A brief one-shot of me being a perv...The story behind this is at the bottom!


The bedroom was quiet, with soft noises coming from the two young men on the small twin-sized bed.

The larger male, a strapping 18 year old rugby player, laid easily on his back.

The slightly smaller lad, one month shy of 18 himself, also laid down, but instead of on the bed, he relaxed on the hard yet comfortable body beneath him.

Shifting his weight, the smaller man looked at his bedmate.

"How did we end up like this Alexander?"

The rugby player, dubbed Alexander, shrugged his shoulders. "It just sorta happened Nicholas." He shrugged his shoulders to prove his point and stretched out underneath Nicholas, his muscles bulging as his limp cock slipped out of Nicholas with a soft 'plop'.

The two boys had just finished another go-around of hot and sweaty sex. Alexander didn't know how he and Nicholas, or 'Little Nicky', as he teasingly called the boy, had ended up naked, in bed, and shagging like rabbits in spring fever. One minute they were studying on the floor – the next, they were falling off a post-coital high.

"You…you don't regret it do you?" asked Nicholas nervously.

Alexander looked at the boy. True, they were quite different, besides just physically. Nicholas hung out with the graceful yet swift runners of their military prep school, while Alexander brushed shoulders with the rougher and meaner bunch of rugby males. They had a few classes together, which explained why they were in the same room. However, their Calculus workbooks and texts were currently lying forgotten on the floor as the two occupants basked in a sexual haze.

Alexander still hadn't answered, and Nicholas was getting agitated.

"Well, it's been fun, but I best be going." Nicholas voiced out, his tone not betraying the hurt he felt at Alexander's silence.

As he made the move to get off the other lad, he felt large arms wrap around his lower back. "Wait…" Alexander whispered.

Nicholas paused and looked down.

Staring up at the slimmer yet still fit boy, Alexander felt something stir inside of him besides the initial lust he felt for the boy. Yes he was a heavily muscled young man, that practically oozed testosterone wherever he went, and that girls swooned over him, and boys followed him. But he didn't want all that, he just wanted to be himself with his family and friends. Yet who would want to be associated with the rugby team captain, after it was discovered that he was a flaming fairy?

Nicholas made no movement as he continued to stare at his study-partner-turned-fuck-buddy.

"It's…difficult for me right now, to admit what just happened…" Alexander grounded out.

"Jesus…" Nicholas groaned as he pulled himself back closer to Alexander. "I'm not asking for a bloody commitment, or even a relationship Alexander. I just don't want to walk out that door and fear that the rugby team is going to kill me because the captain is insecure of his sexuality." He placed his hands on the other lad's shoulders. "I won't tell anyone, if that's what you fear. I can't really say anything, since it would out me as well. And despite me being a fuckin' flyer of a runner, even I have to stop sometimes, and what's to happen to me when I can't run and there are some fag bashers just around the corner?"

Alexander had no words to that response. Instead, he didn't speak, and leaned himself upward to take in Nicholas's mouth in a gentle kiss. The two boys were silent as their lips locked together.

Soon though Alexander broke the link and looked Nicholas straight in the eye. "What would you say to me wanting to have a relationship with you though Nicky?"

Nicholas made no coherent remark. Instead he claimed Alexander's mouth this time, and eventually their tongues began a duel with moans and pants escaping between them.

So lost where they in each other's presence that when the door banged open, both boys jumped a foot in the air.



"Mr. McKenzie!"

"DON'T MOVE AN INCH BOYS!" Mr. McKenzie roared out. Nicholas didn't listen; instead he tried to get loose from Alexander and make a break for it.

Now Mr. McKenzie was a father and as such, he had quite a few years of experience under his belt, especially when it came to unruly brats trying to escape their punishment. With moves that belied his own physical stature, Mr. McKenzie moved swiftly across the room and slammed both his hands down on Nicholas's back, pinning him back on top of Alexander.

So there they were, one full grown man seething in rage, and two frightened boys sweating bullets.

"Now. Explain to me what I have discovered here?" Mr. McKenzie spoke, his voice giving a fearful tone to the once quiet room.

"Da its not—" Alexander started…

"—It's my fault Mr. McKenzie, don't blame Alexander." Nicholas interrupted.

"Did I speak to you Nicholas?" whispered Mr. McKenzie in a deep and dark voice.

"N-no, but…"

"Then shut up. I was speaking to my boy. Unless…" and here Mr. McKenzie's tone changed from one of rage to curious speculation, "unless you wish to become one of my boys as well." He finished with a large hand massaging Nicholas's neck in a calm yet dangerous manner.

Neither boy knew what to make of that question, and, taking their silence as an answer, Alexander's dad moved down a bit.

"Well well, what do we have here?" he enquired, gazing at Nicholas's asshole and Alexander's limp cock. There was a small dribble of cum that had trickled out a bit from the closed sphincter, leaving the rest of Alexander's load inside Nicholas. With a deft move, Mr. McKenzie shot his tongue out and licked lavishly at the sensitive flesh, lapping up the cloudy liquid.

"Urk! What the-?" Nicholas started at having felt the hot and wet appendage, but not knowing what exactly it was, since his back was to the other man.

"Answer the question boy. Do you wish to become one of my boys as well?" Mr. McKenzie said, ignoring the looks he was receiving from the boys underneath him.

"Da, what are you—oh shit!"

Mr. McKenzie cut off his son's question with a grab to the boys limp dick. "I won't be interrupted again son. I am asking Nicholas here if he would like to be one of my boys. Now," and he gave the flaccid penis a firm tug, "don't speak."

Turning his attention back to Nicholas, Mr. McKenzie repeated the question. "Well boy, do you want to be one of my own? Do you want me to be your Daddy?" He finished the question with a light brush of his fingers across Nicholas's back as he breathed hot and heavy on the boy's perineum.

"I don't understand…" Nicholas moaned out as he experienced the strange attention given to him by the father of the boy he was currently pinned to.

"Just answer my question. Call me by what my name is."

"Mr. McKenzie …" Nicholas breathed out.

"No." counteracted the man with a tight squeeze on one of Nicholas's buttocks with his other hand.

Nicholas hissed at the sudden pain, yet he found pleasure strangely as well. He groaned and shifted his body, slowly raising ass in the air to the older man.

"That's it my boy, you know what to do…" Mr. McKenzie said in a husky whisper. He began tonguing the tight opening of Nicholas once more, his administrations slowly opening up and loosening the pale circle of flesh. Soon Nicholas was completely under the spell of his sexual assailant.

"Say it." whispered Mr. McKenzie, his tongue poised at penetration.

"Give it to me…Daddy." Nicholas gave out.

Mr. McKenzie made no sound of acceptance. Instead his shoved his tongue as far inside the boy as possible, lapping up at his biological son's seed and at the hot and smooth inner lining of his newest son. Nicholas's eyes snapped open as he gasped at the sudden assault of erotic sensation.

Alexander was at a loss. Here he was, pinned underneath the boy that he had began to love, and the man that he called Da. Yet here he was again, his Da giving his Nicholas a rimming worthy of a porn star's performance, and he couldn't decided if he was turned off or on by the situation. His vison began to cloud over with the thick fog of erotic lust.

Soon though his opinion shifted when he heard his Da say, "And I can't leave my first boy unattended can I now?" Unable to see what his Da was about to do, Alexander nearly knocked Nicholas off him when he felt his cock be engulfed by a hot and moist cavern. Nicholas shifted a bit, allowing Alexander to see what he was feeling.

His Da was blowing him!

He couldn't form words, just like Nicholas couldn't at the hands, or in this case mouth, of Mr. McKenzie. Instead he began bucking up, trying to push more of his dick inside that glorious mouth of his parent.

But his Da was having none of that. He seemed to have other thoughts.

With a muffled chuckle, Mr. McKenzie forced his son's thick and long wanger out of his mouth. "How many?"

"Huh?" asked Alexander in a daze.

"How many dumps did you put inside this boy between us?" asked Mr. McKenzie, as he played both with one boy's cock, and another's asshole.

Blinking though the confusion at the sudden random question, Alexander thought and answered, "Three times. It was definitely three times."

"Is that true boy?" asked the man to Nicholas.

"Uh huh." moaned out Nicholas as he felt his ass accommodate two fingers of the man on top of him.

"Well," started Mr. McKenzie with a lecherous grin, "we're just gonna have to change that aren't we now boys?"

Mr. McKenzie moved one of his hands off of Nicholas and onto Alexander.

"Let me help my boys here." he whispered, a growl coming from deep within him. He stroked Alexander's cock, allowing it to swell up to its fulfilling girth. Once there was sufficient blood flow, the shaft hardened, and become hot and solid, like a freshly molded steel pole. He lifted Nicholas's hips with one hand, and, with a father's gentle yet commanding touch, directed Alexander's cock into the younger boy's ass.

Nicholas hissed at the unexpected yet familiar feeling while Alexander groaned at having his penis be enveloped once again. Any trace's of Alexander's previous cum deposits had been licked away by his Da, yet the inside of Nicholas was still tight, and wonderfully moist from the man's superior oral skill.

Alexander took the initiative and began the familiar dance between him and Nicholas. Nicholas latched onto Alexander's shoulders, the two of them releasing noises of sexual delight. Their copulation was achieving even greater intensity with Mr. McKenzie still above them. Only instead of laying idly on top of the boys, the older man had his face at the junction where Alexander was penetrating Nicholas. His thick tongue alternated between licking Alexander's scrotum and dick to sucking and gently biting Nicholas's opening. Occasionally, he too would penetrate into Nicholas with his tongue, slowly stretching and preparing his hole for more.

"Now boy, its time for your Daddy to make you a man like his son."

Nicholas and Alexander paused at those words, looking at Mr. McKenzie in question. The older man pulled back off the two boys and drew a small container of lube out of his pocket. He unzipped his work jeans and his ample bulge fell out, the fleshy appendage forcing its way through the opening of the man's boxers. Mr. McKenzie's cock was like Alexander's, with a few differences. Alexander's was slightly longer, while Mr. McKenzie's was thicker at the base. Both men though had the same impressive yet intimidating girth, sending a shudder of both fear and excitement down Nicholas's spine.

Gulping audibly, Nicholas asked, "What are you going to do Daddy?"

"I'm gonna fuck ye boy. Both me and my son will take you and claim you as part of this family." Mr. McKenzie growled out aggressively as he slathered copious amounts of lube on his large shaft. "I'm going to plant my seed inside you alongside my son, to see if you're worthy to be in my family, to see if you deserve my son." He finished his statement and placed himself above the two younger boys on the bed. Alexander was uncertain about what was about to transpire, yet he couldn't deny the erotic knowledge that he was about to fuck Nicholas with his Da. Nicholas didn't know what to do – he was completely out of his element in this situation.

Alexander's Da directed his son, "Hold open his cheeks Alex. I don't want to miss the first time." Alexander complied, wrapping his large arms around Nicholas as he gripped the smaller man's tight buns and spread them wide, revealing to Mr. McKenzie Nicholas's already occupied opening.

"W-wait! I can't take both of you!" Nicholas cried out, his attention finally snapping to what was about to happen to him between the two larger men.

Mr. McKenzie roared out, "Yes you are boy! Never deny your Daddy!" He gave a smart smack to Nicholas's lower back. The boy yelped at the physical blow, but remained silent.

Moving his mouth the other boys' ears, he whispered out, "I'm going to fuck you with my son, boy. After this though, I never will again, unless the two of you want it. You belong both to and with my son, that's why he's going to be with me as we both ride you hard." Nicholas felt him move closer, the rough fabric of the man's clothes rubbing his legs in erotic fashion. "Now, prepare yourself boy, cuz you're about to experience a real McKenzie Fuck." He finished that bold proclamation with his cock starting to force its way in alongside the same cock that it had fathered.

It was like a deep fire was building inside Nicholas. He could feel the pain building as his Daddy pushed more and more of his cock into him, unyielding in its journey to conquer his body just as Alexander had done thrice already. He squirmed in between the two men, only held in place by one's weight and the other's grip. He started panting heavily, trying to focus on anything but the near blinding pain of Mr. McKenzie's penis going deeper and deeper. He gasped out loudly once the head in, bright lights dancing across his vision.

"That's it boy, you're doing great." moaned Mr. McKenzie down at him. He paused briefly, allowing Nicholas's body to accommodate his girth alongside his son's. When the youngest finally stopped breathing heavily, he began to push in once again, his shaft slowly seeking out that one spot that would change everything.

Alexander was in heaven. Here he was, buried deep inside Nicholas as his Da slowly joined him. Nicholas's nails were digging painfully into his muscles, but not enough to pierce flesh and draw blood. His Da's hands rested next to his biceps, as both of their hairy forearms rubbed against each other playfully. Alexander didn't dare move inside of Nicholas just yet – not until his Da was fully in at least.

Soon, Mr. McKenzie bottomed out, and Nicholas gave a horse yell of delight at the final plunge. With the combined stuffing of the two men's cock deep within him, his prostrate was going wild as it alternated between being crushed or rubbed. He moaned and began to writhe in heat.

"Are you ready son?" Mr. McKenzie asked Alexander.

"Yeah Da, I'm ready."

"And you boy? Are you ready to begin?" asked Mr. McKenzie as he flexed his dick, forcing more blood into it and causing it to swell up just a bit more.

Nicholas gasped at the feelings washing over him. He barely heard the question directed at him, but he responded with gusto. "Yes Daddy! Fuck me, I want to be with Alexander! Fuck me like real McKenzie's do!"

The two McKenzies wasted no time. As though they were of one mind and two bodies, they simultaneously pulled out and plunged back into. Nicholas's head snapped up as he screamed at the assault on his body. He twitched sporadically as he was plundered and pillaged by the two men. Soon the room was once again filled with the sound of flesh slapping, of voices groaning and panting, of sheets being gripped at in sexual fever.

Nicholas was no blushing virgin, but he wasn't a promiscuous slut either. When Alexander had screwed him mercilessly early, he had taken the bigger man with only a little bit of preparation. But now he felt like an untouched bride being ravished by two carnal gods. He felt every groove, every feature of them, both their hard cocks and their hot bodies. He groaned like a bitch in heat as he was claimed over and over again with each slam of flesh into him.

"Please Alexander, harder!"

"More Daddy, more!"

Those were a few of the cries that Nicholas gave to the other men, and both were happy to oblige. Without speaking, they grunted and picked up the pace. No longer were they synchronized; instead they slammed individually into Nicholas, each man at his own bruising pace.

Soon the pinnacle was reached. Without a word of warning, both Alexander and his Da seized Nicholas's hips and slammed into him completely, pushing in as far as they could go as they erupted deep within him. Nicholas groaned out as he too came on Alexander's stomach, his body battered and bruised from what had just transpired.

The three men rested, and eventually Mr. McKenzie shifted as he slowly pulled out of Nicholas, taking Alexander with him. Nicholas gave one last gasp as he felt his hole being freed from captivity of the two dicks, cum leaking profusely out of him.

"Well boy, you passed with flying colors." started Mr. McKenzie. "Alex, you have a keeper in my opinion, he's a feisty little bugger." Was all he said at the end.

Alexander's senses finally returned, clarity and logic piercing his lust-drenched mind, and he took in all that had just happened. "Wait Da. You're fine with me being gay?"

His father just laughed. "Son, you're worrying about that now after all that just happened?"

Alexander blushed, wondering if he had just screwed up his life with his Da and prospective boyfriend. "I mean, you're not pissed at me? I'm a poof Da!" he cried out in fear.

"Son," began Mr. McKenzie, "if there's one thing that I want you to remember is how I always told you that a man holds to his beliefs, that he fights for what he believes in, and that he protects what he loves. A man is judged on his integrity and values, not on what clothes he wears or what kind of car he drives. You fight for your man there," he pointed at Nicholas, "and Nicholas had better fight for you."

He stood up and walked across the bedroom, zipping up his pants. "I give the two of you my approval. Now clean yourselves up and come downstairs, dinner will be ready soon." And with that, the bedroom door was closed with a soft 'click'.

"Did that really just happen?" asked Nicholas, his tone indicating that he was still in a daze.

"Yeah…" answered Alexander, equally stunned.

"So…" began Nicholas. Alexander looked at him question. "…Are we, you know, an item?"

Alexander looked over at him and smiled. He flipped their positions and gave a gentle kiss. "Yeah we are you cheeky bugger."

The End

So here's the story behind this random blip: I was flying from Atlanta back to Waco in Texas. I was sitting behind these two men, who were obvioulsy father and son. Now I'm pretty tall, about 6'2" and thus I couldn't get comforatble enough to fall alsepp in the tiny airplane seats. So I stared at the back of these two for 2 hours. Now they were hot; the son in a muscular footballer type of way and the dad in a big husky type of guy. Since I couldn't sleep, my pervy mind went into overdrive and this story was born.