The naturalist tapped his pen to the side of his notebook, the only sign of impatience he had shown all day. The fairy stared at him thoughtfully through the cage's bars.

"I don't understand the question," she said after a long time.

"I asked about your family," the naturalist repeated. "Don't you have a family? A mother?"

"Oh!" the fairy's eyes lit up finally in understanding. "Oh, yes, I had a mother!"

"Ah, good..." He started jotting this down, proud of his progress. "And what happened to her?"

"We ate her," the fairy answered calmly.

"...Excuse me?"

"After we were born, my sisters and I hunted her down and ate her," she elaborated cheerily.


"Well, she was a bad mother."

"So you ate her?"

"If she were a better mother, we never would have caught her."

"And your father?" the naturalist asked, his head swimming.

"Never met him," the fairy replied, looking surprised at the question.

"It's probably for the best," the man sighed as he wrote observations in his notebook.