozen over and easy to walk across. But despite knowing its completely safe to walk across Mr. T was still a little edgy getting across and tried to stay close to where Peter was walking seeing he's done this before.

After getting across the river Mr. T started to notice that the air begun feel dryer, perhaps they entered the area were the slow decent of moisture from the tops of the Enchanted Forest no longer reach the ground. What if the river is the boundary were the decent of the moisture first touches the ground before evaporating and being blow over the desert time and time again? Then it hit him, Mr. T stopped walking to feel for a breeze and just like he thought the updraft was completely gone. They were close to the forest, close enough that the massive trees block the air stream from reaching the ground here.