High School Terror

It was 5 0' clock and lucky for us we were in after school detention. Charlie, Ruby, Summer, Rick, Jamie, Lucas, Greg and myself were all stuck in a dingy little classroom copying from the dictionary. After copying half of the words from the letter 'a' I gave up and slammed my pen down on the desk.

"I've had enough" I exclaimed. I couldn't stand it any longer. "I'm not doing anymore, this is just so stupid".

Just then, the teacher approached the classroom door and entered.

"Phoebe Ackles sit down this instant!" Miss Padalecki shouted across the classroom.

I quickly sat down. Miss Padalecki was, in our eyes the most annoying and vicious teacher ever to cross our paths. She had the characteristics of a dead person – cold, heartless and unbelievably scary. Every other teacher in the school was tolerable but her….. oh my god she was sooooooo annoying. "And just what do you think you were doing out of your seat young lady?" she uttered.

"Erm…. I was just…. stretching my legs….. I had….. cramp miss" I said rather unconvincingly.

"Right, and you expect me to believe that do you?" she replied sternly.

"Erm…. Yes?" I answered cheekily.

"Don't get smart with me young lady, now just sit down and carry on copying the dictionary" she said with a smug look on her face.

I slumped down onto the chair and grasped my pen. She exited the room but not before giving me a nasty glance….. and I don't know if it was just my imagination or not, but as I looked into her eyes…. They seemed black, and evil… like a demon……. Then she just simply turned around, exited the room and strode down the corridor. Everyone carried on chatting and totally forgot that we were in detention. We waited for what seemed like hours for her to return, but strangely enough she didn't.

"I wanna go home" Summer whined.

"We all do Sum, but we can't, miss paddy locked the door" Rick said.

"There's something not right here guys" Greg said anxiously.

"Too right there is, I'm missin corrie!" Ruby grumbled.

"I'm scared" Summer said worriedly.

"There's nothing to be afraid of Sum, it's only us here, awwww, do you think a nasty ghost is going to come and eat you?" Lucas teased.

"Oh shut up Lou" she replied.

By this time it was approaching 7 o' clock and it was beginning to get dark outside……. and everyone inside was completely oblivious as to what was lurking around the school grounds………..

As everyone continued to talk and try to figure a way out of the classroom, no-one realised the time….

"oh my god… it's 20 past 8!!" Summer said panicky.

"where the hell is miss Padalecki?!" Rick exclaimed.

Suddenly the lights went off and everyone screamed…..

"What the hell was that?!" Summer shrieked.

"Well I'm guessing it was a power cut" Jamie replied calmly.

"I can't stay in here any longer!!" she yelled.

"Calm down Sum, it's just a power cut, it'll be fine. They'll probably have the power back on soon." Charlie soothed.

"Then how come the computer is still on then?" she asked, fear in her voice.

Everyone turned to look at the computer and sure enough it was still working. Which meant that the only possible explanation for the lights being off was that someone was in the caretakers' office…. and had turned them off………

"I told you something wasn't right here!" Greg exclaimed.

"But who is gonna be in the caretakers office at this time of night? Everyone will have gone home by now" I stated.

"Exactly" Greg declared. "Don't you think that's just a tiny bit strange, that all the teachers have gone home and miss padalecki didn't come back for us? Something is definitely not right. It's like they've left us here on purpose." He said timidly.

"Unless….." I started to say.

"Unless what?" Jamie asked.

"You're all gonna think I'm being stupid, but you remember that myth miss padalecki was telling us about yesterday about the group of teachers that every year carefully chose 8 pupils, 4 girls and 4 lads, and they locked them in a classroom, went home and left them to die in the school whilst being terrorised by some kind of evil creature." I said.

There was a huge pause… then a burst of laughter.

"Yeah… right….. Rick said sarcastically.

"Well listen smart ass, the first thing that happened to them when they were locked in the room was the lights went out and soon after that someone died, and you still don't think this has a connection with that whatsoever?" I said with a grim look on my face.

As quickly as it had started, the laughter stopped. Everybody stopped and thought for a moment, then came to the conclusion that this was no joke, this was actually happening and by the way the legend goes, someone was due to die real soon………..