My cycles are dim... the time has come near
In flight with my virtues, who've yet to appear
I saw you draw near with a smiling face
I saw no need to seek shelter
From this
This tiny

I have not one reason, beyond what I feel
Beyond what I think, it's hard to call real
There's something missing from this puzzle
A corner piece- an edge- it's trouble
Now I give you this- the fight-
With fists still clenched, I run dreaming
Through the night
As dawn appears, the truth is made clear
Engulfing me drearily in my deepest cold fears
I have given so much without having another
I have given so much til the end, here, my brother,
Just to find out what it means to hurt
In mudslide, clinging, to the dirt
Dance with me,
Or dance all alone
Not used to this pain
I thought I had known
Look, stepping on my heels is fine
So is leading this orderly line
But when you walk away in mock disgrace-
I long to leave,
This tiny

So many months, so many seasons
I combed through ineffable reasons
Lacking definition,
This parasite envy has gotten me steaming
A lofting stale scent of the party last night...
If only I could puke,
If only I'd something to fight
But what is there to blame, but blame, as of late?-
Just pain, and this loss- a mock-charge at fate
Tempting, to give in to pity or to anger
But I've only the mind to search for the answers
In short, what once was a welcome and warming pale light
Is now but a blaze in the dark, burning bright
I gave it all, but came out, dying
A fitting fine for simply trying
A fucking tear, turned into river
A deathblow, mocking, cold, delivered
And just when I thought I'd caught onto the pace
I'm backwards, blue, bleeding,
In this tiny

A/N: Love...