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I stared for a moment, mesmerised by the sight in front of me. I literally could not believe my eyes. It wasn't the thought of what was in that room, but more the thought that I was alone. Alone and scared.

I had no clue what was behind that door. My imagination was running wild. I carefully stepped around the blood and crept up to the door, not knowing what was waiting inside. I pushed the door ever so slightly and it creaked open, revealing a long and dark passageway…

"Ok… this is getting creepier" I thought to myself. Ignoring the blood, I stepped through the door and stood shakily peering down the passageway.

"Where can this lead to? What's down here? I've never noticed this door before." I asked myself, although I didn't really want to know the answer to either of these questions. I took a step forward when the door suddenly slammed shut behind me. I turned around and started banging on it.

"Hello! Is anyone there?! Open the door!!" I yelled desperately, but no-one seemed to be there. However, I could hear a faint sound of footsteps which seemed to be walking away…

Sighing I turned back around. I knew the only way to find out the truth about what was happening, was to walk down this passageway. So I gritted my teeth, took a deep breath and began my journey.

As I walked, I noticed some objects dotted around. Items such as old lunch boxes and books lay on the floor. These were no doubt from all of the other children this entity had claimed. It saddened me to think that their belongings just lay in this dingy little place when they should be with their families. It also saddened me to think about my friends… I mean, they were just sat in that classroom on their own, anything could happen to them. I blinked back tears and carried on.

But my worry only grew greater with every step I took, knowing that I was getting further and further away from my friends… or so I thought.

As I reached what appeared to be the end of this tunnel, I realised something… there was no door.

"Oh great" I said to myself.

I frantically searched around prodding and poking the walls, searching for a door but it didn't matter where I prodded and poked or how long for, I could not find a door.

I slumped down onto the floor and held my head in my hands. I thought all hope was lost until… I felt something prodding me in my back. I turned around to find a very small handle at the bottom of the wall near the floor. I examined it carefully and hastily turned the handle… IT OPENED!

I sighed a breath of relief and slowly pulled the small door wide open. I wondered how I had not discovered this before when I was searching but then I realised it was probably because I was panicking and rushing around. After all that had happened today I thought nothing could surprise me.

But what I saw next, I was not prepared for at all…… I crawled through the doorway and discovered it led to a small dingy little room which looked familiar… THE CARETAKERS OFFICE! I now knew how the lights had been turned off in the classroom, someone had crawled though this door to get in there. But the thing that was even weirder was the strange looking object in the centre of the room.

It had a sheet over it, so I couldn't see what it was but I was definitely about to find out! Cautiously I reached out my hand and tugged at the thin material.

As it fell to the floor my jaw dropped wide open with terror. It was a number of computer screens, that didn't seem too unusual… but it was what was ON those computer screens that made my jaw drop.

On the screens were my friends, stuck in the classroom.

"Oh my god!" I said out loud.

Someone had been watching us, WAS watching us, watching our every move. I felt sick, the thought that someone was playing some kind of sick game with us and somehow I knew, it had only just begun……