I've always been the upfront kind of girl who knows what she wants, knows how to get it, and gets it. I have never been one to play games, especially in relationships, because that is far more effort than I would ever be willing to exert. Guys will always be guys – each one no different than the last.

And in general, I get what I want, with the exception of Tanner Williams.

Tanner Williams has never been anything but an asshole to me when he isn't pretending I don't exist. It might be because my reputation precedes me, and for that reason alone he doesn't think I deserved to even be acknowledged.

He never outright insults me to my face, but it's been implied on more than one occasion with words he doesn't think I know the meanings of. And it doesn't help that he's always around, mostly because we run in the same circle of friends. This is what I still can't figure out –I'm not good enough to be his friend, but somehow we have the same friends. How did that work out?

It also doesn't help that I'm somewhat attracted to him – but that's never really been a big deal because I'm attracted to a lot of boys.

But Tanner Williams is alluring and infuriating all at the same time. Some days I want to throttle him and tell him to shut the eff up – I have feelings too, and he can't talk to me or ignore me like I'm insignificant. Other days, I notice how blue his eyes are or the dimples in his cheeks when he smiles.

In short, our relationship is a mixture of bantering, silent treatment (from him), and a whole lot of mixed emotions (at least on my end). Sometimes I wonder why we acknowledge each other at all when both of us know full well any conversation we we're involved in can only end in disagreement.

And yet here I am, the infamous and most successful flirt on campus, devising a plan to get Tanner Williams, probably the most unattainable guy in the history of the world. Or not. But you get the idea…

Girls don't like being ignored, especially when it's a girl like me who's being ignored by a guy like Tanner. That's asking for trouble.

So I'm going to take Tanner Williams down a peg in ten easy steps. I'm going to take down Tanner, and I'm going to make it look easy.

According to my carefully devised steps, getting Tanner Williams to fall in love with me is going to be a piece of my favorite chocolate cake, with a tall glass of fat free milk on the side. Once I've reeled him in, I'm going to crush him – give him that same cold shoulder I seem to always get from him when he's not irritated with me.

I get what I want. And seeing how there sure as hell isn't anything stopping me now, Tanner Williams will no longer be an exception.