So? she asks, putting her hands on her hips,
staring at me through half-closed eyes.
Are you glad you went? She tilts her head back.
She's offering me a way out, and for her a way in.

Glad? I repeat. That's a funny word to use.
Well, yeah, I guess, she says, turning away a bit.
But you know what I mean, she continues.
Was it what you expected? I answer quietly, More.

She nods in fake understanding. And you?
I ask. Are you glad you didn't go?
It was the right decision, she replies with a shrug.
It's not for me, so what's the point?

I respect that, I tell her. I really do.
She gives me a half-smile, says, Sure.
It's not sarcasm, it's true, I persist.
Those who shouldn't have come but cameā€¦

Made it difficult? She smiles. I figured as much.
I smile back. It was just inappropriate at times.
She nods in full understanding. People are dumb,
she explains with a sigh. But I'm glad I didn't go.

And you, she continues. Did it change you?
Her smile is in her voice.
Maybe, I tell her, serious and calm. It was special,
for sure. And yeah. I'm glad I went.

We sit quietly for a moment, each in a different world.
It was hard though, I say, after a long pause.
You see this place and think, it couldn't have happened.
We look at each other and she agrees, But it did.

Inspired by Poland