Broken Faith and Blacked Out Faces


Part 1 - Target: The Five Feet Flirt

March 2009

"What is that?" a petite girl in navy overalls asked an equally height challenged boy.

The male teen, a skinny, pale-faced sixteen-year-old, stared up at his classmate through lengthy obsidian-coloured side-swept bangs. This boy, painting a Rembrandt masterpiece with a "Nightmare Before Christmas" twist, was the infamous Adrian Bates.

He swirled a blob of metallic silver with a hint of black with little interest. "'Victory'."

"He kind of looks like you," muttered the girl timidly, the rose blush on her cheeks hidden beneath her strawberry blond hair.

"Oh," was Adrian's trademark reply.

His female classmate, with her beige oval face and her catlike lips, suddenly reached out and grabbed his bicep, as if she was trying to recover something precious.

"Please, date me!"

Out of nowhere, a spray of watery yellow paint splashed unattractively across the exaggerated visage of a thoroughly pierced young man with a maroon Mohawk and gigantic hollow eyes.

"Sorry," Adrian, his expression reflecting his painting's, apologized lifelessly. "I don't date," and, with his attention completely engrossed in his work, stood up and lifted the painting off the table. "Needs a new name now."

Adrian, at full height, was barely a centimetre taller than the sweet-faced girl and, yet, his enigmatic presence had her biting her nails down to her cuticles. He silently dragged his feet out the door, leaving a trail of yellow paint and broken hearts behind him.

"Hey!" a low growl from the end of the hallway reached Adrian's ear, but he didn't bother turning around. "Skinny Shit!"

"Evan, this isn't the academy."

Two tall males, both roughly six feel tall, stood at the door of the senior art room. They watched in detest, as Adrian's skinny jean clad bottom stalked down the West Wing of the school. They glanced into the classroom and saw the strawberry blond girl on her knees, sobbing into her hands.

"Gabe, you have to shut that hobbit down."

"Don't worry, Evan, I'll make it happen."

The two scheming males were twelfth graders from Deus Academy, an elite co-ed private school for the undeniably gifted and the impossibly rich. The taller of the pair, Gabriel Hatcher of the preceding variety, smirked challengingly, his mocha-coloured eyes brightening. His friend, Evan MacKenzie, who was of the latter sort, ran a goaded hand through his messy amber hair.

"Master Bates of Jamieson High strikes again," Evan snorted. "That little Dickface has girls from all over the district falling for him."

Gabriel tugged confidently at his sports jacket with the words '2008 MVP Senior Boys Rugby' splashed across his back. "We'll ruin him. The 'Five Feet Flirt'…we'll crush his reputation."

And the two handsome teens strode towards the school's main office with Mr. MVP clutching a document titled, "Offer of Admission". Deus Academy's emblem gleamed brilliantly on the gold-bordered eight-by-ten.

"A commoner like him," Evan chortled ominously, "will never stand a chance."


There was an unnaturally attentive buzz that circulated Deus Academy's cafeteria. A group of elegantly uniformed students, in the midst of the flashy cherry wood dining furniture, gathered near a table at the centre of the space. Their eyes were all focused on the new transfer student.

"Oh my! Did you see how adorable that little boy is?"

"I think he's a senior."

"Honestly? His features are so…delicate."

"Are you all serious? That's the Adrian Bates! He's one of the most popular guys in the district!"

"Yeah! He was that cutie who helped us out at the district youth rally in the tenth grade! I guess he hasn't really grown since then."

"What's going on?" an authoritative male voice was a knife that split the excitement in two.

The assembly immediately lowered their volume and many intimidated eyes fell on, not the speaker, who was Evan MacKenzie, but on the academy's "idol", Gabriel Hatcher. The female students smoothed out their pleated skirts politely and the males puffed up their chests, trying to appear cool.

"I said, 'what's going on'?" Evan cocked his head to the right side.

"There's a new guy, a senior. He just transferred in and we were surprised since second term is ending."

Gabriel Hatcher melted into a feigned smile. "Then we're going to have to greet him."

"Adrian!" someone blurted out urgently. "It's…uh…Adrian Bates."

"And?" Gabriel blinked curiously, masking his irritation, at the brunette that just spoke.

"Just to tell you," she muttered.

All the students present in the centre of the cafeteria looked to one another apprehensively. It was known to most that Adrian Bates had a short history of rivalry with Deus Academy's Gabriel Hatcher.

The feud hadn't started because Adrian had the majority of the females in the district enthralled by his very being. It also hadn't been ignited because of the fact that the seemingly prepubescent male had stolen and then rejected the feelings of Gabriel's crush, Amelia Atkinson. It was because Adrian had defeated him in the single thing that gave him great pleasure. The single thing that…

"Adrian!" Gabriel grinned with false contentment. "Hey, I didn't think I'd see you as a student of our school."

The baby-faced boy turned in his cushioned chair rigidly. Dark circles were etched under his royal blue eyes like extended shadows caused by the sun's wake at dawn. He blinked once. His button nose twitched. His plump bottom lip pressed against his thin upper one, unresponsively.

He didn't recognize Gabriel.

"Oh," Adrian said.

"Gabriel Hatcher, remember?" Gabriel prompted with the slight upward tilt of his mouth.

Adrian answered him with a lethargic shake of his head. "Not really."

"You beat me once in that challenge," the academy's idol reminded him through clenched teeth and a perfect smile.

"Which one?"

"The one where you won," the concrete in Gabriel's flawless face began flaking away.

"Yes, which one?" the Five Feet Flirt blinked at him again.

Evan suddenly stepped forward and rumbled, "Cocky shit."

Gabriel, his milky brown eyes revealing none of his frustration, pressed a serene arm against Evan's chest. His friend scowled viciously at Adrian, who was ignorant to this fact since his vision was partially obscured by his bangs. Evan snorted, disdainfully. Gabriel simply grinned.

"Forget about it, it's not that important," chuckled the popular teen. "Anyway, good luck at the academy!"

The two friends turned on their heels with collected ease and walked out into the school's cream limestone encrusted corridors. Following closely behind them were the remaining male students whom were present at the centre of the cafeteria. Gabriel Hatcher was like a war god leading his army. Crowds parted for him and girls swooned at the sight of his chiselled square face and the indented pout in his ruby lips. Evan, his vicious hound, stalked on his right side with arrogance in his deep brown eyes.

When they had disappeared around the corner, Adrian stood up. "Where's your art classroom?"

"The floor above the Main Gym."

And, like that, Adrian, being the mystifying shadow he was, disappeared.

Note: Murr...needed to write something to attack my writers' block in the face. So I wrote this short story...well...short enough. Been writing pieces of JailBait every day so...yes...